The Reign of Darkness campaign is set during the Legacy era of the Star Wars galaxy. In this time, over 130 years since the Battle of Yavin, the Galactic Empire has been reestablished under the tyrannical Darth Krayt and the Sith rule the galaxy openly. The Jedi who survived the Sith's ambush on Ossus are scattered and in hiding, and the galaxy's only hope for freedom lies with the remains of the Galactic Alliance, now reduced to a fleet in exile. The Empire is divided however, and the former Emperor, Roan Fel, now leads an insurgency against the Sith Lord that deposed him.

It is a time of great darkness for the galaxy, but it is also a time of great opportunity for heroes and villains alike. The Galactic Alliance and Roan Fel's Empire have recently formed a tentative alliance to oppose the Sith, and resistance movements have begun to arise all over the galaxy.

Recent events have changed the balance of power in Sith's new Empire. Wounded in battle with his foes, Darth Krayt has entered stasis to heal. His second in command, Darth Wyyrlok, strives to maintain the unity of the Sith, and has named Moff Morlish Veed as regent in order to secure the loyalty of the Empire's military forces.

Despite Darth Wyyrlok's claim of unity among the Sith, one Sith Lord now sees an opportunity to seize power for himself. Darth Magus, the Sith's master of alchemy, has assembled a cadre of loyal followers and formulated a plan that will place him in control of the galaxy.

The Reign of Darkness campaign consists of a series of ten linked adventures that will advance the Player Characters from level 1 to level 20. During the course of the campaign the heroes will oppose the machinations of Darth Magus, fight the Sith, liberate worlds from the Empire, encounter duplicity from both their allies and their enemies, and stop an evil and terrible weapon from being unleashed before the galaxy is consumed.

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THe Sith Lord known as Darth Magus had been defeated. His weapon, the Dark Halo, was no more. The remains of the One Sith were still at large under the leadership of Darth Nihl, but the Imperial Knights and the Jedi were tracking them down. For the heroes, their struggle was over. They returned to Coruscant with the rest of the fleet, and days later they (among others) were hailed as heroes. Parades were held, and in a ceremony at the Jedi Temple, they were presented with medals for their valiant defense of the galaxy. Their time together had changed them, but like all things, that time had passed and their individual destinies called.

J. Tiberius Starkiller – The older Starkiller cousin would go on to lead the Starjammers, following in the footsteps his ancestor D. Revan Starkiller laid down more than a century ago. Under his leadership, the organization grew from a loose association of smugglers and pilots into a major shipping and trading company. The company was not only known for its timely delivery and huge profits, but for its charitable endeavors as well. He personally made sure that relief aid and medical supplies reached even the most out-of-the-way places in the galaxy. J. Tiberius also enjoyed a variety of female companionship over the years, and had a pair of twin, green-skinned Twi'lek bodyguards who became his constant companions. There were even whispers of an affair with Empress Fel herself, though J. Tiberius insisted that his women had to have green skin. No piloting challenge was too big for him. He disappeared in his 90th year, having made a bet that he would be the first captain and pilot to successfully find a hyperspace route leading to a neighboring galaxy, beyond the Rishi Maze. Vowing to return in half a year, he never came back. Rumors still abound that his starship can be seen from time to time in the Unknown Regions, vanishing into hyperspace before it can be tracked.

Raven D. Starkiller – The younger Starkiller cousin went on to walk her own path. Though nominally a Jedi Master, she was too independent to sit on the council or take up Empress Fel's offer to become a master among the Imperial Knights. Instead she became a knight-errant, traveling the galaxy and rooting out the Sith and other dark side Force-users where she found them. She came to peace with her past and the turmoil that drew her closer to the dark side during her youth. Never cruel or cowardly, always striving for justice and peace, she became an inspiration to countless thousands across the galaxy. Some say she finally laid down her lightsaber, having tired of battle, and settled down on a nameless world in Outer Rim Territories to lead a simple life. Others say she fell in battle with the last of the Sith, ending their scourge once and for all. Some say that legends never really die, and she will return when she is needed most.

