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Page 11
New words
wrong • our

My list of new words is getting shorter. That makes me feel proud.

I also feel proud because I can do magic now. Well, I can only do one trick, as Kytharrah calls it. I can make nereby objects jump. Kytharrah and I have been playing a new game where I make something in the room jump, and he tries to grab it before it stops moving.

I am going to start using this journal to record what new things I learn about magic.

Obzervation 1:
I can only make something jump if it is closer to me than about 25 feet. I made something jump at 26 feet 1 time in 10 that I tried. I made it jump 7 times out of 10 at 25 feet, and I made it jump at 24 feet 9 times out of ten. I can always do it when it is close to me now.

Obzervation 2:
I can only make something jump if it is about as hevie as Hakam's szord. I stacked some of the bars of monie on top of each other and tried to jump the one on the bottom. I can only jump the bottom one if the stack is no more than 5 bars high.

Obzervation 3:
I can only make something jump if no one is holding it.

Obzervation 4:
I can only make something jump if it is not a magical thing. Magical things feel like they are fiting against me.
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A hidden past: Coded message #6
'Crow lord'

He has a way to go adapting to our training and regimen style but takes the lessons learned to heart

He is however rebellious and receives multiple beatings weekly for breaking curfew and rules, no stealing though, he seems to understand that would cost him his hands, so as of now I would characterize him as an unruly yet intelligent mutt

I have witnessed a showcase of his talent for improvisation in which he got into a fight with one of the young deckhands and blinded him with the sand at his feet and then struck the other boy whilst defenseless, many would call this cowardly, however in our line of work this is the sort of thinking which can determine the difference between victory and defeat

The boy shows promise

I will keep an eye on him for now, but know that given time he could become a welcome addition to 'shadow' company

I trust you will find this report satisfactory

Signed, -REDACTED-

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Page 10
New words
voice • right • trying • least • silence • feel • belief/believe • than • shoot • little

(Solisar taught me new punctuation. He also told me that Szordrin lied to me and told me to spell my last list of words the rong way.)

trick/tricked • very • be/been • Hartsvale • see/saw/seen • eye • surprise • perfume • tease • creature • floating • city/cities • prisoner • goddess • darkness • anyone • egg • chicken • human • elf/elves • goat

a • bee • cee • dee • e • ef • gee • aitch • i • jay • kay • el • em • en • o • pee • cue • ar • ess • tee • u • vee • double-u • ex • wy • zee

look • easy • sphinx • all • piece • answer • else • anymore • boat • give • supposed • mountain • hour • fall • asleep • wait • maybe

calculation • air

Solisar is not dead anymore, (as can be seen from the fact that he taught me the new words listed above.) I am very happy. More than that, we are on hour way home!

This is the calculation that Solisar and I did to find out how much air hour flying ship holds around it:

Measurements of spelljammer:
120 feet long (from bowsprit to stern)
100 feet high (to top of mainmast)
30 feet wide (beam length)

Measurements of air bubble:
3 × 120 feet = 360 feet long
3 × 100 feet = 300 feet high
3 × 30 feet = 90 feet wide

Ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter:
22 1/7s

Volume of bubble of air:
4 1/3s × 22 1/7s × half 360 feet × half 300 feet × half 90 feet = 5,091,428 cubes with one foot sides

Solisar says that most of us breathe 400 one foot cubes of air each day.

5,091,428 ÷ 400 = 12,728 days of air for a single person

If each camel and Kytharrah breathe as much as 4 other persons and Ferry does not breathe very much, then:

12,728 ÷ 26 = 489 days of air for all of us = 16 months
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Page 9
New words
voys • reit • tryying • leest • sighlence • pheel • beeleev • thaen • schute • litull

Solisar is dead. A bad monster who triked us and pretended to be a woman did it.

I was not vary sad when Cassiera died because I knew that Hakam could fix her and he did but now Hakam's god is mad at him. I am mad at Hakam for not being kind and making that litull girl dead. Even though she was a bad monster I think that he should have bene kind and I think that that is why his god is mad at him too. If he had bene kind his god would not be mad at him and he would have already fixed Solisar but now he never can so I am mad about that. I do not know much about gods but I think that it is probably better to be kind than to follow rules some times.

