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At least, that's what I remember what happened last session, and should be happening again?
Session: Game Session 8 - Saturday, Dec 16 2017 from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM
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Posted by the GM
Adventures in Astaria
Session 1 Summary - Arrival and Shadow play
  • Lark arrived in the small town of Brimhaven, greeted by jovial scenes of the census celebrations, after a day of good work, she retired to a lively tavern in the northwest of the town square.
  • Rhyzan travelled into town arriving early evening from the south-west, stabling his horse, and finding a room at the same tavern, where he attempted information gathering to no real avail.
  • Serenia arrived after nightfall, seducing a drunken man into buying her a meal, before having him escort her home only to murder him in his house.
  • All three party members experienced a violent assault on the senses following a falling sensation.
  • Awakened in a room of slate floors and smooth black obsidian walls. Along one wall were desks of strangely filled vials and peculiar laboratory equipment, the others with tall bookcases filled with writings of a runic language
  • Escaped from a fire through a door of solid obsidian by finding two parts of a "key" in the possession a badly dismembered corpse.
  • Fought off a horde of rotten "zombie" robed humans.
  • Upon defeating the majority of the horde, their remains rapidly rotted and were dragged to the floor below.
  • A strong necromancy magic force was felt by Lark as these were assimilated into a giant abomination, the flesh a rotten writhing mass of eyes and venomous ooze, the bone into giant scything talons.
  • A magic barrier that contained the party was entirely destroyed by a stealthy mage who disappeared as fast as she came, though she left a lasting impression on Rhyzan, who saw her run ahead.
  • A focused beam of light fired by Lark forced back the black mist emanating from the creature, burning back its rotten, writhing ooze, and revealed an emerald green crystal embedded within the core of the beast.
  • Following use of light magic, the beast focused intently on the caster, eventually leaping high into the air, cleaving the then flying mage almost in two with a cross-slice of talons, rendering her unconscious.
  • Though incredibly powerful and surprisingly fast, the beast was eventually slain by the assault of heavy blows and light magic, which seemed exceptionally effective, destroying the last of its mass with a final pulse of energy.
  • Serenia seeing the crystal fall, heard a crazed and frantic voice once more from her daggers, urging her to take it to the fallen girl, which upon contact, healed them both fully.
  • Again experiencing a lurching sensation and blurring of senses, each character experienced a vision.
  • Lark - an elegant, beautiful pair of emerald green eyes, a tear falling.
  • Rhyzan - the face of the stealthy mage, flawless pale skin, long black hair and lurid purple eyes.
  • Serenia - lark, first wounded, healing, then smiling gently.
  • The party return to the dark interior of their rooms to find nothing changed except an after-burn of what was once their wounds.

Acts of greatness:
  • Lark - Repeatedly calling forth the magic of peace, she expertly guided ephemeral shields of light to deflect wave after wave of strike, claw and bite, keeping her unlikely allies safe from harm.
  • Rhyzan - Leading the assault on the oncoming zombies, he falls the first with a single surprise punch, before falling two more simultaneously in a ferocious display of strength.
  • Serenia - In a moment of heroic bravery insanity, she defied her crippling fear, leaping across a crumbling gap in the walkway, before scaling the face of the abomination using her daggers as climbing axes, riding it as it leaped mid-air, before tearing it lethally apart, leaving it open to a final magical assault from the unconscious Lark.

Key information:
  • None.

  • 50 silver and rations (Serenia)

Intrigue points:
  • The Dark sequence (party)
  • The visions (party)

  • Cultist activity on the plains (Rhyzan)
  • The other half calls (Serenia)
  • The magical census (Lark)
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Posted by the GM
Mummy's Mask
The Flying Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh
The PC's flew into the flying pyramid encountering several mummified creatures, The Voices of the Sun. The Pc's were able to quickly navigate to Isamkhebet's chamber destroying the ancient soldier and crashing the Pyramid into the city of Wati.
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Posted by the GM
Mummy's Mask
The forgotten Pharaoh 2
The party was able to secure the sightless sphynx, rescue Serethet through death, and gain the gratitude of the people of the parched dunes. Nobles throughout the parched dunes met the PC's to express their gratitude giving the PC's several magical gifts. Upon killing the forgotten pharaoh, the Sky Pharaoh's Ib was released. Within a short period of time a flying pyramid appeared over Wati cursing the city in a desecrating shadow.
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The bottom
Mirilda stared over the edge into the rift searching for the bottom, but there appeared to be none. She was mesmerized.

"How can there be no bottom? There had to be a bottom." She became fixated on the thought. "It could not go on forever."

Mirilda had uncontrollable urge to find the bottom of the rift. But it was so huge, it would take forever to climb down using the stairs and edges. Maybe she could scale the walls. No, that would take too long too. She would just have to jump, that would be the quickest way.

She walked to the edge as if something was calling her there. She just simply jumped off. She was falling. What a sensation! It felt amazing. Then suddenly she stopped. The jerk from the sudden change in inertia was like a slap to the face, like that you would give to calm a hysterical person.

She was just floating there now. What the hell had she just done? Had she lost her mind? Why did she jump? But yet, the urge to find the bottom still tugged at her.

Thanks to Boudica, She made it back safely to the edge and the Unchained continued with their journey. However, for the remainder of their trip, Mirilda had to fight off the urge to jump over the edge again as "you need to find the bottom," continually repeated in her mind.
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