Chriton Sunstrider – The older Jedi Master went on to become a part of the Jedi Council, often acting as the voice of the Jedi Order when Master K'Kruhk was preoccupied by the politics of the Galactic Triumvirate. Though his wisdom was unconventional and his lessons often difficult, he became renowned as a teacher and helped train more than one generation of Jedi. The Old Man of the Jedi lived far longer than many would have though possible for a Human, but one day all that was found of him was his robes. Some say he transitioned peacefully into the Force, becoming one with all things. Others say a naked, crazy, elderly gentleman was taken to rest home on Coruscant where he passed peacefully in his sleep. No one knows for certain.

Rastah Farindah – The Gungan Jedi Master went home to Naboo following the defeat of Darth Magus and his followers. He went on to found a school of lightsaber combat emphasizing deception and misdirection, one that caused a foe to underestimate the practitioner with catastrophic results. Known as “Binks-So-Ka” the school became a popular style with itinerant Jedi Knights. Ever humble and kind, Rastah became a beloved figure on Naboo and among the Gungan people. He eventually passed away peacefully, despite the catastrophic series of events that resulted in the collapse of the Imperial Water Park near Otoh Gunga when his personal transport sub broke loose of its moorings. No one was hurt, and as the project was considered an eyesore by most of the folk on Naboo, it was all deemed the will of the Force.

Reyault – The changeling entrepreneur and criminal mastermind went on to become the head of Black Sun after a few years. He moved the syndicate away from destructive and immoral crimes such as slavery and assassination into semi-legal pursuits that ironically led to a series of governmental reforms on crime. His reforms on the spice trade managed to legalize the product in most civilized systems, cutting down on addiction and resultant crime. It also turned him into one of the richest beings in the galaxy. No one knows what became of the Clawdite crime boss, as his ability to assume nearly any shape or guise led nearly half a hundred different faces being associated with the leader of Black Sun. Even to this day, the Underlord is known as “the Reyault” among the rank and file, and rumor has it that it is the same man it always was in charge.

Alrek Norrus – The new Mand'alor went on to lead his people back to the path of honor. The only conquest that interested him was conquering one's self-doubt and fear. Under his leadership, the Mandalorians once again became a group of honored protectors and warriors who fought for the right cause rather than solely for gain or profit. He helped redefine the way the Mandalorian people were received in the galaxy. No longer feared as brutal conquerors and warriors, they were seen as the epitome of valor and martial skill. No longer did the Mandalorians inspire only fear – instead they inspired awe. Alrek went on to sire a dozen children and nearly a hundred grandchildren, all possessed of his unshakeable honor, easy confidence, and indomitable spirit.

Elyria LeFluer – The deadliest woman in the galaxy, Elyria went on to become the head of the bounty hunter's guild. Her name was mentioned in the same breath as legends like Cad Bane and Boba Fett, the only hunters who could even come closer to her record for taking down targets. She brought hundreds of the worst criminals in the galaxy down, making sure that they met justice one way or another. Her services weren't offered based on what the bounty paid, but rather on the merit of the contract. In her later years, it's said that she went on to train the Sector Rangers in fugitive recovery. Elyria retired quietly after that, enjoying the rest of her life as she always had – free, uncomplicated, and on her own terms.

Zeebiik – The Jawa went on to make a fortune putting his skills as a mechanic, scavenger, and sneak to good use. Following the devastation caused by Darth Magus' techno-organic virus, anti-droid sentiment reached a high not seen since the end of the Clone Wars. Droid production was down for more than a decade, and while demand was met in the Core Worlds, the Colonies and beyond began to suffer shortages. The wily Jawa went in to business recovering supposedly rogue droids, rebuilding them, and re-selling them in the Outer Rim Territories. His turn of fortunes afterward suggests he built various surveillance devices, backdoor programs, and even explosives into his second-hand droids that allowed him to out-bid, out-maneuver, and out-live various competitors as he moved into the arms business. He eventually retired on Tattooine, his life coming to an abrupt end at well over a century old. Some say a rogue protocol droid he kept close at hand finally turned on him.