I am also sad because Solisar was always kind to me and did not make fun of how I do not know as many things yet. In Hartzvale Tavis' land I sa people drip water from their ies when they were sad. I do not think that my ies drip water. I do not think that the Maker made it so that my ies can drip water.

Szordrin taught me how to spell these words that I guessed incorrectly last time because Solisar is not here to help me. I wish that he were Solisar though. I am also surprized that Szordrin wants to help me at all.

Many other things have also happened since I last wrote here. Hakam came back. He was not hurt. He smelled like purfyume though. Solisar and Szordrin tezed him about this but I beeleev him that he did not get the perfyume on himself from being close to Chalan and tryying to make a baby with her in the way that Cassiera told me that most krechers make babies. I think that that was why Szordrin was tezing him. I do not understand why they think that making babies is funny. Chalan is a woman whom I have never met but they told me about her. She helped them when they visited a floting sity while I was kept a prizoner by Tosvin. She follows a different god thaen Hakam a godes of darknes. I do not think that Hakam wants to make a baby with her since he probably thinks that she is bad but I also do not think that Hakam wants to make a baby with any one at al. I do not think that I can make babies. I think that the Maker would have to make one for me. I think that I would rather lay egs like chikhens and Cassiera do thaen lay babies like hyumens and elvs and gotes do. I just noticed that the word elf turns in to elv before the s when there is more thaen one. I wonder if there is a way to spell the letter s. I have only sene a gote lay a baby and it does not louk ezy.

I miss Cassiera. Now both Cassiera and Solisar are gone.

Hakam coming back safe was one of the good things. We then rode for a long time over sand. I had never sene sand before. I do not like it. Then we sa a strange krecher that they told me was called a sfinx. Al that it wanted was to play games but games with words and language not with bodies like Kytharrah's games or with cards or litull pesays like Cassiera's games. Hakam knew the anser to one that no one els did.

Then we came to an old sity where no one lived any more but we met a woman named Nulara who seemed friendly and needed help but she was only pretending and was really vary vary bad. I was not there because I had to stay with Tavis once again. When they were with her they found a flying bote. Solisar figured out how to make it fly. Then she told them that she was bad and made Solisar dead. She wanted to fly the bote. I do not know why she did not ask for them to giv her a ride. They probably would have said yes.

I had never bene on a bote before. It is suposed to go in water but this one goes in the sky with magic. It reminded me of flying on those giant birds from the top of that mowntin. I would enjoy it more but Solisar is dead so I do not pheel happy. I also spent most of this day watching Kytharrah because Nulara also used bad magic so that he can only stay awake for 9 owers and then he fals aslepe. Belvin asked me to watch him so I did. Now I am in a room that Tavis told me is just for me so that I can write what has happened. So these are the things that happened even though I wish vary vary much that some of them did not. I am not the Maker so I can not fix the things that I do not like that happen to me.

We are now wating for Hakam and Leokas. They are going to a sity to see if they can make Hakam's god not be mad at him any more. May be things will get better again.
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Page 8
New words
always • work • double • second • probably • self/selves • never • remember • stuck • ice • sew • room • queen • watch/watching • follow • break • might • stop • friends • mean • really

Some bad people came and took Hakam away! They used magic that made it dark and I could not hear my own vois. Rite now they are gone triing to find him. I am left here with Tavis and Kaedlaw again. At lest it is no longer that cold. I do not know how they will find him because the bad people have that silens magic so Szordrin and Solisar will not be able to cast their spells and only Szordrin can see in the dark.

I am becoming so mad that they never let me help them. I always have to stay with Kamil Ilthian stay with Galadrel Ilthian stay with Tavis Ilthian.

Tavis says that he knows how I must fele. He says that he wishes that he could also help but that he must follow the rules also and his rule is that he must not put Kaedlaw in danger. He says that his people the firbolgs beleve strongly in rules much like Hakam does. I think that Tavis is probably stronger then even Kytharrah and can shute better then even Leokas yet he still stays behind so that makes me fele a littil better.

I was thinking the other day about more number things but rite now I worry too much about Hakam.
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