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Stars Without Number
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
A disturbance in the spacetime continuum
Tau and Wizziff were resting at Stonehill Inn when they heard the commotion from their companions entering the front door.

“Tau! Wizziff!” Asbjorn was shouting, “come quickly, Teejak has been taken hostage by bugbears!”

“Well I don’t see how that’s my problem,” sighed Wizziff.

The yeti and the wizard both stood and began walking down the hallway toward their companions. Tau and Wizziff each felt a slight tingling sensation and heard an audible buzz, but only for a moment.

One moment they were inside Stonehill Inn.

And then they weren't.

Instead they were both waist-deep in snow on a frozen mountaintop.

Wizziff shivered and chattered his teeth but Tau was perfectly comfortable.

“What’s happened?” asked the shivering wizard, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know what’s happened,” replied Tau, “but I believe we are somewhere in the Crag Mountains. There is the summit of Mount Hotenow, I recognize it from my youth!”

The yeti pointed toward a neighboring peak, broken and fractured at its summit from an apparent volcanic eruption.

The wind howled, dropping Wizziff’s body temperature even lower. The wizard also found it difficult to breath at such a high altitude.

“I’m going to die if we don’t find shelter soon,” Wizziff chattered.

"We have to remove our clothes and spoon together in a snow pocket to keep your core body temperature from homo" Tau and Wiziff began looking for a suitable spot to dig. They had taken only a few steps when they once again experienced a tingling sensation and buzzing sound.

And then they were back in Stonehill Inn.
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Tomb of Lady Parts the Pitiless
The tavern was barely more than a large, filthy house; the fire-lit bar area was a crowded bottleneck pitting the barmaids against thirsty patrons looking for refills. Lanterns hung from the walls with lit candles flickering in the haze of smoke from the fire and the occasional pipe that dimmed the room. Spilled stale ale, body odor and roasting meat mixed to fill the nostrils. Dill sat on a bench at one of the long wooden tables, his feet dangling several inches from the floor. The regulars were a pretty rough crowd, which he liked. They scare off the less rambunctious customers. Behind the counter the bartender was trying to break up a fight in front of the bar. It was late in the day and the state of inebriation of the clientele was pretty high. A cacophony of slurred voices combined with besotted singing off in one corner created quite a din.

Dill continued his story, “What kind of sick twisted mind could even dream up a nightmare like this? The tomb of ‘Ladricathe, uh, Lady Parts, something like that, the Pitiless’ was no joke. A huge statue of her riding a giant spider, wheeling a two handed maul. Before her, six statutes of human men, women and children twisted into horrific tortured positions. Then, get this, they’re all bleeding and the pool of blood in front of them grows into some sort of ropey golem with these ghastly long arms and starts choking us...”

A serving wench deposits a slab of mutton on the table in front of Dill. He thanks her and slaps her plump ass. “Any port in a storm, eh Dill?!” laughs the gap toothed derelict across the table. Dill winks and presses on with his tale, “Every time we thought we had killed them off, more would appear. Somebody got the bright idea to detect magic and the only thing that glowed was the head of the Drow bitch’s maul. You bet your sweet ass we got that sucker down and started smashing those goddamn statues apart.”

A drunk half-orc totters through the crowd in search of the privy. He suddenly stops and throws up on the floor. Cheers and laughter greet this event.

Dill had lost their attention, so he finally bit into his meal. The meat was stone cold and did not taste like lamb. He had tasted this before, vile, what was it? For fuck’s sake, it was snake, raw snake. He suddenly felt very cold, shivering, he crossed his arms around his diminutive body.

He opened his eyes, inches from his face, beside him, Diogenes lay face-up on the cold stone floor, sound asleep. He could sense Valindra nearby, silent and still, keeping watch over them. Cold comfort, the bliss of sleep would escape his grasp for the rest of the night. How strange, he felt a longing for the surface world, the bitter cold…gone to hell, insufferable world above. He clutched the edge of his damp bedroll and rolled over.
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Possible Artist
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I'm not weird, you're weird.
Well, it's been quite eventful since we arrived here. I almost got into a fight with a very prominent woman here and that would have not ended well... So, ultimately, we went to her house and I apologized while Daksh peaked into her home. Apparently she drink a lot (probably from the guilt of stealing children).

Later we found the orphanage and found out that Ann (drunk lady who wanted to fight me) actually founded it. Now, I'm wondering if she just truly believes she is helping these children. If you think about the 2 we know of, they were the children of a drug addict and a very ill woman. Could she think she's helping? This is all getting very confusing.

I don't really know where to go from here, I mean I know Ezra is going to be speak with Ann, but I'm not sure how far he will get with her. I know I'm not great at talking to people, but she didn't seem like she would be very open to any conversation about this. Who else is involved? She and the mayor seem like they're pretty close. And what is the orphanage lady's deal, so rude.

Anyway, I wrote to Tristian. Hopefully he writes back soon, I'm wondering how their investigation is going and I hope he doesn't forget about me...
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