News for Epic Words!

New Features and Improved Navigation

Hey gang! It's us again with more Epic Words enhancement news. We have a little crunch and a little fluff for your RPG pleasure...

A better way to get to the fun
When you next visit the site, the first thing you'll notice is that we've moved some of the navigation around. Global navigation is now at the top of the site. Your personal navigation gets the whole left column with shortcuts to all your campaigns and characters. It's super-duper handy.

What's more, the whole site got a little scrub ‘n buff. Be sure to check out your new home page while you scope it all out.

Feeling social anyone?
Now you can follow the people who write your favorite posts. Your personal home page has been redesigned to show you activity links for the folks you love to read. Plus, you can see who's following you too. Perhaps you didn't know you are an Epic Words rock star?

And, if those folks follow you back, then your relationship becomes full friends! Why be friends? New permission options lets folks hide their journal posts from the public, but still show them to Friends and players. Now you get to make your own 'in' crowd.

Shameless Plug
Yep. You guessed what this section is for: How about upgrading your account? Show a little love to Epic Words and we'll give you File Storage space, and let you run more characters and campaigns at once. We have dreams of upgrading servers, but that requires an increase in subscription dollars... Can you spare $12 this year?

Thanks a bunch everyone!

Have a great game,
-Epic Words Admin

Epic Words Campaign Calendars have been improved

Good news! We've added some improvements to the way our Campaign Calendars work.

Improved Notification:
RSVP and update notices are sent out to everyone in the campaign when each player changes his/her RSVP and when an session's date or time change.

Outlook and other iCal calendar support:
Game sessions can now by synchronized with your computer's calendar by following the link on notification emails or the link on your campaign's calendar page. NOTE: For this to work properly, you may need to update your time zone in your account settings!

Time Zone:
Epic Words now needs to know what time zone you're in to correctly synchronize with your computer's calendar application. To update your time zone, go to your account page on Epic Words.

Thanks! And good gaming!
-Epic Words

Upgrade Pains Have Subsided

We have recently made some important foundational upgrades to the site in our quest for speed, flexibility, and stability. Despite our best testing efforts on the dev site, once we went live with the upgrades some intermittent troubles started cropping up. After some serious bug hunting, using our biggest swatters, we believe we have whacked them all. We thank you for your patience during this period.

The site is now in a better position for some improvements we have planned. Over the next little while, you will see the site get faster as we implement some new fancy smancy techno-magic that required this last round of upgrades as step 1.

We would like to thank everyone who provided us feedback when they encountered an issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but please know that your messages really did help us locate the source of the issue. As always, your feedback is very welcome, so please keep it coming!

Have a great game,
Epic Words Admin

Epic Words now has Campaign Calendars

Campaign Calendaring is here! We are going to enjoy this new feature as much as you will!
Look for the new Calendar tab on your Epic Words Campaign to check it out. Your group can schedule a gaming session, and track who has accepted, who has to decline, and who is undecided.

Best of all, there are three optional email reminders available. Yes, email reminders. We are psyched about that. You can choose reminders 3 days before, 1 day before, and 1 day after. Why 1 day after? To remind players to update the campaign of course! (to the GMs: you're welcome)

For all you twitter-ers out there, you can now follow us at See you there!

Epic Supporters now have a badge to acknowledge their contributions to the site! As always, thank you much! (If you want one of these spiffy badges, consider upgrading your account!)

We are continuing to work on site performance, and have recently made several updates that added speed in key areas. There are even more improvements planned in the near future.

Epic Words will be at GenCon!

2009-04-12 will be hosting a free seminar at GenCon this year. We hope to get a chance to meet you, our fellow gamers. Bring your tips, suggestions, and questions, and hang with us for an hour at 6 PM on Saturday, August 15th (we tried to get a slot that won't conflict with too many games.) Look for SEM0902945 when registration begins. Can't wait to see you there!