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Dagi's thoughts on the matter
This should be taken as largely out of character, as Dagi...well, he might be thinking some of this consciously, but he wouldn't put any of it down on paper. Plus, a lot of it bears out-of-character explanation.

One influencing factor is the kind of world Dagi grew up in. In orcish society, to a large extent, women are property to be claimed, protected to some extent, and kept pregnant...and potentially to help thwart aggressors in some ways...unless they're witch doctors, in which case they're to be feared and influenced.

In his journey to becoming more civilized, Dagi has had a drastic change of heart on this matter...but while he's not consciously aware of it, a lot of the reversals on his underlying assumptions only really apply to women who demonstrate a strong sense of self. On some level, if he can't observe that a female is actively working to control her lot in life as best she can, he just assumes she's better off having it controlled for her. Well, actually, he feels the same way about men; there are just different assumptions about how it's likely to happen.

Partly because of this attitude, Dagi is concerned mainly with what the party can do that is the most likely to result in gaining control of Wayfinder and stopping the end of the world, and secondarily with making sure that Mordana is safe and well provided for...and to some extent he would prefer that she have the opportunity to come into her own, but from his perspective she's already late doing that. (Remember, due to differences in aging, he also keeps having to remind himself that it's not that strange for a human her age not to have children yet.)

This leads to the following evaluation of priorities and possibilities as he sees them so far.

  • Gaining access to the old man's sickbed is a good step to shoot for; not just on the outside chance of being able to cure him, but because both the information he might provide and the potential advantage of his good will are not to be underestimated.
  • Corbus may be involved in some strange way with the trouble the party will have been having in the future, given his connection with this Ralwence person. This warrants investigation and possibly elimination, and keeping Mordana away from him is almost certainly a priority.
  • Nogay's motives being farther abroad might be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes him seem like less of a strong candidate to keep Mordana safe. On the other, it might keep him out of her hair to let her pursue her own interests and talents...if she isn't otherwise swamped with family duties.
  • Vishnav is not trustworthy. He's trying to conceal too much about himself and is involved in things that are likely to lead to conflict.
  • Lunato doesn't seem likely to be a good protector himself, but so far he seems relatively inoffensive. He's among the better half of choices if Mordana has to marry.
  • Marturius is unreliable. Based on the information so far, Dagi is convinced that he might be one of the better suitors in terms of supporting Mordana and not smothering long as neither of them is too concerned with fidelity. But the evidence points to his having an ulterior motive...probably the family fortune and influence, which might be okay, but if it's anything else it could be a problem. Dagi keenly wants to know whether Marturius is supposed to be affluent or an heir or something or if he's actually known to be (in Dagi's estimation) more of a fellow adventurer than an aristocrat.
  • Dexion is the one suitor Dagi currently thinks might be better for Mordana than Lunato, in terms of providing her with support and long as he's the sort to fulfill a duty in spirit, not just on paper.
  • Scotty barely enters into the picture for Dagi at the moment, because unless he shows some interest AND there's reason to think the family and the suitors would accept him as a seventh suitor without a major conflict, he's potentially no more than a young woman's unrequited crush, and at most perhaps her answer to Marturius's infidelity.
  • Getting Mordana the opportunity to interact with the druids and see if they see potential in her (or can be relied on to watch for it later) is pretty much Dagi's fourth priority (behind Wayfinder, Ralwence, and making sure Mordana is at least going to be protected and provided for). Yes, that puts this ahead of the hope of curing her father.
  • Dagi would really like to know what was happening, and in particular who was either new on the island or undergoing life changes, when the father's health started failing. Especially the half-elf in the tavern or anyone else with elven blood (he's concerned about whether there's more to the local prejudice than the party has realized).
  • If he feels like he can afford the time from the rest of the investigation or there's anything to be gained from it (specifically from his participating rather than just having at least one person watch or compete), Dagi wants to get in on the archery contest, because...well, it's the Kurgess thing to do. The way he figures it, he may have a pretty good chance at second, and possibly at first if Adriana either has some reason not to participate, has a bad day, or is more heavily specialized in crossbows than he realizes. (He hasn't been to the range yet and if her investigation of the equipment has been shared, his attention was elsewhere, so it hasn't actually registered with him yet that the contest includes crossbows. While he figures some of the locals and suitors might be adequately capable, and there are a couple other party members he figures may be on par with him, Adriana is the only person around that he assumes has him significantly outclassed.) And especially if any of the suitors enter and do well, Dagi thinks it would be quite useful information to have if he's wrong about his own chances.

