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Guilds of Ravnica
The start of the campaign
Disclaimer: The Living Guildpact is not responsible for the fate of those who are arrested by the Azorius, beaten by the Boros, dodged by the Dimir, grossed out by the Golgari, gored by the Gruul, imploded by the Izzet, outwitted by the Orzhov, rousted by the Rakdos, subsumed by the Selesnya, or sickened by the Simic. Join or leave a Guild at your own risk, and get caught up in Guild politics at your peril.
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Veotrius receives the letter
Veotrius stepped out of the arena to the roar of the crowd gathered under the twisted metal cover of the makeshift arena. Creatures of a multitude of shapes and sizes pushed their way in front of him forcing their congratulations upon him in the red glow of the torches lighting everything. He hadn't meant to slice the human combatant in two, but somewhere between a dual and a performance lay the danger that so pleased the demon-lord Rakdos. Not every gladiatorial exchange ended in death, but for the losers, the wounds often meant it was their last. The crowds ate it up. A well-wisher shoved a rolled-up piece of parchment into his hand, and disappeared into the crowd. Another, a painted ceramic vessel sloshing over with some potent drink. He took a swig. It was strong, fiery even. He took another long pull hooking the vessel over his elbow as he drank. As he stopped for a breath he threw the vessel to the floor where it shattered, the drink splattering everyone. It was time to celebrate.

It was the next afternoon when he came too, in his quarters. A very small space with a windowed door, bunk and cabinet. The whole space bumped up and down as the giant carrying it on his back walked through the streets of the infinite city. This giant wore a pack with several such quarters housing other performers and several of the support components for the arena set up on a nightly basis. Together their whole caravan consisted of several such giants wearing packs the size of buildings and pulling ornately painted carnival wagons (many with large burn spots.)

He unrolled the parchment rolling back and forth across the floor of his quarters. "Burn after reading," were the first words to reach his eyes.

"Won't be a problem," he thought to himself. "Total collapse, huh? Doesn't sound so bad to me.." Still he was intrigued. The letter went on to suggest the elite of Ravnica were only growing in power. The reason he joined the Cult of Rakdos was to undermine and fight against just such entities. He thought of his brothers somewhere in the Boros Legion continuing the proud tradition of the Ordruun family line. All of them but his youngest brother refused to admit he wasn't killed in battle. Their organization contributing to the terrible power grab this letter suggested.
On the opposite side of this sentiment was his former slave-master in the Scab Clan of the Gruul. His former master was a massive minotaur who had spared his life during a battle while Veotrius was a young commander in the Boros Legion. Veotrius fought as a slave in Gruul raids earning the respect of the Scab clan. He participated in the body modifications of the clan most notably the carving of his horns into fearsomly decorated weapons. Even now despite his Rakdos allegiances, he still wore many bone piercings, and wove bone beads into his thick hair as was customary of the Gruul. He won his freedom by saving the life of the massive minotaur who was his master during a particularly harrowing raid. The two minotaurs shared a mutual respect for one another, but Veotrius left the clan after that.

The chaos of the Gruul had inspired him as to what Ravnican society should look like, but he knew it would never be accomplished through pointless raids on the outskirts. No, chaos would have to come from inside. The Cult of Rakdos offered him this opportunity, and he jumped at it. Perhaps taking down the elite mentioned in this letter could build him some renown with his new allegiance. The Tattered Drake sounded like an Izzet establishment. No matter, those crack-pots could use some greater variance in their formulas. He'd be there.
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Epic × 3!
Remain positive and upbeat.
Macross' thoughts drifted to a social function he had attended in Verbobonc an eternity ago. The new guru that was all the rage in town was some sort of positive thinker charlatan. "If you remain positive and upbeat you will only draw positive and upbeat people to you." Well clearly there was a flaw in the thinking. If I only think of sex and perverted girls at the Women's Divinities College next to the Cathedral of Verbobonc, did that mean I would attract precisely those sort of girls to me? I think not. By Oliddamara and Cuthbert's Cudgel we left 6000 gold pieces behind in the frozen North where we aren't likely to back again. Of course, if I just think of more money, then it will come my way.

