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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
The World of Eos
Of the rest of Goliath....And the road to Saltmarsh
May 3, 996 Third Age Summers End
Daytime 59 degrees
East of Miwold, On the road to Saltmarsh

The Players
Goliath (Sellsword)
Gmüller (The Orphan Sellsword)
David (The Winter Wolf)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)

From May 3 to May 8 the group stays on the farm to give a hand a allow Goliath a chance to heal under the close care of the healer Phelan.
May 8
Daytime 59 Degrees Cloudy
Head out in the morning
25 Miles to Saltmarsh
At Hour 5 they come to a "T" in the road near the cliffed coast.
They head north and pass a merchant
A couple miles from Saltmarsh they come across a small pack of hungry wolves. The Alpha challenges David and a battle begins.
David is taken down and then the group comes in to fend them off.
The pack runs as the alpha drops.
Phelan quickly binds the wounds of David.
They have no choice but to leave him on the side of the road.
The group enters Saltmarsh

9 Wolves


Famous Quotes:
"Know your audience!"
Session: Game Session 3 - Thursday, May 16 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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TO the Hidden Valley
At the oasis after the sandstorm hit, Amestri let Tullin know that while we appreciated her help, it was time for her to return to the regular trade caravan routes. The caravan we found here would be able to better fulfill her employment needs, and our company wasn't such a good fit for her skills and talents. She took the layoff well, and was seen interviewing with the caravan company for another opportunity.

We headed north, continuing our explorations. We met an angry hive of human-bee cross-breeds, who thought we were a hostile band of hive-raiders. Amestri convinced them that we weren't, and we were able to establish friendly relations. They told us that their hive had been wrecked, and their larvae kidnapped, by at least 20 humans, wearing gold or gilt funeral masks, looking for a tomb. That meant the cultists were not only aware that Chisisek's Tomb was in the Parched Dunes, but that they had gained a lead on us when we were forced to retreat to Ipeq!

We left them and headed west by southwest, to cross Falchion Ridge. As we crested that feature, we met a cultist outpost, with 2 desert drakes. After a prolonged fight, we slew them all and took their camels to replace ones killed by the drakes' breath weapons.

No further interruptions happened on the 2.5-day ride to the valley we'd spotted last month. Khismia scouted it from the air, finding that it was about a mile long and very deep, well hidden by a rocky ridge that surrounded both lips of the crevasse.

As we entered it from the same edge that had many other humanoid footprints, we spotted a giant on the other side of a narrow neck in the canyon. We thought about just rushing him, but that seemed a quick death for someone like Jes. Instead, we were able to use spells to lure him deep into part of the canyon too narrow for him to maneuver, and slew him. Beyond him were two more pickets, more human cultists, and we killed them, too.

They were guarding the main open area in the canyon, where a temple's facade had been carved into one wall of the canyon, and a pyramid rose from a flat-topped rise at the head of the canyon. Two natural-looking arched bridges connected the temple face to the pyramid.

Ostog was able to send a magical sensor into the temple facade while everyone hid from the pyramid behind the temple facade. Inside, he found two large chambers, one atop the other, and 3 smaller ones flanking the lower large chamber. In the lower large chamber, he saw one cultist employed at grooming two creatures half-woman, half-lion (lamias). The rear smaller chamber had a sphinx inside, riddled with crossbow bolts and frozen (alive?) in magical stasis. The upper large chamber was a camp for many cultists; currently 4 were sleeping in there.

We began to make a plan to eliminate the sleepers and assault the lamias and cultist, without alerting any more cultists, suspecting that more lurked within the pyramid-tomb.
Session: Game Session 21 - Saturday, May 11 2019 from 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Suspicion amid the sandstorm....
On the surface, we had a successful week. Journeying back into the Parched Dunes, we fought with a quartet of basilisks near a salt lake, and defeated them with long-range spells and archery.

Then, we fought with a desert drake, and defeated it, although that looked scary for a bit.

We picked up some allies:
- a rookie caravan guard named Tullin, found near the salt lake. She'd been abandoned by a westbound caravan from Tephu and left to wander for days.
- Ashmenak, an adventurer from Sothis. She'd been petrified by the basilisks, but her statue wasn't eroded by the 30 years she'd been frozen.
- Anhakht, a mounted warrior from 1160 years ago. Amestri's taken over interviewing him about his life and times.

On the other hand, Ostog's been acting a bit worse for the wear after some short, dry nights. Khismia's got something bothering her, too. Hadia suspects Tullin's up to something, though she has been nothing but helpful in camp chores. Hadia's trying spells to get to her secret, but to no success.
Session: Game Session 21 - Saturday, Mar 02 2019 from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Quick summary of session 20
We spent 11 days on the river to the Parched Dunes. Once we began exploring, we met a group of gnoll slavers. We defeated them and took the ex-slaves to Ipeq (4 days).

After returning to our search for the tomb of Chisisek, we lost a camel to a bulette, had a nice conversation with a shedu, and then ran into a behir. It ate Jes.

We killed the behir, extracted Jes' body, and took her back to Ipeq for a Raising. Since then, we've returned to the riverbank where we've disembarked before, and are thinking about exploring northeast, even though Pharasma suggested north-northwest would take us to where we wanted to go.

It's Oathday, Gozran 23rd, still early spring
Session: Game Session 20 - Saturday, Feb 09 2019 from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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Remain positive and upbeat.
Macross' thoughts drifted to a social function he had attended in Verbobonc an eternity ago. The new guru that was all the rage in town was some sort of positive thinker charlatan. "If you remain positive and upbeat you will only draw positive and upbeat people to you." Well clearly there was a flaw in the thinking. If I only think of sex and perverted girls at the Women's Divinities College next to the Cathedral of Verbobonc, did that mean I would attract precisely those sort of girls to me? I think not. By Oliddamara and Cuthbert's Cudgel we left 6000 gold pieces behind in the frozen North where we aren't likely to back again. Of course, if I just think of more money, then it will come my way.

Macross disciplined his mind and his thoughts. This adventure was about to heat up and he needed all his attention on the task at hand. Exploring lost ruins was ALWAYS dangerous and tedious. What made it worthwhile was the magic and gold you sometimes found. This time, he'd have an epic chance to make some history.

Somehow, the thoughts of treasure made him positive and upbeat!
Session: Episode 25 - Thursday, Jan 31 2019 from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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