If I remember correctly, the next hour coming up is the archery contest, which means that whether Dagi is going to participate depends largely on what everyone else does, what anyone else suggests, and whether he comes up with some other immediate priority I haven't thought of.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Jun 09 2018 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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Champions of the Coast
Episode 002: Legendary Leap
Campaign Date: Flamerule 29-30, 1489 DR
Adventure Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018

Episode Recap:
Meepo, the kobold Keeper of Dragons, led the heroes into goblin territory. Beyond a sealed doorway the adventurers found an obsidian altar with an image of a five-headed dragon carved into it. Atop the altar sat a burning candle and a small whistle. After defeating the sanctuary’s skeletal guardians, Balrex gleefully destroyed the altar at Balamin’s request. Delg pocketed the whistle, even after Balamin warned him it was undoubtedly evil.

The companions battled a few small groups of goblins, the most dramatic of which involved Balamin’s 20’ leap over a caltrop filled hallway! The monk landed atop a low wall and dispatched a pair of goblins on the opposite side. The heroes found a gnome named Erky Timbers locked in a cage that was much too small, even for him. After several failed attempts to free the gnome, Nym strapped the cage to his back and Erky happily enjoyed the bumpy ride.

Inside a grisly trophy room, the adventurers encountered a white dragon wyrmling. Meepo was overjoyed to see the creature but the wyrmling didn’t share in the kobold’s elation. The dragon exhaled a blast of frigid breath and froze the surprised Meepo solid! The companions defeated the wyrmling but decided to make camp and tend to their wounds before pressing onward.

Persons of Interest:
  • Erky Timbers (gnome male) acolyte of Nebelun (gnomish god of invention and luck)

Episode Highlights:
  • None

  • None

Session: Episode 002 - Saturday, May 26 2018 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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The intervention of St. Cuthbert
Level 3 of the Demonweb
Within the next room is a Huge Ancient Red Dragon
The bulk of the group decides to run
Meneleus takes matters into his own hands and uses the power of the sword and the crow to defeat the beast.
Kilkennard Falls
Scrolls found (clerical)
Grimm casts raise dead
St. Cuthbert is not pleased

Onward to the next room
Room #(fill in the blank)
Third Teleportation Room
3 Type III Demons are defeated

Onward to the 4th level
Session: Game Session #155 - Wednesday, May 30 2018 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 2.21
Hiemal -- The Circle remains divided

1) Kagirinai admits that he fell in love with a Northern girl. Kalin is relieved, as the marriage was not official in the eyes of the Realm. He intends to travel to Heartvale to gather the magistrates necessary to officiate the marriage and secure House Mnemon's alliance with House Tepet.

2) Taiphen and Wicasa reunite with the Mnemon group. After learning of the Fae Prince known as Fear-Eater, Taiphen and Bright Shadow investigate. Among the gathered information is the arrival of a small but fast-moving Icewalker group heading toward Maidenstar.

3) Northern Light completes her trials. For Mainyu's, she befriends a mountain goat and then tricks it into slipping off the slopes to its death. For Parendi's, she drinks the potion of prophecy. This resonates with Kagirinai, who is comforted by the thought of her--which Parendi declares to be strong magic. She is then declared High Priestess of Hiemal.
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The Tomb of Dreams
Episode 2.20

The Circle remains divided

1) Bright Shadow, Kagirinai, and Kumasi have a discussion with Mnemon Kalin on what to do about Barebrecken's reluctance to cooperate with the Realm forces, as well as Kagi's betrothal. Kagi asserts that the Realm should lead by example in defense against the Bull, while Kalin is content to fortify in Heartvale and let the ungrateful Northerners suffer. At the end of it, Kalin notices the ring on Kagi's hand.

2) Taiphen and Wicasa make their way to join up with Shadow and company.

3) Northern Light and Syn, in their discussion with the Three Sisters, learn of the many woes plighting Hiemal. Northern Light asserts that she will solve them, if she is given the mantle of High Priestess. The Three Sisters issues to her, then, their challenges: Sing without music, fell a beast without violence, make magic without sorcery. She overcame the first by having Asura listen to her heart's song.
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