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Posted in The Outlanders
# 4.3 He tips his hand
Finally had contact with the perp. While investigating the now deceased Serif, Ezra noticed that Ashe was behaving awkwardly. I took a risk. We had little viable information about the creature. I wanted to see how it would handle direct confrontation. The method was simple. This entities' mechanism for imitation is only superficial. It can look and even sound like the victim, but it doesn't gain any of its unique abilities. If it was indeed just an exhausted Ashe, she would have no issue producing her fire fox.

And we learned so much. Hardly a simple demanding conversation and an over obvious hand signal. It reacted as any overly confident creature would: choosing a brash ambush -- hoping to gain the advantage and instill chaos and fear. It could of attempted subterfuge. I had little evidence that Ashe wasn't simply being moody or drunk. But it chose action.

That's how we're going to capture it. Oh yes, we have to capture it now. It made reference to Ezra's little sister; the subject that still haunts him today. I have my suspicions about whether it actually knows anything or if its simply reading his thoughts. Either way, we won't stand idle. We shall play to its ego and force it to a situation where it believes it has the upper hand.
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Mirrors and Ghosts and Shapeshifters, oh my!
I've about had it with this town. First, I hear about someone who matches the description of the hideous person who slaughtered my friends, then there's all this weird stuff with mirrors and then Ezra is a ghost and now, Ash has tried to kill us. Technically, a bunch of Ashes tried to kill us.

Now, we need to find the actual entity that is shapeshifting into all of these people and I'm wondering now if the person that was previously described was actually him or if he is the actual shapeshifter and I just have so many questions that I'm not sure I will ever get answered.
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Stashed in the Closet
After saving Ezra and running full sprint from lethal fog, we made it back to town. We went to check on Ezra and then to the sheriff's office. Bastet and Kit decided to go stay the night with Esra and Daksh and I were to stand guard at the Sheriff's station.

It was a pretty boring and uneventful evening. Oh, except for the part were I was ambushed in the bathroom and replaced with an imposter! Last thing I remember I was about to leave the bathroom and then Ezra is standing over me.

I may have gotten the wrong idea and panicked. I ran past Ezra and saw a pile of dead bodies, which didn't help my state of mind. I ran to the door and headed upstairs.

We regrouped and I was briefed on what had transpired in my absence. Why did it choose me and not Daksh? Ugh, I wish I was there to kill her, it, or whatever it was. Hopefully, they really killed it.
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The Wolf Among Us
We went to the sheriff’s station to make sure that nothing had happened to the body of Sarif while we were checking on Ezra. Nothing strange seemed to be going on, so Bastet and I went to stay with Ezra so that we could make sure that he was not attacked again.

We awoke the next morning and went back to the sheriff’s station. I could tell something was off. Someone in the sheriff’s station was not who they claimed to be. I started to screen people as they were leaving the sheriff’s office. This seemed to upset a number of the people that I Questioned.

I continued with this for some time. Until I noticed that Ash seemed to be a bit off. She smiled. Which is incredibly uncommon for her. And she hadn’t asked for a drink all day. I began to look around to strategize for confronting this Ash imposter. Unfortunately, Daksh and Ezra figured out the same thing at the same time. And they were less subtle than I would have hoped.

We fought the imposter Ash, and Ezra said not to kill it… at the exact moment, he killed it. Ezra found the real Ash stashed in a closet on the lower level of the sheriff’s station. That’s when the Sheriff told us we have one day to wrap up this investigation. I honestly don’t know what we are going to do next.
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Posted by the GM
Mage Battle II
Session 2: To Iyallatol!
Setting sail to the mysteriously-appeared island on Captain Lallia's ship, Myth, Turtle, and Sinestra train with Vonn, Lallia's first mate. Or rather, they cause enough chaos and confusion with their magic that Vonn admits they don't need his help.

Upon arrival, Myth unearths a fragment of a garment, that he is able to identify by the stitches in the hem come from several centuries ago, appropriate time frame for Iyallatol's disappearance. And indeed, once they begin exploring the island, aside from the multitude of dead sea creatures that one would expect from a previously-sunken land mass suddenly and rapidly rising, and the slight angle the island is floating at, it quickly becomes apparent that this is indeed Iyallatol.

They find an old inn building and settle in for the evening, intending to explore a bit further the next day. However, during the last watch, as dawn begins to break, Sinestra hears a far-off noise and awakens the others. As they approach the building that once was a royal palace, one of its pillars breaks off and nearly crushes them. It was pushed over by a beefy-looking Orc, who shouts a battle cry that summons several other orcs to attack the party.

While Turtle and Sinestra rather handily dispatch the orcs (minus one that ran away), the beefy Orc that pushed the pillar over slow-claps and grins at them, tossing what is probably Vandoo's Diamond into the air to prove he has it, then escapes using a captured Avion, and an obscuring fog prevents the party from pursuit.

The trio is forced to report the good-news-bad-news back to Isik Goldwort; when they show him the symbol painted on the beefy Orc's breastplate, his face drops and he leaves them for a while. When he returns, he confesses that it was never he himself who hired them, and he leads them to their true employer, a wizened monk who introduces himself as Endrin...

Session: Session #2: To Iyallatol! - Sunday, Nov 24 2019 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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