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Correspondence 10
My Husband & Lover,
Mieko has given birth, surrounded by a number of my fellow agents. He is male. He is less monstrous than his father; only his eyes and his teeth bear any hints of his fiendish heritage.
I still have failed to track down whence the imposter came to Wa or what his intentions may be, but I am told that even Elminster is concerned with what this all may imply. As best I can tell, the false Kando has not made any attempt to retake the throne, perhaps because the power of the shogunate is so much greater now than when he last ruled, (even more so now that Matasuuri Nagahide has come into power.) However, we believe that he is actively scheming, even if it is only toward his idea of retribution against his bastard child and his offspring. You already know that we apprehended two men at night near the safe house last month. Both men slit their own throats with a shattered wooden food plate each in their holding cells a few days ago, once it became clear that they were to be released. It seems that they felt safer in custody than in freedom.
I passed on to my superiors your idea of allowing mother and child to hide at our own vacation home, and they liked the idea and are already acting on it. Khelben himself is arranging for Mieko and her infant to be smuggled out by spelljammer from the port in Waterdeep. They are creating a new identity for her as well.
I shall be home in two tendays, foreseeing no further interruptions to my official duties here at court. (Of course, with the slaughter of Chauntea’s worshipers by the shogun, things will be tense in Azoun’s throne room....)
You are sorely missed by my mind, my body, and my soul.
Your Yunoko

The Year of the Wandering Maiden

Session: 116th Game Session - Monday, Jul 27 2020 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Correspondence 9
Husband & Lover,
First, know that I am safe. However, it sorrows me to tell you that my plans in Cormyr have changed suddenly, and I will not be able to return when I had hoped.
When I had finished presenting my report on imperial affairs to the king, a distraught woman, also Wanese and heavy with child, entered the court, begging his majesty for asylum. I will share as much of her story as I can recall.
She had been at home in her kitchen one day in Taan, when she heard loud voices in her husband's room. She heard her husband say, "But I killed you!" The other answered, "Yes, indeed you did, and that is, of course, why I am here to see you." "Do you think that I fear you? Slay me quickly and end my miserable existence." "That would be letting you off too easily," said the other. "I am here to take the life of your son." "He is your seed also!" said her husband. "What need have I for offspring; am I not immortal? I coupled with you mother for nothing more than pleasure." She heard her husband roar and the sound of fighting. She hid herself in the bottom space of a cabinet. Several minutes later, she saw through the gap in the cabinet doors what she described as "orange, furry, clawed feet." The creature paused; then it spoke. "I can hear your thoughts, woman. Do not fear; I have nothing against you, at least not yet, but I will return to slay your son when he is born, because I promised your husband that I would do so. So, do not grow too attached to him. And do not try to hide him from me; I will find him, and then I will no longer be so kind to you."
The monster left, and she found her husband's decapitated body. She fled at once and came all the way west to Suzail from the Wastes.
After she had presented her case and been led out of the court, I took her aside. Seeing that I was also of mixed descent, she opened up further to me. Though she called him her husband, I cannot call the man, the beast, that; he had taken her by force and kept her locked away in the house. She was a slave, not a wife. His death had meant her freedom, (from one fear, and the introduction of another.) She took the keys to her own home from his dead body. I call him a beast, not solely for his vile evil but also because he was not human; he had fanged teeth, and his hands she described as "backwards, with the palms facing the wrong way." She told me that his name was Eichiro, and it sounded familiar to me.
Last night, I searched through the Harper records and confirmed my suspicion. Goshukara Eichiro was the bastard child suspected of slaying the emperor several generations ago before vanishing from Wa.
I am sure that you must understand the significance of all this; the emperor Kando was an imposter!
So, I shall need to stay here at least a tenday longer to report to my superiors and investigate further. I am also going to escort this woman, Mieko, to one of the Harper safe houses, to remain there at least until she delivers.
I miss you and urge you not to worry overly much for my safety. You know that I can take care of myself. I shall return home to your warm arms soon.
Your Yunoko

