Aereth (D&D 3.5E)

Welcome to the Known Realms of Áereth, a world of adventure, arcane secrets, and untold riches, where a sharp sword and a shirt of mail are a warrior's only defense against wicked mages, monstrous hordes, and fierce dragons of yore.

A World of High Adventure
The world of Áereth is foremost one of legendary adventure. Noble knights ride to the ends of the earth questing against legendary dragons and wicked warlords. Mighty wizards wage eldritch battle atop high mountain peaks and in the halls of lonely towers. Cunning rogues creep along rooftops of smoky cities, stealing past lethal traps and demonic sentries. Devout priests fight for the common good, bringing freedom to enslaved masses. Fearless adventurers unearth forgotten tombs and plumb the depths of endless caverns, ride at the head of armies, and cast powerful spells that shape the very nature of reality.

The Known Realms are vast. Many of its locales are recorded in the Dungeon Crawl Classic series of adventure modules, but these are only the first, tentative steps into the world of Áereth.

Looking for a shadowy port to sell your ill-gotten loot? Wicked Punjar beckons. Craving high intrigue and backstabbing politics? The Council of Lords awaits your petition. Hungry for the wail of war horns and the crash of armies? The armies of Leherti cry out for your command. Want to carve out your own fief from the untracked wilderness? The wild borderlands call. Eager to sink your glowing blade into the gullet of a dragon and ransack its fabled trove? Look no further. All these adventures and more are contained herein.

Edition: 3.5

Publisher: Goodman Games

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