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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Cragmaw Castle reconnaissance
After much debate, it was decided that Asbjorn was the best candidate to lead the group off-trail across the rolling grasslands and scattered forests toward Cragmaw Castle. The cleric prayed to Ozrikotep for guidance, and with assistance from Ash, was easily able to navigate the group 8 miles due north to the edge of Neverwinter Wood. Two hundred-foot tall trees now stood before the adventurers at the boundary of the vast, old growth forest. The ground was soft and damp, with only a fraction of the sunlight above reaching the forest floor. At this point the adventurers had travelled 18 miles over a period of 6 hours. The sun was beginning to sink low in the sky.

“According to Glasstaff’s map, Cragmaw Castle should be five miles to the north,” said Ash Ketchum, “we are running out of daylight, follow me.”

The ranger was an expert at navigating forested terrain and easily guided the group due north through Neverwinter Wood. Along the way Ash taught the other members of the group how to move efficiently through bushes and over fallen trees and small streams on the forest floor so that they maintained a three mile per hour pace despite the difficult terrain. Right as the sun was setting the group arrived at Cragmaw Castle.

“What a piece of shit!” observed Gayjon.

The years had not been kind to the castle, whose true name was now lost to time. The structure was originally composed of seven cylindrical towers connected by rooms and hallways; however, the upper levels of the castle had completely collapsed at some point over the last 500 years, leaving only the ground floor suitable for habitation. As the adventurers approached the castle the surrounding trees were much shorter than the old growth trees from the deep forest. At some point in the past the castle’s builders likely clear cut an area around the castle walls in order to more easily spot intruders; however, the goblins currently occupying the castle had gone to no such trouble. The newer trees grew close to the castle walls, leaving only 30 feet of open area between the edge of the forest and the walls of the castle. Portions of the castle appeared to be shored-up by crude timbers placed by the goblins in order to prevent the ancient structure from collapsing entirely. As the sun set dim torchlight could be seen emanating from narrow arrow-slits cut into the sides of the castle walls, roughly 10 feet above the ground outside.

“We need to rest,” said Kyron, “Light no fires, we should set a watch and monitor the goblins movement overnight before we plan our attack.”

The adventurers setup their camp such that they would have line of sight on the main gate without being directly in the path of any goblins entering or exiting the main gate. Toward midnight, Teejak spotted a group of goblins returning to the castle with large bags of what he assumed were supplies from a raided caravan.

The following morning, with the knowledge that goblin patrols leave and return fairly regularly, the adventurers developed a plan. It was decided that the group would wait for the next patrol to leave, follow them into the forest for a mile or so, and then ambush them to begin thinning out the number of goblins in the castle. Around midday a goblin patrol left through the main gate of the castle and into the forest. The adventurers waited several minutes before Ash began easily tracking them and the group followed at, what they estimated to be, the same pace as the goblins. After travelling about a mile the stealthier members of the party (and Asbjorn) picked up their pace in order to attempt to catch up to the goblins and catch them by surprise. The goblins were almost in range when the heavily armored cleric stepped on a tree branch and created a loud cracking sound. The three goblins spun and immediately spotted the group. Despite losing the element of surprise the adventurers slaughtered the small party of goblins in a matter of seconds before making their way back toward the castle.

The next step of the group’s plan was to have the rogue, Teejak, drink one of the two potions of invisibility they had recovered from the Redbrand hideout and attempt to enter the castle for further reconnaissance. A full loop of the castle perimeter by the invisible rogue revealed two entrances to the castle. As the doomed hobgoblin had told Kyron, there was a side entrance to the south of the castle in addition to the main gate on the western wall. Teejak first approached the main gate. He climbed a flight of stairs up to an open entry platform. The doors of the main gate had collapsed into rubble long ago. On either side of the main gate were small arrow slits. The rogue stealthily approached each of the slits and peered inside. Each slit revealed a small room, each containing a pair of goblin archers maintaining watch on the stairs and platform leading to the gateway. Teejak easily slipped past the archers and proceeded through the main gate and into a large, open entrance hallway. Doors to the north, south, and west led into other rooms. Teejak stealthily opened the southern door in order to confirm his suspicion that the door led into one of the rooms with the goblin archers. With this confirmed he left the castle by going back out the main gateway.