Xavier Stone, Freed, Jad Jo Ras, Xavious Antilles – All loyal companions, they went on to peaceful lives. Xavier retired his blasters and worked as a pilot for the Starjammers for years before settling down at the lake country on Naboo. Freed returned to the Tapani Sector after helping find a way to deactivate the nanobots created by Darth Magus, and later wrote a memoir of his adventures. He also stuck to dueling other nobles rather than Sith Lords. Jad Jo Ras learned of his brother's fall and mourned his loss. He went on teach at the rebuilt Jedi Academy on Ossus, remaining ever cheerful and optimistic, instructing young Jedi how to deal with their attachments. Xavious Antilles went on to become the head of the Imperial Knights, serving with distinction.
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The combined Galactic Alliance and Imperial fleets had broken a hole in the orbital lines over Byss, and J. Tiberius Starkiller piloted the Drunken Bantha towards the broken planet's surface. Sensors aboard the heroes' ship picked up one major power source on the planet below, and that is where they would try to set down. Plunging through the atmosphere and flying low over the surrounding terrain, a ruined city in the midst of a desolate and broken wasteland near the planet's equator came into view. The ghostly city was dominated by a massive, black spire with a domed cap looming over the surrounding ruins. Alrek figured a direct approach would likely draw fire from what Annihilator-class starfighters had broken away to protect Darth Magus' stronghold. Further scans revealed that a shield strong enough to repel captial ship fire surrounded the citadel tower, so any aerial assaults or forced landings would likely be doomed to fail. With just a bit of looking, they located a landing spot in the ruined city, a plaza about five kilometers east of the dark tower.

The surface of Byss...

After landing, the heroes began to navigate a path through the ruins to reach the black spire. The remains of crumbled, pitted, and rusted towers lay scattered about, along with ruined buildings of ghostly, pale stone. Strange lichens and growths formed dark patches on walls, and pools of water, liquid rust, and strange fluids dotted the ground. The sky was an eerie, blue-green color, and a fiery, golden glow stretched across part of the horizon. The scent of dust and decay was heavy in the air, and sounds seemed to echo strangely. There was no breeze and the air was still and eerily calm. Mechanical rasps and the click and scrape of metal on stone could be heard from all sides as they made their way through the ruins. The heroes saw technobeasts, hundreds of them, coming from all directions. They threatened to surround and overwhelm them.

Alrek opened fire, blasting a path through some of the crumbled walls nearby as Old Man Chriton flung debris in the path of the oncoming technobeasts. Raven, Rastah, and Elyria held off the oncoming horde long enough for Reyault and J. Tiberius to get clear. Raven used the force to slam the larger technobeasts together as Rastah cut them down to size. Chriton and Elyria joined the rest, and the bounty hunter and the Mandalorian managed to navigate a path through the ruins. Alrek plowed through the walls and Raven collapsed them behind the fleeing heroes. They were safe. For the moment.

When the heroes arrived at the shield surrounding the black citadel, a quick patrol of the nearby perimeter revealed a weakness in the shield near the tower's entrance. Two huge slabs of stone and struts of twisted metal had formed a partial arch the heroes could slip through. Broken steps led up to a huge entrance, near the collapsed remains of a road that once led into a parking or docking structure of some sort. Unfortunately the entrance was far from clear. Two hulking forms trudged through the ruins near the entrance to the black tower. They appeared to be rancors, though somehow even more monstrous. Their skin was a sickly green, and at first glance they appeared blind. Spiked growths covered their heads and shoulders. One's head cocked at the heroes' approach, and it let out a terrifying bellow. The other followed suit, and they begin to lurch towards the heroes.

This was going to be tough...

Old Man Chriton stood before Reyault and J. Tiberius, protecting them with his lightsaber and the Force as Raven and Rastah ran forward to engage one of the beasts. Alrek engaged the other, his blaster scoring its hide even as his armor protected him from its staggering blows. Elyria took pot-shots at both her grenade launcher, the high-explosive shells striking at their open mouths as where their eyes and ears should have been. Narrowly avoiding blows that would have shredded a starship's hull, the heroes managed to wear the beasts down, blaster fire and lightsabers finally finishing them off.

