Mistborn: Blood and metals is a campaign set in Brandon Sanderson's world of Mistborn. Set in Scadriel during the time of the Final Empire, a time of great inequity, where lives are cheap, and secrets are the ultimate currency.

A world where flowers are unknown. Ash from massive volcanoes falls more often than rain. Smirking noblemen jockey for favor at lavish balls, while children are executed for begging for food. The Lord Ruler, The Sliver of Infinity, has declared that this is the way of His land. The Nobility are favored by God, while the Skaa were bid to be slaves for their impunity. This is the way of the Final Empire: The Nobility thrive, and the Skaa die.

There are some, however, who disagree with this arrangement. This is their story.
There are those who would rise up. Those who would not be told their destiny, not by God or any man. Skaa thieving crews leverage their knowledge of high society and violence of action to enrich themselves on the property of nobles too loose with tongue or coin. Even the nobility secretly plan and vye for position, possibly to undermine the empire itself.

The Lord Ruler knows of this, and God chooses his priests for their competence. The Steel Ministry has hooks in every major part of life, and the Inquisitors are thorough. But the Final Empire is massive, and as one travels further from the Imperial Capital of Luthadel, the stranglehold allows some breathing room.

This particular story takes place in the far North, in the dirty mining city of Nerid, in the Northern Dominance. Here, a spark has begun: an incident that could set Nerid, and possibly the entire Northern Dominance, aflame...

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