The Year of the Dark Dragon

Session: 116th Game Session - Monday, Jul 27 2020 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Correspondence 8
My Long-Ago Companion,
I was at first delighted to have received your letter, having gone so long—has it been over a decade?—without hearing from you, but upon completion of reading it, I found myself deeply concerned for your safety. Is living among the dark elves the wisest place to fulfill your wife's last mission? Could not you have done the same in Calimshan or Thay? It will be a drastic change moving from total isolation on tropical, spacious Coliar to a subterranean metropolis in perpetual darkness. At least you will be on the same world as I now, and I did not neglect to see your promise to visit me again. I wonder if we would even recognize each other. We are nearly old men now, are we not?
As for my goings-about, my work requires frequent visits to the Plane of Earth for materials—there is not enough clay on my island—and I have a permanent portal connection there now. It is not the most beautiful place to visit as a whole, but I think that you would find some of the subterranean crystal caverns breathtaking.
About a year ago, I made a significant improvement in my creations, a large enough change to warrant a new name for them. I call these Forokell, and they have free will—or at least something akin to it—what the Lillikell were lacking. I would not quite call it true creativity, but they make decisions and take actions without having to be commanded.
They are like children to me, Ronan, and again I am struck with how uniquely we have fulfilled our old dreams to have children of our own—you supporting so many lost children and me creating my own. I sense from one of your brief comments in your last letter that perhaps you might not approve of my solution. No doubt, you have chosen the nobler path, but creation is also an act of good, is it not?
I wish that we could have such a discussion face to face, young R & R once again....
Session: 116th Game Session - Monday, Jul 27 2020 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Correspondence 7
Tarsakh, the Year of the Turret
"Rembas", My Dear Friend,
I write for two reasons. First, I must tell you of the most amazing discovery upon one of my recent voyages through the phlogiston. We found an empty sphere! There were no astronomical bodies of any kind: no planets, no fire bodies, not even portals on the inner shell. It was simply empty darkness. It was large enough to contain a system a quarter the size of Realmspace, yet it was utterly empty. Never do the wonders of wildspace fail to amaze me!
Now, second, the more serious matter and the one over which I have internally debated for many hours, to decide whether I should write these words or remain silent. Perhaps, I speak too rashly about matters on which it is not my place to comment. Yet I care greatly for you, my long friend, so I shall loose my tongue, or, rather, my pen.
Rereading an old letter of yours triggered a realization in me, in a manner likely unexpected by you. You wrote that we each have different ways of dealing with the loss of our beloved wives. This is true. However, I am growing to believe that each of our methods of so dealing are neither healthy nor beneficial for our souls.
To be frank and risk placing a barrier between us, I have been concerned from the moment that you first started creating golems and more than golems. (Please hear my tone of concern for you.) I say that Avilda was too harsh, far too harsh, in her response to you; you know this. However, I would be lying if I did not admit that she and I at least shared the same concern.
I fear that this admission of mine will hurt our deep friendship, but let me share with you mine own journey to wisdom as an example that I hope you may choose to follow.
At first, I wrongfully thought that my solution to grief was better than yours. In reality, it was no different. We both hid ourselves in our respective works; we both hid, though our works have been very different. I fooled myself by thinking that my way was better because I knew that Yunoko approved of it, even encouraged it. She told me directly, when once we had discussed how we would each go on living upon the death of the other that she hoped that I would continue to follow my dreams and explore the spheres. No doubt, my journeys over these many years have brought some small periods of happiness and no little amount of wonder, but they did not change me into a better person or change the fact of my deep loneliness and loss. Nay, they were but a distraction from my grief; they healed me not of it. Nor did they bring honor to her memory. Far worse, they caused me to begin to forget her!
But I cannot forget her. Yunoko was the most giving, selfless, and courageous woman whom I have ever known. She faced the evil of the world, and of the planes, and fought bravely against it, while, here, I have run from trials and conflict.
I have decided to stop running; my time of fleeing grief and hoarding my wealth and my talents is over. I have recently begun

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Correspondence 6
Forgive me for the long delay in responding to your previous letter. I still do not understand why it is that you have chosen to live on such a muggy and isolated world, when there are many other places to hide that are more pleasant, but at least we live in the same crystal sphere again!
You may be interested to learn that I have a new version of my Kell. Physically, I have used the same techniques as I did on my many varieties of Ainvikell. These models, however, look human—or like any other race that I wish—but I have taken liberties with their appearances—skin colors and designs, for example—making them unique as individuals but also unique as a group—my own race.
These I call Lillikell, and I have made a major improvement in their minds. I have sought to duplicate as much of the magic of the legendary memory stones as I can. (As I have never gained access to an actual elven memory stone, I assume that my synthetic mind is less powerful than it could be.) Even so, my Lillikell are self-aware, unlike any true golem. However, they seem to have no free will to make true decisions at all, though they can use logic to solve mental problems beyond what any crude automaton can do. They simply follow whatever it is that I command, but they definitely are aware of their own existence. If I have not commanded them, they do only whatever is required for survival. As I described to you before, my creatures have organs as we do, and so they must consume food and breathe air. This I failed to explain in detail to you before. I have programmed their minds so that they must sleep to clear space in their memory banks from needless information that would eventually overwhelm their ability to learn useful things.
Yes, is it not amazing? They can learn. I have several acting as perfect servants. I feel like a king in how I am now pampered by my metaphorical children.
It would delight me to no end to have you meet one of my Lillikell.
I await your response with expectation.

Session: 116th Game Session - Monday, Jul 27 2020 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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