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Posted by the GM
Death of an Age
Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 13)
Descending from the sky in a font of water, a fae born of the same substance took shape before the gathered heroes. He spoke in whimsy and delight, even as he faced the aggressors and requested that they accompany him to his home where they could partake in all manner of activities and also perhaps get answers. Eager for the opportunity, the group, guarded though they were, rode the same font of water back up into the sky.

The world turned on them and they found themselves descending towards a palace of ice. Once inside, they were offered up adornments to rest their weary bones, but even here they were cautious. Inside this palace of pleasure, they attended a great feast hall where they met many fellows, mortal and exalt alike. They partook of the food and drink and when they had done so to their content, the headed to meet in private and discuss their course of action. It took them only moments before they decided that the course at hand would be to seek out the master of the manor and understand why they had been brought here and what he could offer.

They found the fae in his study and he espoused to them how he had an arrangement with the prior owner of the island to keep it safe. He would need similar payment if the party would wish his continued protection. They were not keen on the idea of offering up the lives of humans, however a few exalted seemed more up their alley. Departing his sanctum, they decided to take in the final site of the dancer before they left. She was a wonder to behold and they were spellbound by her beauty and by the worlds that she conjured up around her. Only the strongest of them were able to shake the effect. In doing so, they saw that among the patrons, a spider like lunar had taken a liking to Kelsang. What she wanted with him however, was still to be seen...
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Traveling Journal - Waterdeep to... Dickless Horse Town?
There has got to be an easier way to bring giants down.

I say this, or rather write this and yet its still no clearer to me than when we fought our first pair of bumbling Hill Giants. If you do enough damage to them they will drop (Thankfully), but its hard to inflict that much damage and not get hit with fucking boulders and make sure anyone else gets killed in the process.

Well, anyone in this traveling group anyways. If people wanna step out of the woods and treat public roads like their own private toll path then you get what you get. If I hadn't turned them into charcoal someone would have eventually. I understand wanting to better your lot in life but pick your damn targets with a little care.

Or they could have been killed by giants, since they seem to be following us wherever we fucking go.

This town has the private estates or summer homes or fucking whatever of the cream of the Waterdeep crop, complete with Waterdeep guards... but they aren't ready to defend against giants?

Maybe I'm being overly harsh. Maybe seeing these men and women I travel with being brought to the brink of death and back again is starting to affect me. Leofire alone should have died five times over today, but didn't. Whether that means he's lucky or stubborn or both I don't know, but damn all if he doesn't have a set of stones on him.

They all do, even the women it seems. Roshim went toe to toe with giants and orcs to safeguard his friends or family or however Gnome socioeconomics works, Orn and Mistmi more than pulled their weight without getting cut to ribbons or smashed to paste in the process, Pearl...

[This section is covered in crossed out half-starts and fragments]

I don't know why I did what I did. No. No, I do know why. I can't describe it, but something in me knew that if I didn't go up and try to do something that thing was going to kill her. There wasn't time to get her away from it safely. This isn't some misguided chivalry or a gentleman's duty or any such nonsense. I don't know how I knew what I did, I just did. And I wasn't going to stand there and watch it happen. Who does that leave...

Oh yeah, the Dwarf left. Not sure why. But Zuke tagged along with his cohorts in exchange, so numbers evened out.

Zuke did...something? I don't know. It seems like his time away allowed him to get an owl or something, and gave him a couple spells to throw around to try and control the battlefield. I know my playbook is a lot more limited than his, but it just doesn't make sense to try and control beings that are chaotic in nature and it just doesn't work. These are beings of violence and brutality and all they seem to respond to is violence and brutality right back. That's something you learn by fighting them, not out of some dusty old book in a library.

But on that subject, we need to know more about these things. I'm going to talk to him and see if he brought any books on giantkind with him from Waterdeep (Since that's what he was there for to begin with) and if so we're going to need to divvy up labor. Having just one person who knows about these things is dangerous, suicidal even. I'll talk to Mistmi since she's basically the boss of this merry band and see about distributing the reading. It can be done while the wagon is traveling, and we have enough people that everyone can focus on one species of giant without overlapping.

Considering we're going to talk to a dragon about giants, knowing our bookwork couldn't hurt.

Here's hoping we don't need to bring that thing down too.
Session: Game Session - Saturday, Mar 10 2018 from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM
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Posted by the GM
Pittsburgh Greyhawk Wars
XP 03.10.18
Maldito +10249 = 81295
Densel +9149 = 125156 (Level Up)
Stout +6565 = 30107

NPCs +3214 (which I think levels both of them).

Unfortunately, I did not have a sheet for Helcaraxe or Shem, so they weren't able to help. Well at least they're safe, right? Moving forward, Adam, I would like to have you have a paper and pencil sheet. Or at least some form of permanent sheet we have kept over here for the days you can't make it.

Jerry, Chris, Justin: Assuming both David and Adam make it next session, lets not tell them anything of what happened and see how their two characters handle the situation at hand.
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Reinforcements, and more exploring.
We’re still separated by the spider. From out of nowhere, Jeff and Drox suddenly appear near the party by the entrance. Apparently they had not died, but were teleported to a chamber deep in the mountain. Now with reinforcements, we try to assault the spider again.
Kelmar ends up killing the spider, then we maeander our way to get our wounded from the side room. We also explore the spider’s pool somewhat, and loot treasure from it. We talk for a while and hear some about the adventures Jeff and Drox had.
We stop to stow Arkane’s body in the pit by the stairs and have an overnight rest before we explore more.

Drox leads us to a door we haven’t opened yet to the east and opens it. Behind is nothing but a stone wall. Further south is a portcullis. We pass by that. We decide to go back to the room with the urns.
On the way, Drox decides to investigate the plant-choked pond. We have some shenanigans there, but end up with little; Blackmore pulled an alchemy jug from the bottom of the pond.

We move on to the urn room. Drox tries another urn and finds a glass cube. He pulls it out. The next one is a clay urn. When he opens the urn, his upper body is pulled down towards the urn. His head is pulled into the urn and it looks like it’s eating him. We rush in to help. Kelmar tries to pull Drox out. Gefilte tries to break the urn with his mace, but has no effect, so he helps Kelmar pull. We get him out. We speculate taking the urn with us, but do not come to a decision on it.
Session: Game Session - Monday, Mar 12 2018 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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Hunting around
WE set out for the Compass near the center of town. "Oh, that's next to the Ghoul Market", said Khismia. We tried moving by rooftop, but that was tiresome, so we went back to the streets. At the building we thought might have a Compass, we saw 4 ghouls standing around in the street. Ostog wiped them out with a fireball.

Going into the storefront, we found 3 humanoids who claimed the shop as their assigned spot from the Lottery. They said they had already dismantled the Compass, so nothing to see here. We left, but not before sending Khismia up to the roof to look around. She saw that the Compass was damaged, but likely not by those guys inside. We decided to give it a pass, and move on to the next Compass.

That one was definitely wrecked, as the roof supporting it had collapsed.

This left us near the Asetiti Villa, known as the home of the Xotl. We met with them and their leader, Unwrapped Harmony. She and Hadia had a stimulating theological discussion, and we agreed to roust out a splinter faction of darkfolk for them, in exchange for some important information.

The rousting is proving to be a bit of a challenge, as the darkfolk use a lot of magical darkness, and we don't seem to have a good counter for that. Hadia and Khismia were able to use darkvision to guide Novid and Sallah into position to fight, but the darkness still lowered their effectiveness. We shall perservere.
Session: Game Session 11 - Friday, Mar 09 2018 from 11:00 PM to 3:30 AM
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