Upon entering the tower's base the heroes saw that the entire structure looked to be a patchwork of black steel plates somehow welded together. Eldritch green light radiated from recessed fixtures and suffused the interior, giving everything a haunted look. The entire building had been reconstructed by Darth Magus' nanotechnology Chriton surmised, and despite its patchwork appearance, it was structurally sound. An abandoned lobby gave way to a bank of turbolifts, only a few of which worked. The heroes ascended the interior of the tower, though the lifts stopped near the halfway point. They exited onto a broken floor, one replete with gaps, and a ramp that spiraled up to a series of lift platforms that appeared to rise unopposed along the tower's interior.

As they stepped on to the platform on the far side of the tower, the heroes saw half a dozen red-bladed lightsabers spring to life in the shadows. Black armored Stih troopers advanced alongside a pair of Sith Lords, a Weequay and a Chagrian with red skin and black tattoos. “In Lord Magus' name,” the Sith Lords shouted, “kill them before they can reach the top!” They leaped to the other platforms as the heroes began to ascend. It appeared that this would be either a race to the top, a battle to the death, or both. Rastah and Raven squared off with lightsabers against the Sith as Old Man Chriton sheltered his allies and used teh Force to damage teh other platforms. Alrek drew his sonic blaster and laid down fire as Reyault and J. Tiberius tried to avoid getting hit, shouting encouragement, distracting the dark warriors, and even clipping them with the occasional blaster bolt. In the end, the dark side warriors fell - quite literally - and the heroes reached the top of the spire.

It was a long way up - and a loooong way down!

The doors slid open, and a short hall led into a large, vaulted dome at the top of the kilometer-high tower. A throne-like chair sat on a raised dais opposite the doors. Ramps ran up to catwalks surrounding the floor. Beyond, arcane machines appearing as stacked towers of capacitor rings flashed with lightning. A robed figure sat on the chair, while a second armored figure stood near the foot of the dais. “And you have come at last, as I had foreseen.” Darth Magus said, a cold smile on his lips. His lambent orange eyes seemed to burrow through the heroes, and his purple skin looked almost black under his cowl. “But you have come too late. The power of the Force already flows through me, through this place. In mere moments, this weapon will activate and the galaxy will fall. You think the Force has guided you here to stop me? No. It has brought you here to witness my triumph. You have been an annoyance for far too long.” He stood, and his lightsaber flicked into his hand. As the blade ignited, he said “It is time to end this, Lord Kull.”

“Yes, my master. Gladly.” Darth Kull ignited his own lightsaber and steps forward. “These fools will fall, and the rest of the galaxy will follow! We will be supreme!”

“Yes,” Darth Magus said with a cold chuckle. “We.” And the duel began. Kull charged Alrek, his lightsaber scoring the Mand'alor's armor as his crimson blade deflected blaster fire. Elyria lashed him time and again, but the armored Sith lord caught her shock whip with a snarl, sending her tumbling back to avoid a series of blows. Raven leaped at him, their blades clashing in a series of strikes too quick for the eye to follow. Rastah meanwhile faced Magus alone, and was barely able to fend off the Sith mastermind's blade. He blasted the Gungan Jedi, Reyault, and J. Tiberius with Force lightning as Chriton tried to turn his dark power aside.

Darth Magus awaited them.

The battle between the heroes and the two Sith lords raged across the spire. Empowered by the dark side of the Force, the two seemed almost unstoppable. But distracted by Alrek's fire and Elyria's grenades, Darth Kull failed to block Raven's final blow, and the dark warrior fell. Magus turned his full might on the heroes, but Chriton Sunstrider managed to turn his power back on him. That gave Rastah the opening he needed, and he struck the Sith Lord down. Magus cackled as he fell. “You think me defeated? Fools. In striking me down, you have made me more powerful than you can possibly imagine!” The tower around them began to shudder and dark lightning crackled around the fallen Sith Lord's form. In an instant, his body disappeared, completely discorporating in a flash of light. Plates of dark metal began to fall from the roof above, as the capacitor banks failed and exploded. The entire tower shook as the power flickered wildly, and the heroes raced down the shaft at the spire's center. They reached the ground in time to see the tower shudder and fall behind them, the impact rocking the city.

