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Posted by the GM
Sunless Lands
Session 1 [but not really] Notes

Samuel - Hu F5 (Jer)
Marikus - Hu F5 (David)
Liam - Hu Cav6 (Law)

Geoff - Hu Pr4 (NPC)
Locinda - 1/2 Orc F3/Th3 (NPC)


Find two missing nobles (male and female siblings) who were apparently part of an adventuring band. Alive, remains, or signet rings.

Discover source of mysterious disappearances around towns.


The Sunless Citadel

Black Riders

Healing (?) Apples


Day 1

Party recouperating in Bolden after investigating Sunless Citadel.

Messenger arrives in town stating Adarian the sage needs help in Owford. Owford is half a day's travel by foot.

Mericus decides to make the trip running ahead of the group.

Arriving in a small 12 building town, Marikus is informed that Adarian's manse is approx 15 minutes outside of town. Fatigued from the run, Marikus elects to wait for the rest of the party to arrive before investigating further.

A few hours later, Samuel, Liam, and hirelings arrive. The party heads out.

At the entrance to the sage's house, a small mushroom man informs Samuel that Adarian went missing in his laboratory. Adarian is known to be a sage of plants.

Entering the manse, the party finds Adarian's laboratory in disarray. It appears as if there was some form of confrontation here. The specifics of the confrontation elude the party.

Exiting the laboratory, the party passes through a topiary labyrinth in the early stages of growth and then enters into a greenhouse where a shambling mound ambushes the party. Locinda is knocked unconscious but the party is able to prevail.

Second greenhouse. Trumpet flower monsters knockout Samuel with spores.

Further in, a venus fly trap attacks. Locinda is entranced, remaining so even after defeat of the plant. Party elects to leave her with the dead plant monster and continue on.

Adrian is soon rescued and tends to the party, allowing them to rest in his home for the night

Day 2

Travel to Sunless Citadel, arriving at crevasse near nightfall.

Day 3

Party reenters the crevasse.

More areas in the lower level cleared.

Large goblin (Ballsag) defeated. Magical morningstar placed with Geoff.

Areas of Note:

Goblin chamber on 1st floor ("Goblintown") still unexplored - sounds like a lot of gobs.

Library (two scrolls and dragon tome found) adjacent to...

Large chamber - life-sized marble statue of an ancient dragon with fiery eyes; red circular piece of stone floor in front (rune-scribed and radiates magic).

Room with "Ashardalon" written in ancient language (dragon?)

Goblins taking prisoners to "Bellak"...?

Left off in central (composting?) chamber at start of lower level.
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Session 2 Notes
Ripley - Hu Street Sam (Rob)
Wheelie - Hu Rigger (David)

Slider - Hu Decker (NPC)
Sundown - Hu PhysAd (NPC)


The runners are invited to meet a Johnson at the Forlorn Hope, a bar/restaurant located in "Touristville" of the Redmond Barrens. Going by the name "Kronos", the Johnson is a Caucasian human male in his late forties or early fifties; white, slicked back hair, medium height, black shades, finely tailored suit, and a faint scar running from his left ear, down his jaw line, and across his neck.

Kronos offers the team work paying 40k¥ in total for a two-part mission: First, break into a business "front" to obtain the name of a yacht anchored in Elliot Bay. Second, locate the yacht, kill everyone on board, obtain a sample of the drug it is carrying, and scuttle the boat.

The first part of the mission is handled with ease. No bullets are fired and security forces encountered are easily subdued

The yacht is located in the bay. The team is supplied with a zodiac, diving gear, explosives, and appropriate skill chips for their place ment. Sundown has a bear shaman contact summon a sea spirit to cloak the team as they approach the boat. Security is encountered almost immediately. Ripley and Sundown engage forces from on board while Wheelie provides droned air support and LMG cover, chumming a number of guards.

The lower holds/living areas of the ship require "close-in" work on the parts of Ripley and SD. Once all personnel on board were neutralized, a portion of the Tempo was recovered and the ship was scuttled. The team is paid and Rip transfers "surplus" Tempo recovered to her fixer in hopes of finding a buyer.
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Session 1 Notes
Ripley - Hu Street Sam (Rob)
Crash - Hu Combat Mage (Jer)

Slider - Hu Decker (NPC)
Sundown - Hu PhysAd (NPC)


The runners are brought together to extract two cryogenically frozen cloned bodies, as well as a store of paydata, from a secure medical facility. Access was made through the sewers into a pump room. Security on lower levels were promptly dealt with. Upper floor security required the team to "go loud" and return SecForce gunfire. In the office area where the paydata was secured, security reinforcements arrived, as well as a combat mage. All were promptly dispatched with magic and LMG fire. Even with (acceptable levels of) collateral damage and direct confrontation with security forces on-hand, the mission was a success.
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Posted by the GM
The Iron Circle
Saying goodbye to Enna's father
Welp, that was quick!
No sooner than Sir Jameson uttered the words "Kill Meeeeeee" then we see Enna bend down to kiss her father goodbye. But it is no ordinary kiss. It is the kiss of death. She opens her mouth to release a swarm of locust like beetles that rapidly enter and devour her father leaving a deflated husk behind.

It seemed time stopped, as everyone looked on, even Golgon Steamshanks was slighly repulsed at what he witnessed. But he would be lying if he didn't feel a bit of respect for the young druid even as he was about to slay her and all her companions.
Session: Game Session 1805: Enna's Father Pt2 - Friday, Apr 06 2018 from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
Verbobonc Dark
DOOM! DOOM! Marches the Army North!!!!
Readying 7

Riot the Cleric of Cuthbert joins the group at Folliero's request.
The ground shakes!!
An army marches north towards Verbobonc lead by a black rider.
The army bears the standard of the spider queen.
DOOM! DOOM for Verbobonc!!!

A Drider scout is encountered.
He flees!!!

Several Warg Riders attack the party!
They question one of the goblins! Nothing!

Heading south the group finds a platoon of orcs slaughtered!
White Arrows sticking out of their backs.

Searching the bodies they find a map written in ORC!
The map shows twp points:
1. Verbobonc
2. The village of Sundown surrounded by a 8 pointed star!
Session: Episode 17 - Wednesday, Nov 14 2018 from 9:00 PM to 12:30 AM
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