The rogue then proceeded along the southern wall of the castle. He listened beneath the arrow slits on the southern wall and heard loud noises and some commotion, all in goblin. It sounded as if one goblin was attempting to boss around a large group of goblins. Teejak then proceed up a flight of stairs to the southern entrance, the door was locked. The rogue knew that opening it would be a simple matter with his thieves’ tools, but if a goblin was looking directly at the door he could be spotted. Given the commotion he had heard earlier he decided to take the risk and unlock the door. The hallway beyond the door was unguarded. Teejak gave a sigh of relief and next turned his attention toward a door on his left, which he estimated would lead into the room where he could hear the commotion coming from. Again, taking the risk, Teejak opened the door and stealthily slipped through.

The room appeared to have once been the castle’s banquet hall. It had a soaring 25 foot high ceiling with two large wooden tables in the center of the room, a brass brazier full of glowing coals was tucked into one corner. Dirty dishes, half-full stewpots, moldy heels of bread, and gnawed bones covered the two tables. Eight goblins were in the room, all moving about frantically. A fat, cantankerous goblin stood by a large stew pot suspended over the brazier in the corner and was yelling orders at the other goblins as they prepared food for the rest of the tribe. One of the goblins did appear to notice the door open. The creature walked right up to, and past Teejak, and stuck its head out into the hallway he had come from. The goblin shrugged its shoulders, closed the door, and went back to its business.

Teejak saw that the wall on the western end of the banquet hall had partially collapsed and that a pathway led through the rubble to another part of the castle. Crossing the banquet hall was less a test of stealth and more a test of acrobatics to avoid bumping into one of the goblins moving about randomly. Teejak successfully crossed the room, proceeded through the rubble, and discovered several filthy, smelly bedrolls, likely sleeping quarters for at least some of the tribe. A door led to the north. Teejak opened it and confirmed that it led back into the main entrance hallway. The rogue decided to drop some caltrops near this doorway so that if the rest of the group attacked from the main entrance and the southern entrance simultaneously the goblins might be forced into the caltrops in this area. Teejak then left out the main gateway once again and reported back to his companions who were waiting at the edge of the forest.

“There are two entrances, to the west and to the south. A bunch of goblins are in a room in-between. I left caltrops so that if we attack simultaneously we can catch them in a pincer maneuver,” said the rogue.

“Are there archers covering the main entrance?” asked Asbjorn.

“Yes,” replied Teejak.

“How will those of us without invisibility get by them?”

“Good point… had not thought of that.”

“What else did you learn?”

“They are definitely preparing dinner, if we could find some poison I’m confident I could get it into their food,” said Teejak.

“There are poisonous mushrooms in Neverwinter Wood but they can be very difficult to find. How much longer are you invisible?” asked Ash Ketchum.

“20 minutes, tops.”

“This will take a miracle.” Ash ran off into the forest in search of poisonous mushrooms.

The gods smiled on Ash Ketchum that day.

After only 15 minutes of looking Ash was able to locate some small Deathspore mushrooms at the base of a massive redwood tree. Once fully grown even approaching a Deathspore mushroom carries great danger; however, before the mushrooms are fully grown, they can be used as an effective poison. The ranger carefully inspected the rest of the tree to ensure no larger mushrooms were present before he quickly harvested what he could. He sprinted back to the others and handed the mushrooms off to Teejak. The rogue quickly slipped back inside the castle and made his way to the banquet hall. In his haste, he bumped into a goblin as he approached the stew pot hanging over the brazier, but the goblin shrugged it off. Teejak waited for the fat goblin chef to turn its back before he quickly dumped the Deathspore mushrooms into the stew and made his way back out of the banquet hall. With his last moments of invisibility, Teejak explored the northern end of the hallway connected to the southern entrance and discovered a large canvas draped over a gap in the rubble on the side of the tower. Teejak poked his head out past the canvas and was looking at the forest yet again; he had discovered a third, seemingly unguarded entrance to the castle. The rogue quickly made his way back to this companions and told them the good news.
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
The road to Cragmaw Castle
The next morning the group of adventurers gathered in the Stone Hill Inn’s tavern for breakfast. Asbjorn ordered a breakfast beer along with a serving of hot Rosti and said his morning prayers.

“In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy keg, Ozrikotep protect us.”

Tau was putting the finishing touches on a wooden totem of a wolf that he had been carving while he pondered the significance of his brief teleportation to the mountains of his youth. Ash Ketchum, having convinced the innkeeper that his pet wolf was his “emotional support animal,” sat and petted Arcanine. Wizziff inspected the avocado toast that the innkeeper’s wife had brought him and realized someone had spat in his food.

