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Posted in The Outlanders
#2 A Wild Goose Chase
The further I get into this case, the less sure I am there's anything worth investigating. Every new lead points to nothing more than the sob story of an addict:

* Man (Talon) reports daughter stolen. He's clearly an addict.
* He claims a woman demanded his signature and then kidnapped his daughter.
* Woman in question turns out to be Anne. A prominent figure in South Warren. She seems to have ties to the mayor. Founded local orphanage.
* Ezra's questioning of Pria provides little new clues. She was a guard who was seriously injured, child reported missing. Anne associated w/ Pria before disappearance.
* Other reported cases of missing children all appear to be from poorer side of town.

I'll give you that nothing here is concrete, but after multiple days of digging we've little else. All inquiries into Anne are met with protective / respectful behavior. Nothing obvious from quick glances inside her home.

However, I don't like leaving cases unfinished. I've applied for an investigation license with the local registrar office. In two days I should have enough authority to question Anne directly with less hostility. I'd wager she'd be happy to put these rumors to rest providing we have positive intentions.

Until then, I think I'll take in some more of the local cuisine. This is the first city in a while that's had such a vivid night life. It even has natives of SuiGener (sp?) -- a small region with some of the most delicious food!

Yes, another few days of establishing my character should help wrap this one up. I do hope it proves more interesting than I theorize. It has been rather dull since leaving Larton.
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Posted in The Outlanders
Just Go With Kit
The morning after my binder was quite painful. I was sick to my stomach, and had a throbbing headache. We were also being punished for not helping to set up the previous day. I was elected to sweep the grounds.

Apparently Ash had come down with some sort of cold, and was resting in bed for the day.

Being less than enthused about his development, I shuffled around moving my broom every now and then to imitate sweeping. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but no one scolded me for it. So I suppose all’s well that ends well. To compound my pain, I found the pillow I had used to cover up Ezra the night before, abandoned on the ground. I placed it in my newly erected tent, and went to town with the tohers who had been punished.

We began our adventure by attempting to locate Ezra. He had already gone to town. And didn’t tell any of us where he would be when we went to meet with him later. We began our search at a series of stores. I eventually found him in a book store.

Party reunited, we made our way to Lady Anne’s home. They wanted to question her about the disappearance of a couple of children. She lived in an extravagant neighborhood, protected by a gate and a guard. Since I had no real interest in questioning this woman, I decided to serve as a distraction.

I engaged the guard in idle banter. Well, it started that way at least. I let him lead the conversation. He had recently met a woman at a bookstore that he very much admired. I noticed sometime later, that Bastet and Daksh had disappeared.

Ezra awkwardly mentioned that he knew a hangover remedy. Why didn’t he offer that to me this morning? He left my pillow on the ground, and then watched me suffer in pain. What is his deal today?

Ezra tried to sneak in as well, but he was not doing a very good job of it, so I stuck my foot out behind me and tripped him to keep him from raising the guard’s attention. He did a much better job on his second attempt. I spoke with the guard for some time, giving him advice on his first shop. Eventually, the rest of the party returned, and we departed.

We visited a halfway house that the guard had told us about, though I was mostly uninterested.

Bastet and I were supposed to go to see a nanny agency or something, but we ended up going to the book store instead. I picked up some books on starting a business for my new found friend. I also left a note for his love interest telling her to come to our performance on the following day.

Ezra and Bastet retired to the camp after dinner, but Daksh and I went back to Oakland’s for more drinks.

It was a great time, and Daksh was the life of the party because he kept buying rounds for the whole place. I didn’t mind, as it created a distraction for me. I was able to purchase some more candy from a dealer who happened to be in the tavern at the time.

And we made it back to camp before curfew. It really was a good day overall.
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Posted by the GM
Sunless Lands
Session 7 Notes

Eilva - Elf W5/Th6 (Jer)
Marikus - Hu F7 (David)
Barnabas - Hu P6 (Duane)
Oliver - Hu F6 (Dustin)
Leonard - Hf T6 (Darren)
Liam - Hu Cav7 (Law)


Group ponders name for adventuring company.
Joined by Eilva Greenbriar.

Dwarf employer - "The Boss"
Gold mine invaded by unknown enemy or enemies.
Hired to clear mines and bring the miners out dead or alive.
Three days travel by foot; 1.5 days by cart/horse.
Last contact was a few days ago.
There are some miners that made it back up top that won't go back in.
Approx 80 miners in total originally.
Reward of 500 gp each, plus spoils; no ore.
Cart leaves in two days.

Buildings in area around mines are found smashed and burned.
Less than 10 miners have survived.
Whatever attacked used great stealth.
The enemy attacks every night and takes the bodies.
First attack occurred after a new vein opened approx 6 days ago.

The party enters the mine and takes a lift to the bottom of the main shaft.
In unworked natural caverns to the back of the mines, a group of orcs (?) have enslaved a number of miners.
They are garbed in special cloaks and armor and wield mithril axe rifles.
In the initial encounters, Maricus, Barnabus, and Eilva are greivously injured but revived through potions and magic.
The party then decides to leave the mine and retreat to the safety of Eilva's Tiny Hut spell to further recuperate.
During the short rest, the group is joined by Oliver, a freelance warrior and adventurer that has also been hired by The Boss.

Returning to the mines, the company explores a very narrow passage leading into a separate area of the caverns.
Leonard, Eilva, and Oliver make it through first but Oliver’s lantern gives the away. Leonard and Oliver are felled before the rest of the party can make it through; Eilva escapes by taking a gaseous form.
She then follows the “deep orcs” that took the other two prisoner and scouts ahead.
Leading the others to where the prisoners are kept, the party is once again given away by their light source.
Eilva, Barnabas, and Maricus are struck down in the combat and Liam falls victim to a suggestion spell, agreeing to disarm and armor himself.

