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Champions of the Coast
Episode 005: High Road Trouble
Campaign Date: Midsummer Holiday & Eleasis 1-29, 1489 DR
Adventure Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018

Episode Recap:

The heroes returned to Oakhurst where they learned that Erky had found Sharwyn and Bradford, the young male and female supplicants of the Gulthias Tree, wandering aimlessly outside of the Lost Citadel and escorted them home. The adventurers gave Talgen’s signet ring to his grieving mother, Kerowyn Hucrele, who kindly rewarded the companions for their efforts. Mayor Vurnor Leng thanked the heroes who in return assured him that no threats remained within the citadel. The following day, the adventurers, accompanied by their gnome friend, Erky, returned to Neverwinter.

In Neverwinter, the companions dealt with Delg’s seedy “friend” who had threatened Amara’s Orphanage. Then, at Baltrex’s request, the heroes prepared to travel to a small town southeast of Baldur’s Gate called Greenest. The adventurers secured employment, with Erky’s assistance, as escorts for a wealthy merchant named Quinn Maras. Quinn had some cargo he needed delivered to Baldur’s Gate and didn’t want to wait for a caravan to assemble. The companions, Quinn, and his loyal bodyguards; twin brothers named Keelin and Gier, left Neverwinter and began their long journey southward.

Just north of Carnath’s Roadhouse, on the eastern edge of the Mere of Dead Men, the heroes were confronted by bandits which they easily drove off. Then, a few days south of Waterdeep, the adventurers battled a hungry hill giant and its dire wolf pet. Later that night, the companions’ camp was beset by cultists determined to kidnap Balamin. The abduction was thwarted, the cultists defeated, and the heroes arrived safely in Daggerford the following day.

Episode Highlights:
  • Kerowyn Hucrele, Sharwyn and Talgen’s mother, rewarded the companions with 125 gp.
  • In Neverwinter, Balamin researched the symbology from the dragon shrines within the Lost Citadel and discovered it pertained to the Cult of the Dragon. He also learned that the cult has been very active recently along the Sword Coast.
  • Balamin generously donated 58 gp and a potion of healing to Amara’s Orphanage.
  • Baltrex learned that someone named Cyanwrath was assembling mercenaries and sell-swords in a small town named Greenest. Apparently, Cyanwrath had a large shipment to transport and needed a sizable force to secure its delivery.
  • In Waterdeep, Delg met a dwarven scholar who informed him the cryptex was of dwarven origin. Upon careful inspection and meticulous research, the scholar believed the runes indicated it was from Clan Hammerstriker.
  • In Waterdeep, Balamin discovered a rundown shine to Bahamut maintained by an aging dragonborn named Fayal. Balamin gave Fayal 43 gp to help with the shrine’s upkeep.
  • During the attempted abduction of Balamin, the cultists insisted the gold dragonborn not be hurt and was to be delivered intact.

NPCs Introduced:
  • Quinn Maras (early 60’s human Turmish male): Merchant with cargo to be delivered to Baldur’s Gate.
  • Keelin Banis (mid 40’s human male): Quinn’s bodyguard and Gier’s twin brother.
  • Gier Banis (mid 40’s human male): Quinn’s bodyguard and Keelin’s twin brother.
  • Adwan (late 20’s human male): Captain of the bandits that tried to rob Quinn and the adventurers.
  • Fayal (70’s dragonborn male): Caretaker of a shrine to Bahamut in Waterdeep.

PC Notes:
  • None
Session: Episode 005 - Saturday, Aug 25 2018 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Tags: Recap
There are two kinds
There are two kinds
of strength.
The outer strength is obvious. It fades with age and succumbs to sickness.

Then there is the inner strength, but it is much more difficult to develop.
The inner strength lasts through every heat and every cold...
through old age and beyond.
Session: Episode 9 - Wednesday, Aug 29 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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The Rightful King
Remember Always
Kilkennard is the rightful king of Verbobonc;
I will exterminate those vermin and see His Majesty returned to his rightful place on the throne. They will be humbled, humiliated and choke on their own blood. I will grind them into the dust. Justice will be done!
Session: Episode 8 - Wednesday, Aug 22 2018 from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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Tags: Betrayal , Justice , king , law
you awaken in a place where there is no light and no sounds but your own. those of you with infravision can ascertain that all party members are present. The place you are in looks and feels like a natural cave, about 30 feet in diameter. There are four 10’ high exit tunnels somewhat evenly spaced around the perimeter. even those with infravision cannot see a ceiling apparently it is too high.The floor is covered with sand.

you do not have any possessions save a dirty cotton loincloth. you have no weapons, no food, nothing: only your wits, and a small closed cloth tube which rests on the floor in the center of the room. It is a foot-and-a-half long, about the size of a wand or scroll tube.
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Remember always
Remember always
that a wise man walks with his head bowed; humble
like the dust.
Session: Episode 9 - Wednesday, Aug 29 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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