“This is outrageous!” yelled the wizard.

Wizziff then ate the toast regardless, but started at the innkeeper’s wife the entire time. When he finished his breakfast, he removed a glass vial of pink liquid from his robes, gave it a sniff, and winked at the innkeeper’s wife. The woman strutted off, looking a bit concerned for her safety.

Gayjon entered the tavern accompanied by “magic,” the hook-handed halfling drug dealer he had met the previous day.

“Magic here lost his hands when he was ambushed by goblins while escorting a shipment of supplies for Halia Thornton and the Phandelver Miner’s Guild,” said Gayjon. “Halia has agreed to hire him back to help us escort another shipment back to Neverwinter, he will be able to point out the exact spot where he was ambushed and we can attempt to capture one of the Cragmaw goblins and learn more information about Cragmaw Castle.”

“We were ambushed right where the road to Phandalin intersects the Triboar Trail,” said Magic. “My buddy, Gery, was escorting the shipment with me, he took three arrows to the chest before we knew what hit us. They let me live… but they left me like this. They’re cruel bastards those goblins.”

“Has Halia treated you well since you were injured?” asked Gayjon.

“That greedy bitch hasn’t done a thing for me!” replied Magic.

“That’s unfortunate,” said Gayjon, “She seems to have benefitted from the Redbrands demise, any idea why?”

“Now that those Redbrand fuckers are gone she’s the most powerful person in town!”

“Do you think she would benefit further if we defeat these goblins?” asked Gayjon.

“Her business will certainly benefit without those little shits raiding her shipments!”

“Does Halia operate outside of the law, as the Redbrands did?” Asbjorn interjected.

“What fuckin law you talkin bout?” said Magic, “Do you see a city watch round here?”

“Don’t worry about the wannabe dwarf cop…” said Gayjon, “Does Halia have any secrets that you know of or suspect?”

“I hear tell she’s part of the black network,” replied Magic.

“Tell us more about the black network,” said Asbjorn.

At this point Teejak shot an intimidating look at the halfling drug dealer.

“The cripple would do well not to speak of matters he does not understand, lest he find himself replacing his tongue with a hook,” Teejak said as he stood up and left. Gayjon tried to reassure Magic that he would not be harmed but the halfling was not interested in discussing the black network further.

After procuring some last-minute supplies from Barthen’s Provisions and Lionshield Coster, the adventurers departed north on the Triboar Trail with Magic and a wagon shipment of various ores mined from the hills around Phandalin.

It was a beautiful spring day in northern Faerun, the Triboar Trail passed over rolling hills, through scattered forests, and by the occasional farm. Fresh strawberries and blueberries grew along portions of the trail, along with many types of flowers. As Asbjorn marched, he picked some strawberries for inclusion in his latest batch of Sloppy Joe’s special brew. Ash Ketchum checked along the road for any goblin tracks but found none. After travelling a few miles, the trail descended into a small valley and ran parallel with a stream for a bit. Walking toward the front of the group, Teejak noticed some slight motion up ahead toward the stream. What he saw resembled a normal black bear at first, but upon closer inspection Teejak could see that it had the face of an owl. The creature currently did not appear to be paying the party any mind and was drinking from the stream by the side of the trail.

“There’s an owlbear up ahead!” Teejak whispered to Gayjon, who passed the message along to rest of the group as they halted their march. After a few moments, another owlbear emerged from the brush on the opposite side of the trail and began crossing in front of the group to join the first owlbear for a drink by the stream.

“Is it owlbear mating season?” asked Kyron.

“They are typically very aggressive beasts,” said Tau, “I’ve seen one rip a man to shreds before.”

“I can set a trap for them,” proposed Asbjorn.

“Guys, I’m good at two things,” said Gayjon as he walked in front of the group and began approaching the creatures, “playing the skin flute, and playing this here flute.” Gayjon removed a small wooden flute from his pocket and began playing a soothing melody.

The owlbears immediately lifted their heads and looked towards the flute-playing halfling. The creatures seemed mesmerized by the melodic tune and sat back on their hind legs as Gayjon continued to approach them. As the halfling continued to play he motioned for the rest of the group to follow behind him. Just like that, the group was able to pass right by the owlbears without conflict.

“Where did you get that fuckin flute?” asked Magic.

