Wilderness Hombrew 5E AEST Monday Night Timezone


New to this site, so not sure how this works, but here goes.

Seeking 1 - 2 players for a Fantasy Ground DnD 5e Game (You do not need to buy I have full DM licence, so you just need a demo copy to connect.)

Campaign is set in the Forgotten Realms , in the Far Forest / High Forest,

Game Times are Australian timezone (QLD) Monday Nights / Weekly Starting 6th March 2017 at 7pm AEST runs for 2.5 - 3hrs.

Characters Start Level 5 ./

Basic Setting , you are part of a protective group known as The Entrusted, formed on the back of a great Treant named Turlang who cleared the Far Forest of the Demon Plague over 100 yrs ago. You group has protect the small settlements since then.

This is a Wilderness Campaign, All Official Published 5E usable PHB, SCAG, EE, Unearthed Arcana Archetypes can be discussed , absolutely no Loremaster allowed most others are workable.

let me know if you interested.

All campaign details are on this site here

Have not figured how to make details public yet but will be seeing if I can soon.