RPG Apps

Based on Bob's recent post RPG Resources wanted apps people used at their tables. Would like to see the Good and the Bad you've experienced.


Evernote -- Because sometimes basements don't have a connection to the inter-webs. I write notes at work, on the iPad, at home, on the phone if the situation doesn't allow for anything else. Sorry Admin, but I run most of my in session game out of this then Epicwords most of the time. Syncing make the world go around -- at least until I can guarantee connection everywhere.

Dice Bag -- 2008 stye. Free, simple, fast. Sure it lacks for higher level gaming, but if I can use it, I am.

Hex Map Pro -- my current, favorite app for running battle. We're working on getting the developer to add initiative on it so as you hit "next" it goes from token to token in order. My coffee table is littered with laptops, food, paper, etc. and I've nearly given up on pulling out the battle mat. I don't have the tv connector for my ipad yet, but I'd consider it for this app alone.

Mindmeister. Mind mapping app with a web based counterpart. It's really nice for gather concepts and linking them -- I mean, being able to organize the wiki's here on Epicwords via a Mind Map in an app is pretty golden. The monthly Fee to upgrade is not so nice, however. -- https://bubbl.us/ is Free and easy, but not an app.

Randomizer - A generic app to randomize things. I put in the players names to see who'll be ambushed today -- or I made a simple list to randomize basic npc characteristics. SInce it comes "blank" it's basically has good as the time you'll put into making lists....


D20 Initiative Tracker - After the random crashes -- the problem I had was with the duplication. I made up an orc and thought I'd duplicate it a couple times -- which made sense, each entry has a few pieces of info. But it turned out the duplicates were all linked -- I deleted one of them, and they all deleted. I ran one battle using it, and it was just useless whenever enemies might pop in and out of combat.

GMtoolkit - Meh. It was kind of useful at first -- but ended up not being worth switching between apps in game -- dice roller isn't intuitive.

Gamers Toolkit -- Seems useless for the DM, likely better for players, especially if you were playing in several campaigns at the same time and wanted to keep organized. I tried using it none the less and got funky errors -- everytime I went from landscape to portrait view (even by accident from shifting or getting up) it would get wonky and you could get to menus and buttons. Maybe an issue working with the retina resolution, but I doubt it. It makes it's money of in app purchases of rule support.


There's a whole slew of apps, I'd love to know what you use, if anything. While not an app -- My maps are mostly vector, so when I get the HD TV connector I'm gonna play with the zoom ability compared to PDF size. I have my group do a lot of traveling so it would be nice to have that up for everyone to see. Could be semi interactive -- but the HTML 5 is not yet strong enough with this one =(
Dare I ask about android apps? That HexMap Pro looks delightfully slick, except that it's iStuff only. :(
Hopefully someone else can weigh in, I'm a graphics and web guy and everything is part of the Apple empire.
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I'm interested in Android and PC apps for making things at the table smoother.
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