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Posted by the GM
Adventures in Astaria
Session 4 Summary - The Chase, Sudden arrival.
  • With guards arriving on the scene, Gwain handles the inn fire scene, allowing Lark and Rhyzan to give chase to the fleeing cultist.
  • Serenia, meanwhile, is heard to maniacally cackle following a violent pulse of negative magical energy, before racing off back through the burning tavern and escaping view.
  • In an effort not to lose their only lead, the others decide to ignore this for now, and give chase for a few blocks in the right general direction
  • Making no contact as the edge of town comes into view, Lark ingeniously thinks to scan the emotions of those nearby, singling out particularly negative emotions amidst the general air of fear, Lark singles out two noteworthy points; Presumably Serenia, giving off a cacophony of aggression, hatred, bloodlust and spite; and the cultist, who had made quick pace to the southern stables.
  • Guided by this information, the pair spot the cultist as he flees on horseback, but with bonds of light Lark rips him from the saddle, delaying his escape.
  • With raw strength failing to escape the bind, the cultist dispels the magic in his vicinity, allowing him to re-saddle the horse with only a few hundred feet to spare.
  • Rhyzan calls off the chase at this, encouraging Lark to save her energy, and for the party to regroup before pursuing once more.

  • Meanwhile, in the great forest of Nagreau, the young mage Kalanchoe "Kalan" Radichi, was revisiting the spot of a previous encounter with nature that left her very soul poisoned.
  • Upon returning to the site of the incident, she stumbled upon a Fae, minute and delicate, she spun atop a pointed toe, her leaf-like dress fluttering. The green glow she emanated flared and fell, pulsing gently, a magical up-draft to her softly pointed, butterfly-like wings, the light rippling over their translucent and pearlescent surface.
  • upon spotting the young mage as she gasped a breath, the Fae turned and fled through a gently moving arch of vines, before it sealed shut once more, forming an impenetrable wall of thorns.
  • A strong gust of wind unsettled the leaf covered floor, as a scattering of debris rolled past her feet, drawing her gaze to the right.
  • A little way off, a certain, gnarled tree caught her eye.
  • Gnarled bark cracked as mute green veins of energy rippled along its curvature. The bark slowly moved, leaning forth from the trunk itself as a head followed by torso formed. The bark melted back into smooth wood, and with a blink a pair of softly glowing eyes opened. As her eyes adjusted further, she made out the form of a woman, of about human size, fluidly reaching out an arm, whilst the other, like her torso, remained melded into the tree.
  • With a warm wave of zeon, a voice reverberated within her. Speaking not aloud, but to her very essence. It spoke:

  • "You came here once before, did you not. You dare to once more endeavour to reach our children beyond the thicket? Was our warning not once enough? There are many who would seek to harm us, and you humans, self serving, vicious, are not welcome here. You take from the land but feel no remorse in not paying back.
    There is a coldness set upon our haven. Can you not feel it? Once again something of your people plagues us I know it to be true. Who else would create such malice and wish it upon another. Yes... humans are a most bewildering race, so transient but live with such a fierce spark, if only you would take a little longer to learn, to listen, to feel before you lay down your mark on this plane. I suppose you would not understand.

    We cannot remove that which you have laid here. It sits within a place no being of nature may enter, lest we wither and die like that place itself has.

    Even if you would seek to help us, I fear you are not ready. I respect that you may communicate with me with such eloquency, the others of your kind are so obtuse, loud... I too respect you are closer to nature than most, yet you do not understand her like you do her pets. Grow young one, and should the goddess bless you so, we may well meet again. Until that day, take your humans and their vile magics, and leave."

  • Without pause, the dryad retreated back into the tree from whence she came, and with a cold snap, the connection with her cut in an instant, leaving her feeling very, very alone.
  • the following day, the forest was silent to her, despite hours of searching around the area.
  • Kalan was surprised greatly at the appearance of Alexander Araldir, Grand master of the Arcane College.
  • After a short conversation, her help was enlisted with a pressing matter with the young mage Lark, whom she had helped guide during her internship a year earlier.
  • with a flash of light and immense burst of zeon, the pair teleported, landing in a corn field in Abal, near a thousand miles away.
  • He told her to "get some sun", and pointed out a nearby town, before disappearing as abruptly as he had come.