“Don’t’ worry about it,” replied Gayjon, “I’ll show you some more flute playing later.” Gayjon gave the halfling drug-dealer a seductive wink.

The adventurers continued along the trail for another mile or two before reaching a T-intersection, a small wooden sign at the intersection indicated that the High Road was 16 miles to the west, the town of Triboar was 70 miles to the east, and the town of Phandalin was 9 miles behind them.

“This is it…” sighed Magic, “this is where those bastards took me hands…”

The forested hills pressed close to the sides of the road at this intersection, providing a height advantage and plenty of cover to any hidden attackers. Ash Ketchum saw ample evidence of goblin activity, but the tracks appeared to be two or three days old. Gayjon, Teejak, and Kyron spread out into the surrounding hills, scouting ahead for more signs of goblin activity.

After some debate, it was decided that everyone would take up hiding positions in the hills while Magic and the wagon were used as bait to ambush any goblins that came through the area.

And so the group waited… and waited….. and waited……

“What do you want me to do!? I ain’t got no fuckin hands!” Magic was growing restless and nervous.

After three hours of waiting there was renewed debate as to what the best course of action would be.

“Let’s just leave Magic and continue to Cragmaw Castle,” Wizziff suggested.

“Hey! Elf!” shouted Magic, “Fuck you!”

Ash allowed Arcanine to sniff a portion of the skinned goblin hide and asked his animal companion if he could detect any other goblins nearby. Arcanine immediately lifted its nose in the direction of the eastern road. Ash quickly cast speak with animals and asked his companion for more details.

“Smell come from that way,” Arcanine indicated as it growled toward the eastern path.

The group of adventurers immediately scattered once again and took up hiding positions along the eastern road. Because the group had already spent the better part of an afternoon getting to know the area, everyone was quite confident in their hiding spots. After a few minutes a patrol of four hobgoblins marching westward on the trail became visible. The patrol was led by a particularly menacing looking hobgoblin captain with half-plate armor and a large great sword. The hobgoblins approached the abandoned cart and began to look around more intently. At that moment the adventurers executed their ambush.

Gayjon was first to act and hurled a javelin into the gut of one of the hobgoblins. The halfling then began playing an absolutely horrible rendition of the Titanic theme song from his position up on the high ground. Ash Ketchum shot an arrow at the hobgoblin captain, finding a small gap in the warrior’s thick plate armor. Teejak emerged from his hiding position and grabbed one of the hobgoblin’s longswords right out of its scabbard before the creature even realized what was happening. Tau rushed the hobgoblin that was attempting to pull Gayjon’s javelin out of its gut, before it had the opportunity to do anything the hobgoblin was cleaved in two by the Yeti’s mighty great axe. As the hobgoblin captain drew its great sword and prepared to retaliate, Asbjorn called upon Ozrikotep to curse the group, causing the captain’s swing to miss entirely.

“KILL THEM!” commanded the hobgoblin captain. For a moment it appeared that the remaining hobgoblins felt a boost to their morale.

“KILL THEM AL----” the hobgoblin captain was about to issue another command when Kyron’s halberd buried itself into the creature’s skull and then continued down the entire length of its torso. After a moment, the mighty captain split lengthwise into two separate chunks unleashing a fountain of blood. The other hobgoblins looked on in terror, whatever inspiration the captain had given his troops, it was no more. Tau swung for the unarmed hobgoblin’s head.

“We need him for questioning!” Teejak yelled.

At the last moment, Tau turned his greataxe to hit the hobgoblin with the blunt side of the weapon instead of the blade, knocking the beast unconscious. The final hobgoblin began to flee down the southern road. Ash Ketchum marked his target, lined up the 60-foot shot, and fired. His arrow buried itself into the back of the hobgoblin’s skull as it collapsed onto the trail.

As the group examined the hobgoblin corpses, stripping them of their studded leather armor, they found a note on the hobgoblin captain with a crudely drawn picture of what appeared to be Gayjon.

“25 gp for this one,” was written on the note along with the black spider’s symbol.

“Looks like we got ourselves a celebrity!” joked Kyron as he slapped Gayjon on the back.

The adventurers revived the unconscious hobgoblin and prepared to interrogate it.

“Kill me now,” said the hobgoblin as it regained consciousness.

“Would you rather be hung or drowned.” Gayjon asked, the halfling had already tied a noose around a nearby tree branch.

“Hung,” replied the hobgoblin.

