Alpha Omega - The Encountered

The Encountered: Volume One contains over 200 creatures, with full color illustrations, orthographic views, rules for creature creation, templates for modifying or customizing creatures, an encounter management guide and several optional factions.

As humanity struggles to survive, Earth is all but lost to the almighty, purifying force of nature. Creatures roam the wild jungles, forests and desolate tundra that have replaced what was once sprawling cities and carefully controlled land. Some are sentient and benevolent, watching over those that stray into the Wilds, however, most are predators of incredible power, hunting the denizens of the New World.

The world of Alpha Omega is a dangerous place filled with fantastic creatures of every description. The Encountered provides Game Moderators with the information they need to effectively employ an array of incredible creatures into their campaign. The Encountered is based on information collected by many of the bravest adventurers and compiled by some of the most capable scientific minds.

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Mindstorm Labs

Default Rule System: Alpha Omega (1st)

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