Macross disciplined his mind and his thoughts. This adventure was about to heat up and he needed all his attention on the task at hand. Exploring lost ruins was ALWAYS dangerous and tedious. What made it worthwhile was the magic and gold you sometimes found. This time, he'd have an epic chance to make some history.

Somehow, the thoughts of treasure made him positive and upbeat!
Session: Episode 25 - Wednesday, Jan 30 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Champions of the Coast
Episode 010: Second Chances
Campaign Date: Uktar 2-7, 1489 DR
Adventure Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019

Episode Recap:
Baltrex and Nym asked Eadyan to attempt the Raise Dead spell despite the priest’s concerns. Inspired by Nym’s words of encouragement, Eadyan performed the spell flawlessly and Delg’s spirit returned to his body. The dwarf immediately took up the cryptex, turned its dials until they formed the word “faenor”, and the puzzle box opened. The dwarf looked inside and discovered a Speak with Dead spell scroll and a Ring of Spell Storing. Delg attuned himself to the ring and used the Raise Dead spell stored within to return Balamin to life. Once Delg and Balamin regained their strength, the adventurers returned to the cultists’ camp and resumed their search for the dragon eggs.

The abandoned camp appeared unchanged, so the heroes headed straight for the cave. As they neared the opening, two guard drakes emerged and greeted the companions with deep, throaty growls. A pair of cultist drake handlers inside the cave barked commands in draconic and the drakes moved aside. The wary adventurers walked past the drakes, entered the cave, and the handlers ordered their pets to attack! The heroes dispatched the drakes, but the cultists fled into the cave complex.

The companions retraced their steps from their first visit. As they passed through a dark, foul-smelling cavern, a swarm of bats dropped from the ceiling and engulfed them. The blinded adventurers pushed forward but were harassed every step of the way by stirges intermixed with the bats. Balamin slumped to the floor, unconscious, with three of the vampiric creatures attached to his body! Baltrex, Delg and Nym fought through the storm of bats to reach the monk. They pulled the stirges from Balamin’s body and carried him to safety.

The heroes continued their search and soon found themselves back in the shrine to Tiamat where Balamin and Delg died less than a ten-day ago. As they surveyed the chamber, a trio of guard drakes and their cultist handlers attacked from the shadows. The companions defeated their foes and during the battle, Nym noticed a flicker of light in a shadowed section of the chamber. Baltrex and Nym investigated and discovered a concealed alcove that contained a ladder. The ladder led through an opening in the ceiling that was covered with a heavy rug.

Nym returned to the shrine to inform Balamin and Delg of their discovery while Baltrex scaled the ladder and listened. The barbarian heard a noise from above, so he pushed through the rug-covered opening and found himself in a well-lit, well-furnished chamber. Then Frulam Mondath, the cultist “wearer of purple” from the Greenest assault, entered from an adjacent room. She locked eyes with Baltrex and began to chant the mystic words of a spell.

Episode Highlights:
  • Balamin was nearly killed twice by blood-sucking stirges.
  • Nym, in brown bear form, scored back-to-back critical hits while battling a guard drake!

NPCs Introduced:
  • None

PC Notes:
  • Balamin returned to life after Delg cast Raise Dead from his Ring of Spell Storing.
  • Delg gained a Ring of Spell Storing and a Speak with Dead spell scroll.
  • Delg returned to life after Eadyan Falconmoon cast Raise Dead from the spell scroll recovered from the shrine to Tiamat.
Session: Episode 010 - Saturday, Jan 26 2019 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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Where is the gold?
Macross looked in the wagons as they packed into the pavillion. The sudden realization that the pile of gold they had fought for was not in the cart hit him like a lightning bolt.

Macross asked Holy Mole where the gold had been packed. "I dunno. I thought I was dead there for a minute." He asked Orlen the same question. "I don't know. I thought Baldomero loaded those sacks." When he asked Baldomero, he responded, "Gold is unimportant. Why do you ask?"

"Sometimes the spider eats the snake," thought Macross as he choked back the tears of frustration.
Session: Episode 24 - Wednesday, Jan 23 2019 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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