News for Epic Words!

Important News

  • Speed Enhancements - DOWN TIME SCHEDULED for MARCH 23, 2009, 10PM ET: While the budget isn't quite there yet for new servers, we've found a way to squeeze some more speed out of what we've got. We are going to put an update in place on Monday night, and the site will be unavailable for an hour or so.
  • SWAG: We have just added a new Epic Words Swag HQ at You probably have seen a preview on the home page. As we add new designs, you'll get a look-see there. We encourage you to check it out there are tons of t-shirt options if you want a different color or cut than in the example.
  • Categories on Forums and Wikis: Now Forum threads and Wiki pages can be grouped into categories, for better organization of data.
  • Experience Tracking Add and Edit: Two updates here: Now you can add experience points to multiple characters at once. There is a new edit feature as well GMs can edit their group's XP logs, and players can edit XP for their characters.
  • Privatize your Campaign: In the campaign settings, it is now possible to hide the entire campaign from public view. (play-testing anyone?)
  • Campaign Customization: Did you know you can customize the look of your campaign? You can now choose to tile your custom background images. This is handy if there's a little image you want to use as a background pattern.

Fun Stuff

  • The Gamer Dictionary: We have started a new Site Forum Category we hope you will enjoy! During a good gaming session, it's inevitable that someone will and make up a new word (on purpose or on accident), that is totally perfect for a particular gaming situation (like Spam-Checking). Share these gems with the rest of the gamer community! Check out the new forum for more details, and read what others have come up with:
  • We're now on Facebook! Help us promote the site - look for on Facebook and become a fan! features Epic Words

A review of Epic Words has been posted on! Check it out and add your own comments. Link

A few features you've been asking for

We're working on making this site as usable as possible. We just wanted to let you know of a few nice features to make your gaming easier... Keep on the lookout for more:
  • Loot sorting - Sort by name, value,
  • Improved the create/edit page for campaigns and characters
  • Added advanced permission control for campaigns
We've also added a Links page to acknowledge our friends and associates.

News You Can Use from Epic Words

Hello friends!

Epic Words is officially out of beta! Thanks for all of your support and feedback, it was helpful in more ways than we can say.

As a thank you, all users that signed up during our beta period have received an Early Adopter account, with access to our File Sharing feature, and 100MB of storage space. As of now, the only accounts that get storage space are our new Paid accounts, which come with 1GB of space for just $12 per year.

We have a surprise for you!
Check out the site. It's been redesigned:
We have been working on a new look for a while now, and we hope you like it. We went with an homage to the table-top, and tried to keep it genre-neutral. Oh, and this is a good time to remind you to check out the customization options for Campaigns and Characters too. Did you know you can add your own custom background image, and change the colors on the page? It's pretty cool.

We have another surprise for you!
There are new real time post previews.
This was another great user feature suggestion, and we worked out a way to add it right to the current screens. There is no need to pop up a preview page before submitting - you can see your post preview as you write. Pretty neat, huh?

And lastly
We know it's dry reading, but you might want to check out our new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. They have been updated. It's pretty standard stuff, but you should know that your continuing use of Epic Words implies acceptance. As always, if you have any concerns, send us some feedback and we'll get back to you right away.

Thanks again everybody. Have a great game!