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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Return to Tresendar Manor 3: The Returning

After a short rest, the party returned to Tresendar Manor for the fourth time that day.

“Remember, we did hear movement in the southeast corner of the basement,” said Ash, “there might still be enemies down here.”

The group explored the northwest corner of the basement and discovered Glasstaff’s potions laboratory. The room contained a large worktable set up with alembic, retorts, distillation coils, and other alchemical devices, all stewing and bubbling away still. The walls of the room were lined with bookshelves crowded with sheaves of parchment and strange-looking tomes; including an open tome on the central table. In the northeast corner of the room was a large treasure chest.

Eager, as always, to discover treasure before the rest of the group. Wizziff moved up to the chest and placed his hand on it to open it. As he did so, the treasure chest opened on its own, revealing a large maw filled with sharp teeth. The mouth clamped shut on Wizziff’s arm, he tried to pull away from the chest, now revealed to be a mimic, but found himself adhered to the monster.

“Get it off!” yelled the wizard.

Ash was the first to arrive at the scene, he let fly an arrow that buried itself into the mimic’s flesh. Ash’s wolf, Arcanine, jumped onto the monster and sunk its teeth in, drawing blood; however, it was also unable to pull away from the mimic and was now adhered to the monster alongside Wizziff. Kyron bludgeoned the mimic with his quarterstaff, which was also adhered.

The mimic bit Arcanine, taking out a large chunk of the wolf’s flesh, but the wound was quickly sealed by Asbjorn’s healing magic, which also partially sealed the wounds on Wizziff’s arm.

“Thank you for protecting Arcanine,” Ash nodded toward Asbjorn.

GayJon was able to help the wolf pull free, but as it was running away it was struck by a pseudopod that protruded from the mimic and lost consciousness as it was once again adhered to the monster.

Ash buried another arrow in the amorphous monster as Kyron swung down hard with his halberd, inflicting serious damage but also losing the weapon as it became adhered in the process of attacking. The monstrous treasure chest continued gnawing on Wizziff’s arm.

“Kill this fuckin thing already!” yelled the wizard, oblivious to the fact that he would have died without the healing provided by Asbjorn.

Teejak executed a sneak attack with his dagger, dealing the finishing blow. The monster reverted back to its true state, a puddle of ooze, as it died, allowing the adventurers to recover their weapons safely.

After the battle, a more thorough search of the potions laboratory revealed Glasstaff’s spellbook along with some valuable alchemical ingredients.

“It appears Glasstaff was attempting to brew a potion of invisibility,” said Wizziff as he examined the equipment on the central table.

“Was he successful?” asked Asbjorn.

Wizziff took a small sip of the bubbling liquid.

“It appears so, but there is only enough here to be effective for a single person,” replied Wizziff.

“We have only one area left to explore,” said Ash, “the southeast corner where we heard movement earlier.”

“Let’s knock it out,” said Kyron, “remember to approach cautiously."

The group travelled back to the southeastern corner and gathered around the large cistern there. GayJon approached the door stealthily; however, as he opened the door it created a loud creaking sound. Inside the room three redbrand soldiers had been attempting to rest but were immediately awoken by the sound of the door. Utilizing the element of surprise, the party rushed in and attacked.
Teejak ran in and stabbed the soldier nearest the door as he was standing to his feet. The rogue then quickly disengaged out of the room. GayJon was next to enter, he swung with his short sword but his weapon ricocheted off the wooden cot.

“I have treasure in my butt,” said the halfling.

Asbjorn said a quick prayer to Ozrikotep and blessed his allies, moments later he uttered another prayer and cast bane on the Redbrand soldiers, weakening them significantly.

Before the redbrand soldier had time to respond, Arcanine pounced on him, tearing flesh from his shoulder as he was knocked prone on his cot. GayJon then finished him off by first stabbing him and then suffocating him with his flail. GayJon stared into the soldier’s eyes as they went wide with horror.

Tau ran into the room and sliced the second soldier across the chest with his greataxe. Arcanine and Teejak attacked the third soldier, the rogue and the wolf worked in tandem to distract their foe, allowing Teejak to deal a sneak attack and giving Ash’s wolf an advantage.

Kyron adopted a defensive position near the only other door the adventurers had not investigated and prepared to attack anyone who passed through.

“Lay down your weapons or die!” exclaimed GayJon.

Having seen their friend mauled, stabbed, and then suffocated, the remaining soldiers obeyed GayJon’s command.

After the battle, an extremely thorough search of the cistern by Ash revealed a waterproof satchel containing another potion of invisibility, a potion of healing, 50 gp, and a clean set of travel clothes.

"This was likely Glasstaff's get-away bag," deduced Asbjorn.

"Now we have two potions of invisibility," said Ash, "We're ready for Cragmaw Castle."
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
The second interrogation of Glasstaff
“So, do you want to do good cop / bad cop on him?” Kyron asked Gayjon as they prepared to enter the cellar in the Townmaster’s Hall where Iarno “Glasstaff” Albrek was held prisoner.