“Ok let’s do it,” said Gayjon.

“Before you die, we have some questions about Cragmaw Castle,” said Kyron.

“What is the size of the garrison there?”

“About 20 or 25 goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, we have an ogre as well.”

“Does the ogre stay in the castle?”


“What does it eat?”


“Does he eat them alive or dead?”

“A little of both”

“How many floors are there?”

“One, the upper floors have collapsed.”

“Are there archers?”

“Of course!”

“How many entrances?”



The hobgoblin drew a simple map of the castle and indicated the main entrance was to the west while the secondary entrance was to the south.

“Do you guys ever get hookers?”


“Is Gundren alive?”

“For now”

“Where is he?”

“With King Grol.”

“Why do you want Gundren?”

“Dwarf has map that black spider wants, something about a lost mine.”

“What do you know about the black spider?”

“He is a drow.”

“Do Redbrands come to Cragmaw Castle?”

“They came once, said they were sent by Glasstaff, said they wanted reinforcements.”

“I think we’re done here,” said Kyron.

There was some debate as to whether to feed the hobgoblin to the owlbears, feed him to the ogre at Cragmaw castle, or hang him. Ultimately it was decided to let Magic execute the hobgoblin.

“BYAAAAHHHHHHHH!” the hook-handed halfling drug dealer jumped onto the hobgoblin and thrust both hooks into the creature’s eyes. He ripped out the beast’s eyeballs as he bathed in its blood. He then began sawing off the creature’s hands and held the severed hands up to his stumps to see if they would make a good match.

“Take the corpses back to town Magic,” said Gayjon, “I want you to take credit for these confirmed kills.”

“Yall aren’t coming to Neverwinter with me?” asked Magic.

“Nah. We gotta rescue a friend from Crabclaw Castle,” said Gayjon.

“Well fuck this!” exclaimed Magic, “I’m heading back to Phandalin!”

And with that Magic turned the cart around and headed back to town while the group of adventurers started travelling off-trail toward Cragmaw Castle.
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Never knew what squeezed me...
We bid adieu to the little brother of the dead knight, he'd meet us in due time. And trusty Gmuller moved on with me toward a more posh future awaiting us in Saltmarsh.

But the long road was not empty, from out of the reeds emerged a sly little fellow who feigned our journey - but I could smell the old magic on him - it stank from inside his secret pockets - maybe from his arse itself!

But we took him in to join our merry band and pressed on till night. Sleep came fast and dreams were good, until Gmuller kick me awake as a slithering beast wrapped round me neck and choked out me lights.

Adieu hard world of Eos!
Session: Game Session 2 - Thursday, May 09 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Epic × 2!
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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
The World of Eos
Farewell to lil' brotha
May 2, 996 Third Age Summers End
May 3, 996 Third Age Summers End
Daytime 60 degrees
East of Miwold, On the road to Saltmarsh

The Players
Goliath (Sellsword)
Gmüller (The Orphan Sellsword)
Thorsten Snow (The Bastard Hedge Knight)
Lil' Brotha (the Squire)
David (The Winter Wolf)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)

Lil Brotha leaves with the Hedge knight to take him back to Miwold
After 5 miles meet Phelan Duncan travelling on the road to Saltmarsh
Another 2 miles
2pm 11 miles out
At 230pm Eat lunch
Head out again 3pm
4pm 12.5 miles total travelled
6pm it gets dark
Goliath goes down from the attack of a large constrictor snake.
During the next morning Phelan heads east to get help. He comes up to a farm and begs for help.
Meanwhile, Gmüller faces off against a WartHog that wants to eat Goliath.
Phelan arrives with help from the local Orange Farmer, Jamas. They throw the giant man in a cart to head to the farmstead.

Giant Constrictor Snake
1 WartHog


Famous Quotes:
"Looks like meat is back on the menu boys!"
Session: Game Session 2 - Thursday, May 09 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Tags: Encounter , Recap
Scratched on a small-cut piece of python skin:
giant mite make it.
we met a new geye on the road, a majick man
i was kepin wach lat in the nite and i heard a snake slitherin
twas a massiv piethon
the giant put up a fite but it wasn't enuf and he got bit and scuized
i had to kill it meyefellf
majick man ran too get help
i kiled a huj wild bor gave it to the farmer
he brought the giant back to civalizashun
im geting gud at this fiting bisness

Session: Game Session 2 - Thursday, May 09 2019 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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