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Hold Your Breath...
Against my better judgement (being nearly depleted of spells), we take the plunge and descend into the cold water.

Immediately we are set upon by Skum, notorious thralls of aboleths. We fight scores of them seemingly without end.

Continuing our exploration we find mutated colonists who attack us. I hold little hope that we will find survivors. How could they still be alive in these waters - unless they have all been mutated.

To my surprise we discover 3 colonists imprisoned in air-filled cells. The lass, Armin, describes her captor and my suspicions are confirmed - an aboleth lurks here. Sadly, her two comrades metamorphose before our eyes and we had to put them down.

With nowhere else to go, we investigate the Azlanti machine room. It comes alive and iterrogates us. Have we made contact with the Azlanti? No. It is the work of the aboleth, taunting and harassing us.

After defeating the machine and its cogborn spawn, we make our final confrontation against the aboleth in an exhausting battle won by the slimmest of margins. It mocks us with insults and threats of a "veiled master."

To our great joy we discover dozens of captive colonists alive and intact, mostly. Among the prisoners is a Mordant Spire elf - Nieran Codali. He pledges what aid he can and warns of us of things to come.
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Entry #14
Well Journal

We finally did it;

After numerous fights with evil denizens among them more of the faceless guys some type they call scummies and some strange creatures no one knew what they were we finally found our people and rescued them.

We started out this day like any other with high hopes and of course a little insecurity, we continued our exploration of the temple in the flooded area. Oh we also found a statue of abadar this is really a wonderful discovery I did not know abadar was that old.
Hopefully he will talk to the metal girl she needs a new god to help her and abadar would be a good one especially since they had his statue here.

Dribble says I owe him lots of berries Sighe guess I do.

We went into the last room and finally found the ugly fish guy he was very mean he almost killed us all but by abadar’s will we won and he was defeated as in dead .

Still i wonder what he meant by the veiled guy I’m not sure maybe Delmar can figure something out.

Oh then there was the elf from a spire not sure what It means but that is what he said

And I almost forgot he gave me a nice pin I shall add it to my wardrobe

Man I am getting absent minded almost forgot he said we needed to go the this underwater city and meet some one there.

Well guess now we need to get our people home and continue with building our house.

Until next time
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Epic × 2!
Fires in Halvor and a Journey by Djinn
Strange, seemingly random burnings. That was the news when we returned to Halvor. Fires hot enough to crack stone, yet buildings next to the burnouts were seemingly untouched. The poor souls within combusted, they could not escape, and no one outside could get in. They described an invisible barrier which burned them as they tried. About twenty structures had been targeted, and about a hundred twenty people had been killed. Seaside, curiously, was the only area of the city completely intact.

A memory, not mine but Taeyna’s, stirred at these details. It shouldn’t have been possible - The Arch should have prevented it - but it sounded like a Pyre Curse. To stop it would require either killing the entity casting it, or finding something called “The Knotted Cords of Ancient Winter”.

Other settlements had been razed. Millport, Lower Brambleford, Rocky Heights... all gone. Survivors told of attacks by the undead. Skeletons, zombies, coin-eyed fel men. Defenders who fell joined the attackers, and the trackers who followed the horde reported that traces of it vanished a short way from the settlements.

We separated to try to learn more about the strange happenings here. I found that a strange lady with Telart coin had taken over an unused warehouse to provide shelter and aid for those displaced. She was efficiently directing her volunteers to different tasks - never “working” herself, but keeping a prodigious number of plates spinning. I offered her some coin, and agreed to add some more to the groups tabs at a few particular merchants. She told me that she had also received aid from Lynette and a “fine foreign lady, with the fine clothes.”

Somehow, I frowned as I realized later, I never caught the woman’s name.

Ultimately though we decided that as much as it pained us to turn our backs to Halvor, it was a distraction which we could not afford. And so we turned our minds back to the task of how to reach The Mother.

I remembered the strange ring, twisted bands of blue and red. I was not entirely sure what it would do, but I reasoned that the Djinn tied to it might be able to help us.

I was certainly not expecting to be somehow brought into a setting of opulence and luxury. And though I had learned vaguely of Djinn, nothing could have prepared me for Kabu-Ra himself, resplendent in his outlandish clothing, towering nearly two feet taller than me.

He agreed that he could tell us how to find The Mother, but warned of a hard journey and great peril. He told us that we needed to wake her just enough to hear us, but that we must not wake Her fully. He clapped and a map appeared, and he showed us where to find Her resting place - In Therea, near the lands of the Horse Folk, through the Forlorn Chasm. Near, we learned, to the homelands of Yvor.

After we agreed we were prepared, he clapped again, and in a swirl of color and texture we were whisked across the seas and over the plains.

Yvor’s folk welcomed us heartily, far different from their stoic son. They reported strange sounds from the Chasm, but some added they were the same sounds as always, but the wrong time of year. Something, they agreed, had angered the Maiden of the Chasm.

They insisted that we stay for a meal and I couldn’t help but feel the contrast between his family and mine. I felt more welcomed here, a stranger, than I ever did at home. But I couldn’t feel sad in such a warm atmosphere. I just focused on enjoying their company and trading tales. My parents couldn’t be helped, but I wouldn’t rain on the joy of these folk.
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Scotti Snacks and Session 17 Notes
Scotti Snacks

Egg whites

Put the egg whites in a bowl. Mix together the oats, beans, and spinach in a separate bowl. Pour the egg whites into the second bowl, mixing thoroughly. Spread the mixture into a small pan and let dry.

Session 17 Notes
After Tagrimm and the rest of us went our separate ways, we went on for a while. Tagrimm didn't come back, and we decided to set up camp for the night. The next morning, a shadow fey arrived in our camp and asked if she could come along with us. She seemed nice and when I told her about Tagrimm, she told me that I should contact him. We then came across some of the undead that Tagrimm warned us about, and we were able to take them out. Vasili found what looked like a tomb and she asked me to come check it out with her. Heliwr seems nice and Tagrimm hasn't come back.
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Chamomile Tea and Session 16 Notes
Chamomile Tea

1 C water
1 T chamomile flowers
Honey to taste

Boil water. Put chamomile flowers in and steep for five minutes. Stir in honey to taste.

Session 16 Notes
After Baba Yaga made us the apple pie, she told Vasili that for her help with Vasili's family, we would have to do some jobs for her. We accepted, and she sent us to do them. The first was to find a needle in a stack of used straw. Vasili worked tirelessly and we were able to find it. Next, we went to Baba Yaga's shed, where an enormous spider attacked us. We took it down and made Baba Yaga a new hut after the spider smashed the old one. For the final task, we were sent off to the Howling Moon Inn to get an orb of moonlight. Unfortunately, Tagrimm got in an argument with Vasili about how to get to it, and Tagrimm ended up leaving us. Vasili is passionate and Tagrimm has left.
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