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I've been gaming for 30+ years. I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons and Gamma World and fell in love immediately. The summers of 84/85 were absolutely magical with gaming sessions lasting, typically, from noon until way into the early morning playing either outside on a picnic table with the sun beating down on us and light warm breezes blowing through our hair and occasionally whisking a character sheet down the yard with the kids chasing after it. At night we'd move to a friends house and toss dice until we passed out. We rinsed and repeated throughout the summer gaming for months straight.
I am fanatical about my childhood editions and am always up for 1st or 2nd Edition D&D or Gamma World 2nd edition.
Since those first two summers Ive played a myriad of games:

Car Wars

Much of the Palladium series-
Robotech RPG
TMNT/ After The Bomb
Heroes Unlimited

Top Secret
Pendragon (another favorite of mine)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Dark Heresy

Miniature Games:

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40K
Rogue Trader
Historical games ranging from Medieval, Napoleonic, WWI and WWII.
Very British Civil War
This Quars War

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