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DM Angelo
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Verbobonc Dark
Episode 25
Readying 22 - 28

The group takes some time preparing for the journey.
They decide to take two wagon carts pulled by 2 draft horses.

Burne teleports them to the region of Blackmoor
They instantly are in a frozen ice-land, ill-prepared and freezing to death.
They make it to a cave for cover and light a fire.
Macross goes scouting and finds a huge obsidian double-door.
They enter after a time and fight a White Dragon.
Mole is killed.
After scavenging through the treasure they enter a portal to another world.

Day 1

Rising sun
Tusk Archway
Nothing to see but sand dunes for miles.
They make camp
Night Time
Full Moon
They travel forward
They come across 2 large standing stones that have a description etched on them. The only words they can decipher is "Gate" and "Enter"

Day 2
Make Camp
Night time
Full Moon
Break camp and prepare to head out
Session: Episode 25 - Wednesday, Jan 30 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Character Backgrounds
Provide a brief background of your character and their thoughts about the letter they received.
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The Outer Realms II
Siobhan's Story

Siobhan, the dark-eyed bard of Caer Gwynedd, sang a long tale of an ancient wizard named JUNIUS who was able to control weather and seasons. Junius created five powerful magical items: The Orb of the Summerlands, The Orb of the Winterlands, The Orb of the Autumn Wind, The Orb of the Spring Sun, and to bind them together, The Orb of the Four Winds. Together the orbs would balance the seasons into a predictable progression, and early on this is how it was, and the Illyrian Empire began to flourish. But Junius died, and the orbs were put in the care of the Emperors, who oversaw them more or less responsibly until the reign of POMPEI THE ARROGANT, who did everything in his power to exploit the orbs’ powers. It is said that he sent the Orb of the Winterlands far to the north, and similarly disposed of the Orb of the Autumn Wind, though where nobody knows. His wizards, who he had assembled from across the Empire, rebalanced the orbs and the Long Summer ensued.

It all came to an end centuries later during the Reign of Justinian XII. Justinian's brother FAUSTUS, the bastard son of their father, resented his brother’s power, as well as his incompetence and dissolution, so FAUSTUS made a deal with a devil to overthrow his brother, in which he agreed to sell his own soul and that of his lover, JULIANNA, who was renowned for her beauty. But FAUSTUS attempted to renege on that part of the deal by entrusting Juliana to the protection of a powerful order of clerics, and the devil killed FAUSTUS and took The Orb of the Four Winds to hell with it. Thus ensued the Great Winter.

Little is known of these orbs today, but it is said that if they were all somehow recovered, the seasons would once again rebalance, and the long, relentless winters would be no more.
Session: Game Session #7 - Sunday, Jan 27 2019 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Journal Entry 1
We went to a temple today and while we were looking around, I noticed smoke was pouring into the main room. Calcifer and I helped get everyone out but I was too late for one guy. While outside checking to make sure everyone was okay, I saw water flowing out of the temple. I assumed my friends had it under control. After a while, the town’s guard showed up and they were told about what happened. After that, I stayed at the temple until someone came by to transport the deceased. I helped them as best I could to load the body into the cart before I left. It was the least I could do.
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The Good, The Braggy and The Not So Guilty
Sometimes people are just so infuriating. So, we are trying to help the town of Larton. The temple of Shellen has had some issues and, since we have a pretty good record (usually) with solving these types of issues, we came when called. I don’t know what it is about temples that bring out some of the most ridiculous people. So, basically, there was a spontaneous fire while we were investigating the temple. We were able to get almost everyone out safely or at least alive. There seems to be so much hate in this place, which is confusing because Shellen followers are very non-confrontational and usually have no issues with anyone. This is going to be a difficult one, I think.

So, after we got everyone out, the police arrested Ellion (sp?). Ari told us to look into it, so we started asking people if they knew anything or saw anything or any of those usual investigatory questions, and by “we”, I mostly mean Ezra, I just eavesdropped. I tried talking to Miriam aka Miriam the Bragger to her closest friends (I don’t know if that’s true, but it fits, trust me). This woman was so annoying. She thinks she’s Shellen’s gift to the world. All I wanted to know was whether or not she knew anything about Dev, a cleric from an evil deity. He had been hanging around on and off over the last few days. There had been 2 Shellen priests killed in days leading up to this fire, but there was seemingly no one of great importance in the temple when the fires were set, so there must be something of greater importance. I vaguely recall Ezra getting some information from one of the clerics of the temple regarding a holy item before I went into the temple to examine the ignition points, but I didn't hear all of it. Anyway, when Miriam the Bragger got tired of talking about her cupcakes and donations to the temple, she basically told me where I could stick my questions and refused to help me anymore. I guess not everyone appreciates my inability to listen to them talk about themselves when there are lives at stake.

Heading into the bad part of town, I just hope I can find some answers…I hate unanswered questions and people left without justice. Everyone killed at the hands of another deserves to have their killer brought to justice. No exceptions.

Sometimes I wonder if the others see me as careless or distant, sometimes I don’t care how they see me. Maybe one day I can explain how I became who I am. How the world shaped me into a person who would rather be alone than lose someone else close to her. Cast out for not conforming and then losing the only real family I ever knew, they’d be distant too. If only keeping my distance kept me from caring, I’d put my life on the line for any of them.
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