The party finds themselves chained with the other captives.
A single old/crippled deep orc is their guard.
The shackles are not exceptionally sturdy and all are freed but Liam but all arms, armor, and magic items have been taken.
Seeing no other choice, the company rushes the guard.
He is defeated but at the cost of another life lost - Eilva.
In utter darkness, still unarmed, and in poor spirits after the loss of their new companion, the company stops to consider their next move.

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Genet Fouts
Posted in Lankhmar
The Trail to Foostin
Genet had sun disk flowers delivered to Varla’s home. Met up with Lady Cordovna for a tryst at the Black Reign inn. Offered to introduce Lysa to her but she declined. Later that day, Genet limped to the Lucky Copper to meet up with the rest of the party.

Vendle approaches us to tell us that his “lady” (lady Holcat of the grain merchants guild) requests our assistance with a delicate matter. Estate is on the northwest side of Lankhmar on Silver street, near the Rainbow Palace. Lady Holcat tells us that we must find her sixteen year old daughter Fiola. She is to be married to a lumbar family across the sea and has run off -breaking a pact. She offers us gold rilks if we are successful. Lady Holcat does not make eye contact during the whole conversation and leaves right away. Fiola broke her fast with her mother yesterday morning and hasn’t been seen since. Some say she hangs out at the Sideways Salamander. She has been having a tryst with a boy named Gabin. We search Fiola’s chambers. The window is unlatched and there is a climbable trellis below. Perhaps Gabin or Fiola used the trellis to enter/exit?

One of Fiola’s maids said that Fiola threatened to reveal a secret that would bring house Holcat down. Flossin unlocks a desk in the room and finds a few pencil drawing of Fiola. We take the drawings. Genet finds a false drawer. In the drawer is a velvet mask with an invitation to a ball at the Youelm estate. The mask looks like the ones that were used to control the city guards. Fiola’s dress and matching masquerade mask are missing.

Rafe offered Flossin a good luck charm. Flossin is skeptical about its efficacy and refuses. Genet takes the charm instead.

The Sideways Salamander is near the docks. We see plenty of dock workers and grain haulers at the bar. Rafe chats up one of the barmaids and learns that there is a back room to the bar that younsters hang out at. Sob, Flossin, and Margon check out the back room. There are several couples there “hanging out”, but none of them appear to be Fiola. All of them are dressed well and look to be of high social status. Sob shows them the masquerade mask and asks if they know who was distributing them. They identify Foostin as the person handing out similar masks. They all received masks from Foostin and were going to wear them to the masquerade ball as an act of defiance to their controlling parents. Foostin hangs out with them from time to time and they look up to him. We advise the youngsters to not wear the masks and help us to find Foostin.

They tell us Fiola and Gabin have a flat near the Plaza of Dark Delights.

They also tell us that Foostin is coming to the masquerade ball.
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Posted by the GM
Shogaming DnD campaign 1
A visit from the black spider
The party made their way back to town, with the Redbrand prisoners in tow. As they were walking down the hillside Tau and Wizziff once again vanished from sight without a trace.

“What the hell?” exclaimed Asbjorn.

“There is strange magic at play here…” said Kyron, “We can only assume they will return in several hours as they did before.”

Once back in town, the party locked up the Redbrands in the Townmaster’s Hall basement in a cell adjacent to Glasstaff’s. The adventurers then went back to Stonehill Inn to rest and prepare for the journey to Cragmaw Castle the next day. After 4 trips to dungeon under the manor, everyone was desperately in need of rest. All was quiet until midnight when, suddenly, a deafening siren could be heard coming from outside the inn. The party jumped out of their beds, grabbed their weapons, and ran out to the street to investigate. On the way out they met up with Sildar, who was also staying in the inn. Kyron had also run down from his campsite just outside of town to investigate.

“It’s my alarm spell!” yelled Sildar, “I cast it to detect intruders in the cellar where Glasstaff is.”

As the group rushed toward the Townmaster’s Hall they noticed something strange. The building was fully illuminated by the light of the full moon; however, a dome of jet-black darkness seemed to be protruding from the roof and the walls of the Townmaster’s Hall.

“It could be magical darkness,” said Kyron, “no light can pierce it”

Kyron knelt to the ground and attempted to detect evil inside the building. The paladin was nearly overwhelmed by the evil presence he detected inside.

“Something truly evil is at the center of that darkness.”

“No shit,” said Asbjorn.

Ash, Teejak, and Kyron all opened fire with their bows. The arrows vanished into the sphere of darkness but nothing appeared to happen.

“I’m going in," said GayJon

The big dick halfling readied his shield and short sword as he walked up the edge of the darkness. He was about to enter when, suddenly, the darkness subsided. The group entered the building cautiously and proceeded to the basement.

There they discovered a truly grotesque scene. Glasstaff was suspended from the ceiling by what appeared to be spider webbing. A dagger was plunged into his heart. A dagger… with a black spider carved into its pommel.

“I think he’s dead,” observed Asbjorn.

Teejak wasted no time pulling the dagger out of Glasstaff and adding it to his collection.

The two Redbrand prisoners were huddled in the corner of their cell.

“What happened here?” asked Kyron.

The Redbrands were in complete shock, they appeared too afraid to even speak. Kyron used his paladin abilities to grant them the bravery they needed to talk.

“The torches went out, and there was complete and utter darkness. Then I felt overcome by the greatest fear I have ever known. When the darkness subsided… Glasstaff… well… you can see what happened….
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