  • The party meanwhile, had regrouped, offered their condolences to the inn keeper, offered to return to help with repairs, and hit the road with great haste.
  • A fast pace pressed through two days of riding, reaching a small town at which a split in the trail had been marked by a burned out building, clear evidence of the cultist's presence.
  • Lark earned the respect of the locals by repairing the damaged building, furthering the name of the college whilst also obtaining information that the assailant had stolen a new horse, and rode on in a south-easterly direction.
  • In order to keep pace, the party traded in their horses for fresh legs, and continued to press the pace by taking shifts sleeping in the back of the wagon.
  • A full days ride lead them to the outskirts of Gilamoor, a dilapidated town, and hive of the more unsavoury seafarers.

  • During this time, Kalan had explored said hive, finding a fish market, notice board, grocers, chartering and navigation stores, and particularly rowdy inn at the top of the harbour building, a ramshackle patchwork of building and ship, crested with a ship mast, crow's nest and all.
  • She took the advice of the shopkeeper to not stay in town as a lone woman, and instead took some purchased produce to camp on the outskirts, finding a suitable hide between a few trees at the roadside.

  • The party, closing in on the town, detected a pair of magical presences, and noticed an abandoned horse to the side of the road.
  • Piecing the clues together a second too late, the wagon reared to a halt in the face the cultist in the centre of the road, detonating a well placed fire mine, blowing the wagon, and leading horses, to oblivion.
  • Lark and Rhyzan both sustaining severe burns, pile out of the wagon and douse their flames, while a relatively unscathed Gwain hid in cover.
  • Rudely awakened from a deep sleep, Kalan shifted into a feral form, gaining vicious claws, and the night vision of cat's eyes, observing, if clumsily, from the brush.
  • The cultist slowly moved forwards, gathering zeon for an execution, only to be taken by surprise by the towering Gwain.
  • Seeing an opening, Kalan leapt, shearing the cloak from the cultist's back and leaving long, deep cuts along the man's back.
  • In a weakened state, the man was easily taken into bindings of light once more by Lark, before being knocked unconscious by a most disgruntled, now flame-free Rhyzan.
  • The two mages once more recognised each other, confusedly greeting one another before recouping from their wounds, and gathering their belongings.
  • The final question lays in the tattered remains of the cloak, weighed down by something heavy in a compartment inside...

  • Acts of greatness:
    Lark - Kindness upon kindness, Lark took great efforts to offer recompense for the misdeeds of other magic users, repairing one building and arranging to help another. This again furthered the reputation of the college in rural Abal.
    Rhyzan - Keen eyed as ever, Rhyzan scouted ahead, keeping a tail on the fleeing cultist right down to the final moment he got his revenge.
    Kalan - Adapting to her new surroundings, she made the most of her natural capacities to incapacitate the threat to her fellow wizard, despite the severe disorientation of being rudely awakened by a bang.
    Serenia - AWOL.

    Key information:
  • The box and the dagger are likely in the same location or direction. Likely to have been separated due to Serenia's sudden dart in the opposite direction.
  • The cultist was making haste for Gilamoor as opposed to the previously thought departure location of Cavenden?

  • Loot:
  • A heavily loaded cloak.
  • Root vegetables and dried fish... yay!

  • Intrigue points:
  • The Dark sequence
  • The visions
  • In the name of the college, retrieve the box, explore the dream's meaning

  • Lark:
  • Report to the college as her story unfolds

  • Rhyzan:
  • Pursue the escaped cultist
  • Stop the cultist's boat escape
  • Interrogate captured cultist, find new lead on the box?

  • Serenia:
  • The other half calls
  • The other half called?