Racing through the ruins, now choked with dust, the heroes heard eerie laughter echo from the ruins around them. “Fools,” the disembodied voice mocked. “I told you that if you struck me down I would become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Now see the truth of my words!” Rivulets of silver snaked through the debris around them – nanobots, millions of them – and they ran over the carcass of one of the fallen rancors nearby. The thing jerked, warping and changing beneath the silver shroud, and rose. It was a monstrous hybrid of flesh and metal, and a humanoid torso complete with arms and head emerging from a large hump on the crooked back, above a blind maw. The flesh was purple-black and pulsing with obscene pustules glowing lambent green. Green force lightning played around it in a halo. “I have risen,” the face of Darth Magus spoke from his grotesque avatar. “And now you fall!”

Faced with this horror, the heroes engaged in their ultimate battle with Darth Magus. Alrek's blaster tore at the hide of the Sith Lord's monstrous avatar, even as a single blow sent his armored form plowing through a nearby wall. Raven and Rastah danced about, lightsabers scoring hit after hit. The Starkiller was overrun and nearly crushed as a blow from the avatar's tail sent the Gungan flying. He landed in a bone-shattering crash, unmoving. Chriton used the Force to revive Rastah, as Elyria nimbly avoided claw after claw, her grenade launcher unleashing a volley of explosive shells. J. Tiberius and Reyault narrowly avoided being crushed, and the Clawdite crime lord was clipped hard enough that he appeared dead for a second. Force lightning flashed time and again, blasting the heroes with pain, but Chriton's mastery of the Force saved them from instant incineration. In the end, Rastah's lightsaber, Alrek's blaster, and a well-placed shot from Elyria managed to shred Darth Magus' avatar.

But the threat was far from over. Racing back to the Bantha, the heroes took off. As the ship broke the atmosphere of the planet, they saw an impossible sight behind them. The surface of Byss was fracturing, breaking apart, and opening. The planet spread apart, revealing a vast collection array. Millions of towers and structures thousands of kilometers long unfolded, revealing the heart of Darth Magus' ultimate weapon. It reminded the heroes of the rebuilt Force Harvester they had encountered many months ago, at the Battle of Almania, which was installed on a star destroyer under Darth Kull's command. But this was on a scale they could scarcely have ever dreamed possible.

The planet was opening up, and the Dark Halo was about to fire!

A voice cut in over their communications. Admiral Stazi said in an even but grim tone, “It looks like you weren't as successful as we had hoped. Any ideas on how to stop that thing?”

"We fly to the heart of it," Chriton said. "I can feel the presence of the crystal Magus stole...and his own dark spirit. If we destroy that, this is all finished." It was settled. When the heroes tried to break away from the battle in orbit, they saw three Dragon-class heavy cruisers moving in to cut them off. The situation looked bleak, until they saw a shimmer in space near the battleships and a dozen or more sleek, black fighters appeared. Sith interceptors that had been cloaked and waiting for the right time to strike flew in beneath the capital ships' shields, dropping heavy proton bombs, crippling them. A brief transmission from Darth Nihl will came in, and the Sith Lord simply said “As I promised. Strike now!” The heroes were clear to make their run at the planet.

