Private message to characters should not take you out of the campaign.

Problem: When sending private messages to my characters in the campaign, after sending the message, I am back at the default home page, and no longer in my campaign page. As my players are very interested in intrique, this becomes tiresome to go in and out of the campaign with every message.

Is there a way to send private messages to my characters and remain in the campaign?

Is there a way to send said private messages and still record them in a forum post, ie a thread that can only be seen by the character and the GM?

Thanks for listening and your response :)
It should be easy to fix the redirection of PMs. That's been a usability issue on the back burner for a while.
As far as creating a forum thread, that's a bit more tricky. Only journal posts and wikis have the permissions to include/exclude individual party members. Admittedly, this isn't a use case that we have explored much. But it is clear that this would be useful for play-by-post and intrigue campaigns like you describe. We'll see what we can do to facilitate this
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