  • Kalan
  • A coldness in the forest, a dryad's warning, a dryad's plea.
  • Alexander's game - explore the meaning of your abrupt reassignment

  • Side quests:
  • Stirring in the barrows - Thane of Ice awakened?
  • [*] Gilamoor docks notice board
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    Posted by the GM
    The Recursive Multiverse
    The Death of Echo
    Mission Report:

    After on boarding with The Estate staff, we ere informed that our previous employer The International Detective Agency chief investigator Echo had been savagely murdered. The suspect had eluded the agency and local law enforcement but was thought to have been from Ruk based on appearance and suspected murder weapon of a pressurized portable steam projectile weapon. The team was sent to #San Francisco to apprehend the suspect and bring back for extreme rendition.

    Travelled from South Dakota to San Francisco in search of someone to help us find passage to Ruk, the last known direction the murderer took. The Sorceress Supreme was running the Canton Bazaar, who provided a magical !Sextant to assist in translating to #Ruk and directed the group to to a cave entrance beneath the cliffs on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Followed Cave to end where a statue presented a riddle. The Riddle Answer was Gravity. We were then lifted by flooding water through a portal in the ceiling and translated to #Ruk. Eli did not fully successfully translate and was separated from the group. We went to a tavern where the bar keep told us we could take a trip to Shome after we showed a picture of the man we were looking for. He said there was a woman in #Shome who could help us locate him.

    We got on a train (a three day trip) where we were attacked by the Doppelganger Argus Chor Branmal posing as Eli Shepard when he joined us at a tavern. We detained, tortured and questioned him. In the end he admitted to having murdered Echo as a mission from the ^Syndicate. Echo had been particularly helpful in foiling attempts by the Vex in attempting to invade this timeline. The ^Vex had made contact with the ^Syndicate through a different timeline and hired them to use the shape shifting recursion jumping assassin to kill Echo .

    The real Eli is still missing.
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    The Colossus
    Across the swamp from the home of the Hag.
    The group comes to a clearing in the forest where a dead field lays. In the distance is a building.
    The group advances and a colossal monster approaches them.
    The battle turns bad.
    Session: Game Session #145 - Wednesday, Feb 21 2018 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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    Discoveries Abound!
    Numeria is a country that isolationist, xenophobic, and hostile to any that aren't from here. Even the merchants don't want to deal with you if you aren't from Numeria and you don't have ready cash. In such an environment, much of what you can get accomplished doesn't depend on what you can do but rather, on who you know.

    So when we started to explore the Valley of the Spiders, a valley that is isolated and cut off from everything around it, you know that I am saying something about its isolated nature. And it turns out that the valley has good reason to be isolated. Not only is it patrolled by giant robots much like Hellion, but it also inhabited by strange alien plants, a cult of crazed anti-technology zealots, and outsiders who thrive of giving pain. It is not what I would call a vacation spot.

    And we have a new member in the group. He calls himself Tnahcrem. He is a member of the striz race. The strix resemble humans in size and build, but are distinguished by their jet black skin, their 12-foot, raven-like wingspan, and their strange facial features. Strix have pointed ears, slitted nostrils, and eyes without pupils which, due to their large size, appear to glow in the half-light of the evening. Their eyes are fixed within their head, so to look around they have to move their entire head making them look either slow and somber or jerky and skittish depending on how fast they move. Strix stand just over six feet tall, but considering their size, are quite light, weighing around 170 pounds. The thing is, I thought they never left their homelands in the far west of Cheliax, but I guess every rule does have its exception. Anyhow, he is a gunslinger and deals an impressive amount of damage with the black powder weapons he uses. I suspect he is seeking more powerful and versatile weapons here in Numeria, but as long as he is willing to help us and keep our confidences, I don't have a problem with that.

    We also met Paeytr, a druid that apparently lost his mind in some mishap. He was clearly crazy, talking about the "Great Tangerine" in the sky. Hadris was able to mix up some concoction that healed his mind and restored him, but he seems a bit more lost now than he did before he realized what happened to him. Still he has been a great help and a font of information.