“Yes, but only if I’m the bad cop,” replied the halfling.

GayJon entered the cell with Glasstaff and removed his gag using his teeth.

“We skinned your goblin friend.”

“The goblin was not my friend.”

“Well that’s good. I’m thinking your skin might be a pretty good fit for my friend Kyron.”

Glasstaff began sweating profusely. GayJon then slapped him across the face.

“Do you want to be a fuckin jacket!?”

“Ok! Ok! What do you want to know?”

“My buddy out there is gonna ask you some questions,” said the halfling in an intimidating tone, “and I’m gonna cut your toes off if you don’t answer those questions.”

With that, the halfling turned and walked away, but not before he headbutted Glasstaff, breaking his nose.

“How many floors are there in the castle?” asked Kyron.

“I don’t know, I’ve never been there. King Grol sends me reinforcements to help maintain control of Phandalin.”

“What’s the size of his force there?”

“About 25 strong, a mixture of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.”

“How do they stay supplied?”

“They raid caravans along the Triboar Trail.”

“How often do they raid?”

“Several times a week.”

“What’s the layout of the castle?”

“I’ve never been.”

“If you don’t answer these questions truthfully, I’m bringing in the halfling…”

“Please don’t, I swear I have never been there.”

With that, Wizziff entered the cell to continue the interrogation.

“Glasstaff, you are a fellow wizard, even though you might be a shitty wizard compared to the likes of me…”

“I’d be willing to duel you, elf! Give me my staff back!”

Wizziff pointed his want at Glasstaff’s groin.

“Where is your spellbook!?”

“In my potions laboratory”

“Where exactly is that?”

“You’re not very intelligent for being a wizard, it’s in the northwest corner of the mansion’s basement.”

After some debate, the party decided to return to the Tresendar Manor to retrieve Glasstaff’s spellbook for Wizziff and to search the potions laboratory for anything useful for their rescue operation at Cragmaw Castle.
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Planning Gundren's rescue
There was much celebration that evening in the Stonehill Inn’s tavern. GayJon, Ash, Teejak, and Asbjorn were all thankful just to be alive after the battle of the bugbears. GayJon was enjoying some opium he had obtained from the local drug-dealer; a halfling with no hands and two prosthetic hooks known simply as “magic.” Asbjorn was collecting the excess yeast from his beers to use an ingredient in his next batch of Sloppy Joe’s special brew. Ash had tried to persuade the innkeeper to allow his pet wolf, Arcanine, into the tavern as his "emotion support animal," but the innkeeper was unconvinced. Sildar was celebrating with the adventurers as well.

“It was a glorious battle, my friends. A bit touch and go there for a few moments. But I never doubted our victory,” exclaimed the knight after chugging an ale.

“Sildar, would you like to play a game of darts, or cornhole, or any accuracy-based tavern game?” Asbjorn asked sarcastically.

“Yeah, you should stick to being a messenger or whatever it is you do,” mocked Gayjon.

“Perhaps you are right… I am getting a bit old for this” Sildar sighed.

Wizziff and Tau joined the celebration and shared a bizarre experience: As they were walking down the hall to join Teejak’s rescue party they were suddenly transported to a snowy mountaintop in the Crag Mountains.

“I recognized Mt. Hotenow from my youth,” said the Yeti.

“I nearly froze to death!” exclaimed Wizziff. “Tau was helping me find shelter when, suddenly, we were transported back to this inn.”

“When was this?” asked Teejak.

“A few moments ago!” replied Wizziff.

“It’s been three hours…” said Asbjorn.

“It appears that we experienced the passage of time differently from the rest of you while we were on the mountaintop,” mused Wizziff.

None of the adventurers could propose any hypothesis for what had occurred and instead turned their attention toward the task of rescuing Gundren Rockseeker from his imprisonment at Cragmaw Castle. GayJon and Asbjorn were extremely drunk at this point…

“I want to go to this Crabclaw Castle. No more errands around this town!” GayJon slammed his hands on the table.

"Gayjon you damn right were reading to...crabclaw cassstle tomorrow! Goblins are there reighhhht..... Let me go ask that goblin we captured some questions." Asbjorn exclaimed as he slammed his empty mug on the table.

“How about this for a plan?” said GayJon, “We skin the goblin and I wear its flesh as a disguise to get into the castle ahead of the group. I won’t pass as a goblin up close, but I might be able to sneak by.”

“I’m worried that if you are discovered you would be slaughtered before you are able to escape,” said Asbjorn, concerned for his new friend’s life. “But if you must go in alone, please mercifully kill the goblin before you skin it.”

“And how will the halfling release the prisoner?” Teejak interjected. “I don’t see the goblins allowing anyone to simply walk him out, even if he passes as one of their own.”

