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Stars Without Number
Cool Ocean World with Sea-faring Cities
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With Best Intentions, Case 46 Closed
This case has been very interesting, and brings up many internal arguments that I always believe is healthy to ponder. If we do something bad with the best intentions, because it seems like it is the best option we can see, is the action bad? Life is made of choices, and although we have laws and rules to help guide us through those choices, sometimes they are hard to make. Sometimes the laws lead us to make the wrong choices. So how do we ever know we are making the right one until we see the consequences?

Lady Anne has made some bad choices with the best intentions. She has seen children in need and took it upon herself to make the proper choice for the children, removing them from what she sees as a bad situation to put them into what she perceives as a good one. While her actions are noble, she should not be the only say in these choices. Though a case could be made that it may be best for Talon's daughter, who is she to decide that for Pria's son? It seems like the Mayor is aware of Anne's actions and is purposely turning a blind eye to it because, since she is a friend, she knows her intentions are good.

I cannot say that Lady Anne's decisions were bad, just not hers to make alone. I plan to speak with Ari further on this because I don't know how to pursue it. We are walking a fine line ourselves, which could ruin our show and our family. If I bring this to the Mayor and it seems as if we are meddling and throwing accusations, the reputation of our group could easily be tarnished and I don't know how it may affect our standings in other cities. The Mayor may have connections throughout the known cities that could leave us stranded and unable to find work.

It is hard to make decisions between what is right and what is easy. And like Lady Anne's decision, this isn't one I need to make alone. While we were there, it seemed that Daksh was easy to write this off as a misunderstood "good deed" and this surprises me. Him knowing my story, of how my family was stolen away from me, cannot expect me to easily turn a blind eye to what is right.
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Hungover and Awkward
I try not to drink very much. It dulls my senses and I feel awful the next day, but that Brandy was so good!

After a great performance, I went out with everyone and drank a bit too much, not as too much as Ash though. She was passed out. She also had a head injury, so why was she drinking anyway? Who knows. We all told her not to. Eventually, we were able to trick her into drinking water instead of alcohol.

When we got back, some of us got in trouble...not me technically, but I think I'm done drinking.

I just practiced the rest of the day...
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It's All DownKit From Here
We had a great performance for the children’s show today.

I found Marigold after the performance to talk to her about Rillin. However, I was unable to make any real headway on the subject because I became fixated on the fact that she found me threatening. And just like that, it was over.

I located Rillin a short time later. He lightly scolded me for trying to get involved. As it turns out, matchmaking isn’t exactly my forte. I was able to give him some books on starting a business. I hope it helps him get his business going.

After my grand plan blew up in my face, I wanted to go out on the town. Luckily, so did everyone else in our party.

We started our crawl at the Mopaduke. It was good as usual. Daksh really enjoys the place so I think we all went just to make him happy.

After that, we went to Oakland’s. It was an incredibly small crowd since it was so early in the evening. As usual, Daksh made himself the center of attention. Impressing a small group of gobbers with some of his illusion magic. The rest of us took up residence at the bar. Ash was quickly overtaken by the drink and passed out. I didn’t notice at first, but one time when I looked up, I noticed that Daksh and Ezra were standing over her examining her. I was alarmed, and I went to investigate. Daksh moved out of my way as I inquired about what was wrong with Ash.

Ezra said that it appeared that she had sustained a head injury, and that the drink had nearly killed her. We took her to the owner’s bedroom so that she could recover. I checked on her periodically to make sure she was still alright.

Eventually, she stumbled out of the owner’s room and wanted more drink. I told the bartender to give her something without alcohol in it. He did, and she was safe for a time. Ash didn’t believe me when I told her what had happened. And Ezra seemed overly concerned about the situation. As long as we kept her from having too much drink again, she would be fine.

A short time after that, we went to the Djin. We ended up purchasing some expensive bottles of alcohol. An incubus asked me if we wanted to dance. I elected to join him, even though he asked me last. People were overly handsy on the dance floor, so I quickly grew uncomfortable and excused myself.

The rest of the evening was uneventful until we returned to camp. Kalisha was waiting for us when we returned. She ordered Bastet to her tent, and Ash and I were separated for a stern lecture. I don’t know what she said to ash, but I saw her scamper away a short time later. Then it was my turn.

She told me that she knew about my drug use and that I was putting the whole family in danger. I don’t know how she found out about my candy, but I haven’t done anything to put anyone save myself in danger.
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TO the Hidden Valley
At the oasis after the sandstorm hit, Amestri let Tullin know that while we appreciated her help, it was time for her to return to the regular trade caravan routes. The caravan we found here would be able to better fulfill her employment needs, and our company wasn't such a good fit for her skills and talents. She took the layoff well, and was seen interviewing with the caravan company for another opportunity.

We headed north, continuing our explorations. We met an angry hive of human-bee cross-breeds, who thought we were a hostile band of hive-raiders. Amestri convinced them that we weren't, and we were able to establish friendly relations. They told us that their hive had been wrecked, and their larvae kidnapped, by at least 20 humans, wearing gold or gilt funeral masks, looking for a tomb. That meant the cultists were not only aware that Chisisek's Tomb was in the Parched Dunes, but that they had gained a lead on us when we were forced to retreat to Ipeq!

We left them and headed west by southwest, to cross Falchion Ridge. As we crested that feature, we met a cultist outpost, with 2 desert drakes. After a prolonged fight, we slew them all and took their camels to replace ones killed by the drakes' breath weapons.

No further interruptions happened on the 2.5-day ride to the valley we'd spotted last month. Khismia scouted it from the air, finding that it was about a mile long and very deep, well hidden by a rocky ridge that surrounded both lips of the crevasse.

As we entered it from the same edge that had many other humanoid footprints, we spotted a giant on the other side of a narrow neck in the canyon. We thought about just rushing him, but that seemed a quick death for someone like Jes. Instead, we were able to use spells to lure him deep into part of the canyon too narrow for him to maneuver, and slew him. Beyond him were two more pickets, more human cultists, and we killed them, too.

They were guarding the main open area in the canyon, where a temple's facade had been carved into one wall of the canyon, and a pyramid rose from a flat-topped rise at the head of the canyon. Two natural-looking arched bridges connected the temple face to the pyramid.

Ostog was able to send a magical sensor into the temple facade while everyone hid from the pyramid behind the temple facade. Inside, he found two large chambers, one atop the other, and 3 smaller ones flanking the lower large chamber. In the lower large chamber, he saw one cultist employed at grooming two creatures half-woman, half-lion (lamias). The rear smaller chamber had a sphinx inside, riddled with crossbow bolts and frozen (alive?) in magical stasis. The upper large chamber was a camp for many cultists; currently 4 were sleeping in there.

We began to make a plan to eliminate the sleepers and assault the lamias and cultist, without alerting any more cultists, suspecting that more lurked within the pyramid-tomb.
Session: Game Session 21 - Saturday, May 11 2019 from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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