    But Paeytr wasn't the most interesting person we have met. We also have met Isuma, a kasathan! And a kasatham that was apparently alive and conscious when the Divinity crashed! The Divinity? Well, that's the name of the starship that crashed during the Rain of Stars thousands of years ago! And that is just one of the many secrets Isuma holds. I am sure she is getting tired of me asking questions, looking for clarifications, and just generally writing down almost everything she says. Luckily she seems just as fascinated by arcane tricks as I am by the knowledge she holds. So we can trade. Though I must say, the information I am getting would make a book that either the technic league would kill and assassinate to keep from coming out, or a book that no one unless on opium would believe. Still I am taking notes.

    Isuma also told us of the Dominion of the Black: an organization dedicated to obscure goals but apparently technologically advanced to incorporate biological mechanisms in their hybrid techo-arcane devices. Isuma doesn't think much of them and warns us that they are an antithesis to life as we know it. Still the secrets they much hold. However, if they are half as dangerous as Isuma makes them out to be the Dominion of the Black should be approached with great caution.

    Tomorrow Isuma joins us as we continue to explore the Valley of the Spiders looking for Casandralee. A great many discoveries await us as well as great danger.

    What else is new, right?
    Session: Iron Gods Game - Friday, Feb 09 2018 from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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    The Metal Man
    The day after my strange dream was also strange. Some of the others seem to have had dreams of their own but didn’t share in detail or really help me interpret what I had dreamed. For kobolds a dream like I had would occupy the elders time and focus until we agreed upon what it meant.

    Anton found a way to free Bob from the cold room. That makes chirping and talking to the eggs easier but puts Bob in places where he tests everyone’s resolve for tolerance. That included Bob taunting most of us while we took a walk to the base of the tower.

    The tower has many doors. I found the one with all of the holy symbols of every god I know and many I or the others do not the most interesting. I would have been content to just look at the things that could be seen without opening things up but the others aren’t as self disciplined. I am good at getting into things but when I am a guest I know that it is rude to explore where you have not been told you are welcome.

    Behind the interesting door was a small black sphere magically floating in the middle of that triggered my inner senses of kobold self preservation. Bob taunted the others and to prove his point eventually grabbed and hung from the sphere while taunting and calling us cowards and anything else that sprang to mind.

    When he did this the strange arch higher in the tower activated. Theran evidently does not own this place as much as he is the trusted custodian who keeps to what he knows. Which is fine and an even better reason to mind our guest manners.

    The noise of the arche’s activation drew Varis from his research and Oscar from his slumber. They had not joined the rest of us until then. When we all reached the arch it showed whatever we asked to see. I so wanted to look in on the lair and burrows but know you never know who else might be looking. I did catch a glimpse of the odd dragons from my dreams and I assume the others did too.

    The others recognized a place among all of the visions that seemed to point to the next place we should look for the imprisoned storm giant king. As we started to talk about traveling there an alarm that tells the teleportation circle is about to be used sounded. A big metal man came through.

    From the ruins the others concluded this was an effort by the Frost Giant Queen to extract revenge. Oscar’s weapon proved to be the only one that could damage the metal man who had several very effective ways of damaging us. I got a whiff of its breath and am still trying to recover from that. Eventually through a combination of spells and Oscar’s pick the metal man crumpled into a pile of metal.

    As the others plan what to do and where to go next I will meditate and commune with the Bright Light that Does Not Blind and seek his guidance. He will know about the strange dragons and what part they play in all of this. I.may ask his guidance on the white eggs too. At least one of them still lives as the hated orb glowed in their presence. I may ask Theran if there is a way for me to have a sort of dragon breath of my own through spells. I do not use my gifts of the scale sorcerer often but I sense I might need to use them better.

    If we go to a big city where I can find a shine to the Bright Light the Does Not Blind I will go there. I might need some help finding it. Big cities are confusing to me and if it is in the middle of the day it is hard to look up and see much. My eyes don’t like how bright the Sun can be.

    Oscar has been gambling with local gnomes. SInce I left the burrow I have not met a gnome. How would they react to me? Would my ancestors hatred still feel my heart? I do not think so. Would they be willing to talk to me? If he is planning on gambling tonight I might ask to go along. Or maybe it would be better if he invited a gnome to come over for breakfast?
    Session: Valley of the Mage! - Tuesday, Feb 13 2018 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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