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Heroes of Cambria
Episode 8: War!
Our heroes ventured down to Cambrian, where they discovered that the forces of Dracon had besieged the city. Rushing to the aid of King Cain, our heroes fought off the majority of the attacking army. Taking a quest from King Cain and Sir Alex (Head Console of the Free city of Aelton), our Heroes teleported to ElfHeim, where they discovered that Prince Magnus, long thought to have been in Dracon, was really hiding in the City of ElfHeim!
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No races, three deaths, and ANOTHER library!
{Day 38} We intended to return to the Inner Archive, but we were intercepted by a servant of Muminofrah. She was in despair, we had to come immediately to her pleasure barge. She. was. So. Bored. We spent the whole day trying to cheer her up, with only partial success at this.
On the way back to our lodgings, we were attacked in a crowded street by trained assassins! Amestri and Ostog were killed instantly, Sallah immediately after! The remainder of the party killed the three attackers and hustled our corpses out of there. Khismia gave Muminofrah the tragic news of the murders of her favorites. It was so sad! Her Excellency insisted that the Pharasmans bill her for the Raise and Restoration spells!

{Day 39} Several expensive spells later...
We visit Her Excellency to express our thanks, despite our weakened condition. She introduces us to her friend visiting from Ipeq, the noblewoman Talibah. Ostog, having just been raised a few days before, is particularly fatigued, and returns to his house in Wati to recover.
{Day 40} This time, we did make it to the Inner Archive, though Ostog stayed home to continue his recuperation.
Behind the disgusted face, the left door led to a square, cobweb-filled, room filled with 16 sarcophagi. Behind one of those sarcophagi, we found another square room with a vast collection of scrolls! One of the sarcophagi is labelled for Khmenti. This sarcophagus had signs of being opened before, and when we opened it, a golem mummy attacked us!
Behind the golem, we found the mummy of Khmenti, and learned that this room was the Hall of Lost Curators, and all of those here had been mummified alive.
The Secret Archive behind the Hall revealed the Scrolls of Inquiry that had been hinted at earlier.
- Sacred Order of the Blue Feather took the Mask and Heart of the Sky Pharaoh, because his ib and Ka were inside. They wanted to learn his Shori secrets.
The Heart was sent to Sothis, and hidden beneath Azghaad's Spire
The Mask was sent to a shrine in Wati (the Erudite Eye, of course)
- Khmenti's notes about the architecture of Hakotep's Tomb were sent to the Vault of Hidden Wisdom in Tephu, which can only be seen from atop Ra's Tower of Glory (since destroyed) on Midsummer's Day.

We found a small side tunnel, which had nothing inside.
The secret passage from the Secret Archive to the Inner Archive was labeled the Way of Obedience.
At the end of the day, the adventurers travelled home to Wati for the night.

{Day 41} We returned to the Great Chamber of Knowledge, intent on recreating the location of the sun on Midsummer, so as to pinpoint the location of the entrance of the Vault of Hidden Wisdom. Ostog stayed home, as before.

Session: Game Session 18 - Saturday, Nov 10 2018 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Ruminations #4: Back together again
After two years of no word, Billy shows up out of nowhere. On Flossin's doorstep none the less! I'm glad I helped him. His tail was worthless, definitely not a student of the Circus, especially with us working together, but still learning that someone at the Thieves Guild is having you tailed is important information. And for him to confirm that I had a role in his current situation... I think helping him tonight was the least I could do.

And this upcoming celebration? Both Bernard and Baroness Cordovna planning to be there. And Lysa Oliviet performing. It shall be an interesting party.
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Epic × 2!
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Deadly Quests
43rd Session Summary
The Year of the Serpent 1359 DR
25th of Ches

Ariving in Almorel the group decides to stay at the Golden Bridle while Xzar and Xaehyd make their way in to town in an attempt to communicate with Yaphyll. They are successful and receive word that the real Sevrin is still a prisoner in Thay.

26th of Ches
As the group is making their way out of Almorel Xzar decides to stop in at the temple of Denir to do some research. He uncovers tantlizing clues about the history of the Rauthmari battle mages that once claimed the Endless Wastes as part of their nation. While this is going on Jarna and Church wonder along the docks where they encounter a dwarf named Flint. Jarna returned to the wagon as Church and Flint wander off. Jarna's patience wears thin and she extracts Xzar from the temple. The group eventually finds Church at a local tavern with Flint and both of them are taken inside of the wagon as it departs Almorel.

Month of Tarsakh
Relying on Xaehyd's memory of where he appeared in the Endless Wastes, the group is guided through the frosty grasslands. Roslyn and Church are approached several nights by a lone wolf who seems interested in the wagon. After a triumphant fight against dire boars Church decides to throw some dire boar meat to the wolf. The beautiful, silver-furred wolf approached cautiously and accepted the boar meat before disappearing back in to the night. After traveling north for a tenday the fellowship arrives at the edge of the Endless Wastes bordered by a great ice sea to the north. They decide to turn west in their search for the menhir stones. The group eventually comes upon a white snow-covered hill in the grasslands which they suspect may be the location of the menhir stones. As Roslyn approaches the hill, it shakes off its disguise and a young white dragon appears, ready for its first kill. Through some advantageous spell-casting, the dragon is defeated and harvested. A snow spirit whirls up around Church, angry that people have trespassed upon its land. Recalling their earlier encounter with a nature spirit, Church offers the spirit several claws which seems to appease the creature. Continuing west, they emerge upon a set of ruins which Xaehyd suggests digging up before Roslyn realizes that is the remains of an ancient graveyard. After several more hours of travel, the group stops for the night and discusses following a zig-zag pattern in their search.

20th of Tarsakh
Roslyn and Church are approached again by the wolf and this time they decide to follow it out in the darkness of the night leaving the wagon unguarded. The wolf increases its pace and Church is unable to keep up. Roslyn follows it beyond Church's range of vision in to the night. Some time later, Church sees Roslyn return by herself and they return back to the wagon.

Session: Chapter 7: Almorel and the Endless Wastes - Sunday, Nov 25 2018 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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Southward Bound
A barely visible figure stood at the edge of the treeline. Solera’s stark white skin and hair camouflaged her in the blowing snow. If it weren’t for her brilliant blue eyes that practically glowed compared to the white surrounding them, she would be virtually invisible in the storm.

Solera stood staring back in the direction of what used to be her home with tears freezing on her cheeks almost immediately as they left her eyes. She barely had time to collect her belongings before the ice cave started to collapse under the force of the frost giants pounding fists. She fled with barely more than the clothes on her back and her weapons.

They had been warned by a neighboring village that the frost giants were heading their way, but it was not enough time for them to prepare. They had made the caves their homes as the frost giants became more aggressive and the frequency of the attacks increased. They knew giants could not fit through the cave entrance. However, they did not anticipate that the giants had come up a scheme to trap them in the caves by collapsing all the entrances with their powerful blows. Luckily, there was one hidden egress that the hulking ice creatures did not find and the snow elves were able to make their escape. That is, those that survived the cave collapses. Unfortunately, the survivors did not include Solera’s family. Solera had to watch her parents as they were crushed by falling boulders of ice. There was nothing she could do to save them. She wanted to run to their mangled bodies but knew she had to flee or she would join them.

She could only stop for a minute, she knew she had to keep moving. With her heart breaking from the loss of everything she knew and loved, she headed south.

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