“It is hard to say what I would do inside, it would merely be the first step of our siege,” said GayJon, “I could try to poison or drug the goblins and then after the group attacks, I’ll hopefully have a flanking position. More intel on the castle would also be useful.”

“Perhaps I could use a disguise to sneak inside the castle…” proposed Wizziff.

“So Gayjon and Wizziff will disguise themselves, sneak in, gather intel, and then report back?” sounds like a plan.

“Let’s dress Wizziff up as a whore, I’d like that,” chuckled GayJon.

“I have a disguise spell that I know quite well. It’s much better than simply dressing up, like simpler people need to do,” mocked Wizziff. “GayJon, why don’t we enter the castle together as a couple of whore?”

“I like it,” replied the halfling, “Teejak, you can wear the goblin skin. You are bringing hookers back for your friends on guard duty and are offering to relieve them of their post. We will lead them away and you can signal the group to move in quietly. Wizzif will hopefully spell or kill his guy and I will have sex with mine and then kill him. We don't know how many goblins there are, but it's better than charging in."

“I’ll likely need to have sex with my goblin as well,” said the wizard, “I’m developing a new goblin aphrodisiac and it would be quite beneficial for my research.”

Sildar, having overheard this conversation, threw up in his mouth a bit.

“I’m both disgusted and intrigued if this will work,” said Asbjorn, “Teejak, let’s go skin that goblin.”

Teejak killed the goblin with his dagger, causing minimal damage to its skin. Then, Asbjorn skinned the goblin with such skill and proficiency that Teejak assumed he must have done this a dozen times before.

As the cleric and the rogue were working on the goblin, Teejak turned to Asbjorn and relayed his near-death experience.

"When I was bleeding to death in the wizards dungeon I had a strange vision. Some of it is lost to me now, but I remember three imps, and a name 'Ozrikotep'. Does this name mean anything to you? I am more concerned with material things than the ethereal planes," said Teejak.

"Teejak Ozrikotep is the god that my people pray to and the source of my cleric powers he also visited me when i was near death,” replied Asbjorn, “Orzikotep himself was once resurrected and thus his powers can be used to resurrect true believers, I am surprised he has chosen you. I would trust in him to protect you going forward. The imps that you saw were likely servants of the nine lords of hell, what did they offer you?”

“A place in hell,” replied Teejak, “Something about serving the lord of the dead? It’s foggy at this point, but I recall a grizzled visage of a man clad in chainmail. He sent the imps away, said now was not my time….”

“Ozrikotep protected you that day,” said the cleric, “as he did all of us when fighting in that mansion. Hopefully he protects Gayjon, Wizziff, and you when all of you infiltrate the castle.”

Pip walked on to see what was happening and, upon seeing the skinless goblin corpse, he pissed his pants and had nightmares for the next twelve days.

Asbjorn and Teejak returned to the tavern to find the rest of the party still drinking and celebrating. GayJon appeared to be quite high on “Magic’s” opium at this point.

“The deed is done,” said Asbjorn flatly.

At that moment, Kyron entered the tavern as well.

“So, I think we should develop a detailed and well thought out plan to rescue Gundren, let’s begin,” said the paladin.

“We already have a plan,” said Gayjon.

The halfling then spent the next few minutes laying out the plan to disguise themselves as goblin hookers being escorted by Teejak wearing the goblin’s skin.

“You can’t be serious,” said Kyron, “that will never work.”

“We already skinned the goblin,” said Asbjorn.

“Let’s try and learn more about the castle first,” said Kyron, “has anyone asked Glasstaff about the castle?”

“Not specifically…”

“Let’s ask him some more questions…” replied Kyron.
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Valindra is eager to encounter the Drow. She has heard tales of them all of her life but has never actually come face to face with one of their kind. Solera certainly has, and Valindra is certain that her friend is eager to exact vengeance upon them.

The elves of her clan seldom experience what humans would describe as hatred. They are taught that all things in existence are connected to and part of all other things; to hate something is to really hate yourself. But woe to he who mistakes this philosophy for tepid pacifism. The grugach are trained to defend themselves and to ruthlessly eliminate any threat to the forest or the clan. These dark elves f the under-realms have pledged themselves to the deaths of her and her kind and thus Valindra does not worry about the many drow that she will kill in the days to come.

They seem such an odd race, she thinks. Why devote themselves to hatred and cruelty. And they certainly don't seem to value or revere their dead. Why place the tombs of powerful ancestors on the periphery of their territory rather than in a more defended, sacred place the way most other races do? Puzzling. Such creatures may be unpredictable, and that means danger.
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As told to the poet with the quill at the bar
so when the knight fell,
lil' brotha said he'll be in a coma for weeks
so the orphan took his horse to sell
and the giant said adventure is what we seeks

They needed a few more hearty men
when the squire announced count me in.
then two will be all we need
and they all fell in behind the giant's lead.

tra-la-la the giant's lead...
Session: Game Session 1 - Thursday, May 02 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Epic × 3!