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Justice on a very personal note.
They seek only to appease those that they fear. But there is no sense of ideals or loyalty. The notion of right or wrong is missing. There is only dominance and submission.

I watched them torture and kill my father when the Spider came to power in Verbobonc. The puppet king needed new sources of income to fund his armies and we were convenient victims. They will pay for their crimes! We will kill every last one of them until the return of the king. Justice will be done!

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Tags: Betrayal , Justice , king , law
Battlefield Notes 20180720
Battlefield Notes 20180720
Akai Nonamme, Cinderland Cmyth, Elissa, Luddite, Nicodemus, Pythia, Zubin

We re-encountered the Nighthag and friends. Since she was flying, Nicodemus cast a pit beneath her making her very challenging to fight. Mostly we fell in the pit and she got away. I must remember to have the clerics test Nicodemus for domination...

Oh yeah, I think Pythia died.
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Avoid, rather than check....
Avoid, rather than check.
Check, rather than hurt.
Hurt, rather than maim.
Maim, rather than kill.
For all life is precious, nor can any be replaced.
Weakness prevails over strength.
Gentleness conquers.
Become the calm and restful breeze that tames the violent sea...
Session: Episode 9 - Wednesday, Aug 29 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Killing isn’t fair, but someone has to do it...
They used to be such fun. The orcs, I mean. Rough and tumble sort of beings, especially the half orcs. We’d drink and party until we would pass out blind drunk. Good times, and good for business, too. Father would do good business with them and was always straight and honest with
them. In return they were loyal customers and could be trusted to stick to a deal. Most of the time we did our deals outside the wall and were able to avoid trouble and taxes. Everyone benefitted.
At least, until the occupation came. Father always said that the orcs were a slave race. It would only take a bigger fear and they would turn on him. And he was right, too. It’s why they must all die.
Session: Episode 9 - Wednesday, Aug 29 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Tags: betrayal. , merchant , orcs
Memoirs of a Teifling: The Life and Times of Delphinius Neptunio (Excerpt 3.11)
Part III

My Life as an adventurer

Chapter 10 - Dimensional Shifts and Glass Eyes

I was invisible more often than not. It was a crutch; a security blanket.

“If I can’t be seen, I’ll be safe,” I foolishly told myself.

We came upon a mysterious archway with a dead half goat man laying at its base. Before continuing through, Pog attempted to walk up the sides of the arch. Surprisingly, gravity did not work as expected and he was able to walk all the way up, eventually disappearing at the apex of the arch. Upon his return, we were able to determine that the archway path led to alternative mirror dimensions, a new one with each rounding of the arch. The potential implications of this made my head hurt so we passed through into the room beyond.

Another sarcophagus, this one bathed in magical sunlight. More gargoyle mouths in the corners of the room. No traps were found so the stone coffin was opened. Misfortunes abound! Thick red wine poured into the room through the gargoyle mouths. We didn’t stick around to disarm the trap and dove through the closing stone door before it was too late.

“It’s a good thing we have access to unlimited mirror dimensions,” is a sentence I’d never thought would ever come out of my mouth. We traveled along the arch, and sure enough, the board had been reset. I continued around once more ‘to explore’ while my companions examined the trapped room more closely. When I was out of sight, I activated my invisibility and snuck back around. My attempt at levity was not appreciated as I was almost blasted by a fireball and gutted by Ishketh’s sword when I popped back into view like a half-naked, purple-skinned, devil adonis on top of the sarcophagus. Perhaps a death tomb littered with traps was not the appropriate place for a surprise entrance.

Revek discovered a crawl space inside one of the gargoyle mouths. Pog and Ish could not fit due to their armor, so Rev and I explored on our own. I didn’t like being separated from my guardian Tortle, but what choice did we have? The crawl space opened into a small room with a salt-drawn pentagram encircling the real sarcophagus. Revek opened the stone box to find the bones of Nang Nang the frog god and another Pearl of Power. His demeanor instantly shifted as he started hoarding all he could find of value. Nang Nang didn’t seem very willing to play nice with others.

Out of nowhere, a slimy grey slaad attacked. Rev managed to control it using a gem he found on old Wither’s desk. I went invisible and watched while Rev and the slimy beast stared each other down, seeming to speak telepathically to one another. Eventually we returned to the sunlit room and continued on back to our normal dimension, with slaad in tow. I noticed a horrific gleam in Revek’s eye. Surely he was contemplating traveling to as many mirror dimensions as possible, creating an army of slaads. A chill went down my spine at the thought.

The final room on this level contained a gaping gargoyle mouth on the floor, filled with magical darkness. We repelled through the black into the room below, landing on a barge with yet another sarcophagus sitting in the center, trapped tiles filled the room, and the body of a dead dwarf face down in the doorway. Clearly the tiles had to be stepped on in a certain order to find a path to the door. Pogwe commanded his shield guardian to find the path and retrieve the dwarf. Each tile stepped on activated a swarm of locusts, which began slowly chipping away at the guardian. Tile after tile, it pushed through until finally finding the correct path. It delivered the dead dwarf at our feet as the locusts ate away the final sliver of life remaining in Pog’s trusty companion.

A solemn mood fell over the room. Vorn, as Pog had named him, was just an automaton, but he had been a loyal guardian and had become one of us over these last few weeks. I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a single tear at his loss. Pogwe seemed to take it especially hard, but he pressed on. Little did he know that losing his guardian would be the beginning of his end.

Inside the now unlocked coffin, more bones and a peculiar wand. Greedy Rev snatched them up. Thankfully, his demeanor seemed to change once again as the rabbit god I’Jin entered his soul. Searching the dwarf turned up a couple glass eyes; such a odd thing for a dwarf to be carrying.

Through a strange waterfall we found a cauldron with a shadowy figure on the far wall. It mirrored Ishketh’s movements exactly. Inside the cauldron was a murky looking soup that made all but the snake-man’s stomach turn. Maneuvering around the room, Ish was able to get the shadow to drink from the shadowy soup cauldron until the real one was empty, revealing another glass eye. These were clearly important.

Moving on, we came to a large chasm with floating platforms hovering above the depths and a statue of a demon with clenched fists. Pulling a rusty lever opened the demon statues hands revealing 2 more glass eyes. A roaring hurricane erupted from the chasm making the platforms unstable and driving Revek mad from the sound. The slaad, free of his control, pounced with a savage hunger in its eyes. I held him at bay with my magic while Pog did his best to fell the slimy beast. Ishketh grabbed the glass eyes, then pulled the lever with all his strength to stop the wind.

The slaad was gone, the control gem shattered, and we were left with 5 glass eyes. We could only assume there to be 4 more. Where, we could not say.
Session: Meeting the trickster gods - Friday, Aug 17 2018 from 9:30 PM to 2:30 AM
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