Gunning the Drunken Bantha's engines, the heroes flew into the heart of Darth Magus' doomsday machine, the Dark Halo. They saw hundreds of black-hulled droid starfighters pouring out, seeking to defend the dark heart of the immense weapon. They blasted their way through the oncoming ships, as J. Tiberius Starkiller threaded through a rapidly-changing maze of continent-sized structures, and avoid being blasted by Force lightning strikes that could cripple a battle cruiser. As they closed in on the dark heart of the weapon, the heroes saw a virtual wall of shadow droids. Thousands of the droid starfighters were moving in, cutting them off from an attack run on the core. Space nearby shimmered again, and a Sith interceptor appeared launching a barrage of proton torpedoes, clearing the way. A transmission came in from its pilot – the former Darth Toxcyss. “Nihl planned to betray you, letting you get this far before moving in and finishing the job. He would wait until your fleet was trapped, taking them out with the Sith. I owed you one, old man. All debts are now clear. May the with you.” A single proton torpedo was all that it took. As a chain reaction began deep in the heart of the doomsday weapon, J. Tiberius outran the explosion, avoided the collapsing superstructure, and blasted out of the heart of the explosion as it claimed the rest of Magus' ships. The heroes rejoined the combined Galactic Triumvirate fleet.

It was over. Darth Magus was no more.
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I think we killed him
An acrobatic orgy of death and destruction has descended on the universe. My whip crackles, slicing air and flesh indiscriminately.

Thanks to Alrek I also have a grenade launcher. It's come in handy lately. I don't like getting close to those tech beasts. There is something deeply satisfying in blowing up your enemies. The jawa may be on to something.

Finally we've found the foul and disturbed Darth Magus in his lair on Byss. I don't know what kind of force he's using but it's nothing I've ever seen before. I've heard our Jedi's mention the dark side, but I didn't think something like that could manifest itself without killing the dude trying to use it. It makes me wonder if Magus was insane before or after he started using it? Insanity would explain a lot about the Sith. And possibly Starkillers...

It nearly killed us to do it, but we've beaten them. I think Ratash did die at some point. He's up and breathing now, I have to give him credit for that. The only people I've ever seen get beat that bad and keep going is Alrek and one particularly difficult bounty. I hate wookies, they always take a team and most people just aren't good enough. But it's done. We've killed Magus and his snot nosed little helper. It's over.

Fuck. What the hell is that?
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Here we are on Byss, fighting a monster created and mutated by the Sith. It shows how malleable the world is in their hands, and how they use that to hide what they are. They are afraid. The truth is that they, for all the power they claim to have, come crashing down after you pull back the cloak and show them the light. It's a startling reminder of what I am.

I have learned to hide who I am. I haven't used my real face in years. I wield power from the shadows. The only difference between me and the Sith is that I don't use force powers. I have done some things that I'm not proud of. I have done some things that those around me have trouble forgiving. I see now that I was only a short step from becoming what people fear. A monster. A tyrant. I could use what I have and rule the galaxy from the shadows. But I won't.

I won't let the power I have rule me. I won't let the darkness I have gained in my soul control me any longer. With the death of the Sith before us, I will kill my inner demons. I will clean out all the skeletons from my past. It's time for me to walk into the light, and let the world know who I am. I'm glad for those around me, and what they stand and represent. They have shown me how to see the world for the light inside each day, and to stand tall against the darkness.

May the light be with us on this, the darkest of days.
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Something for Force-users to remember: Your hokey religion is no match for the tens of thousands of years that have shaped the Mandalorian Empire. I may not be able to lift someone in the air just by raising my hand, but my people have spent that time refining the meaning of the word "warrior", until we felt we had to create a new word to encompass the depth and breadth of how badly antagonizing such a fighter would be. We created that word. Mandalore.

I beat the Darth of heavy armor and lightsabers. I beat those that would have destroyed everything my people hold dear. I beat those that would harm those under my protection. And though I am a symbol, I think there is something Darth Magus forgets:

I am not alone.

I am the first among my people, the Mand'alore. I have proven myself in battle against my own people and the previous first. But for all this, I am but one man. My entire race is a people, and those people will come crashing down on whoever they need to.

Magus forgets: The Mandalorian people damn near conquered the galaxy once. It took a combined effort by the remaining governments to stop them. It doesn't matter if he has a superweapon capable of destroying the galaxy, we will not roll over and die. I think it is time we reminded the galaxy of that.
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