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A fine meeting
Fireseek 22
High Noon
After defeating the ruffians the group meets a curious soul - Gaznak of the Scarlet Guild who is sent to aid Macross and company.

Troubles ensue as they try to make it to dagger alley.

Rats from the sewers
Orcs are put to sleep by Orlen
An attempted theft of Macross' rapier
And the highlight of the night is:
The Monk squares off with an Orc Sargent

Will they ever make it to the northern borders of the city?
Session: Episode 11 - Wednesday, Sep 19 2018 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Mistakes were made
I saw the thieves surround Leela. I saw the panic on her face. I saw the black cloth fall from her satchel and for some reason I knew it was important.

I thought my compatriots had the thieves under control for the moment. I thought if I could recover the black cloth I could help diffuse the situation. I thought that if I kept it from Leela, I could help protect her.

Leela is dead. I was wrong. What to tell the others...

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Tags: NPC death , Recap
Epic × 2!
Name: Valrune Meltor, Warden of the Eastmarch*
Race: Human/Silver Dragon
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Level: Druid-Thief 7/8 (Effectie Level 8)
Languages: Common, Druidic, Fey, Auran
Deity: Liela (The Raiser) Symbol: Blazing Hearth, Church of the Lifes Fire, Sickle
Description: Silver-White Hair, Silver Iris', very pale grey-white (Silver) skin, very tall and very thin. Reptile like facial features, but no scales.
Height: 86 Inches (7 ft, 2 Inches)
Weight: 178 LBS
From: VoldorWoods, North of Cosdol, Brandobian accent

DEX:17 (Prime)
WIS:18 (Prime)

AC: 18 (Laminar Leather, expert, Green Dragon, Acid Resistance 5, Extends my fear by 15 feet) 17 LBS)+ Magical +1 Wooden Buckler
BtH: 2
# Atts: 1
Speed: 30
Size: M
Fate: 1D8+3+6

Racial Traits: 2 Primes. Various Fixed and Variable Abilities, +1 to Hide and Find Traps.

Immune to Cold based attacks
Frightful Presence: This ability takes effect automatically whenever a half-dragon
attacks or charges. Creatures within a radius of 30 feet are subject to the effect if they
have fewer HD than the half-dragon. Creatures subject to the effect must make a
Charisma save to avoid the consequences; if successful, will remain immune to the
half-dragon's frightful presence for 24 hours. On a failure, creatures with 4 or less HD
become panicked (treat as the effects of the fear spell) for 4d6 rounds and creatures
with 5 or more HD become shaken (suffering a -2 on all attack, damage, attribute, and
saving throw rolls) for 4d6 rounds. Half-dragons ignore the frightful presence of other
half-dragons (but not dragons).
90 foot Darkvision

Class Abilities: Nature Lore (Wis), Spells, Resist Elements (Level 2), Woodland Stride (Level 3), Totem Shape (Huh, didn't know they completely rewrote this until now.) Rogue/Thief: Special (about wearing various armors), Back Attack, Cant, Climb (DEX), Decipher Script (INT), Hide (DEX), Listen (WIS), Move Silent (DEX), Open Locks (DEX), Pick Pockets (DEX), Traps (INT), Sneak Attack (4th level),
Ditch Medicine: The druid is able to use his knowledge of herbs and plants to make effective poultices. The druid is able to heal 1d6+Wis mod hit points of damage once per day per person (a recipient can only benefit from one use per day). At 6th level and every 6th level, the number of dice healed increases by 1 (2d6 at 6th, 3d6 at 12th, etc).

Weapons: Long Bow, Expert Dagger (+1/+1), Short Sword, Sling, SYLVAN (Expert Ammo, +1/+1 x20), Spear, lots more usable.
+1 Expert Long Sword, +1 to hit only.
-1 Magic Stone
Claw Attacks, x2: 1d4+1

Hydra Poison, CL 5, Sleep for 1 day, 5 doses.

Magic Items: Magical Wooden Buckler
Helm of Telepathy
Ring of Sustenance (2 hours of sleep=8 hours, gives nourishment)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
2 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds

Animal Companion: Wolf, 2 HD, HP 11, AC 13.
Boar, Hammie.

0 Level: 4 per day.
1st Level: 4
Animal Friendshipx1
Calm Animals

2nd Level: 3
Speak With Animals
Summon Swarmx2

3rd Level: 2

Neutralize Poison
Wind Wall

Equip: Pack 1, Delvers bundle

Backpack 2g
Bedroll 1s
Belt pouch large 1g
Blanket, winter 5s
Bulls Eye Lantern
Canteen ½ gallon 2g
Flint and steel 1g
Hammer small 1g
Lantern hooded 7g
Oil 6 flasks 6g
Pitons / spikes 10 1g
Rope 50’ hemp 1g
Grappling Hook
2 Man Tent
Sack large 2 1s
Torch 5 5c
Whetstone/weapon kit 1g

Candle 5 sticks 5c
Holy symbol wood 1g
Incense sticks 6 6g
Prayer beads 2g
Wolves bane 2g

Total 10 gold

Belt pouch small 2 1g
Case scroll or map 1g
Chalk 3 pieces 3c
Chisel 1g
Cord 50’ 5g
Crowbar 2g
Dust bag of 3 -
File metal 1g
Mirror, Small steel
Pitons/spikes 10 1g
Rogues tools 30g
Sack small 1s
String 50’ 4s
Vial 4 4s

Total 40 gold
(Just a rough list for now, will decide upon specifics later)
4 Winter Wolf pelts


Identify Fund: 328 GP, 200 used
Mule, Pack

Notes: Valrune comes from a long tradition of Druids who are also thieves. In fact he is the 4th generation in his family to be a part of this Druidic circle. They primarily use their thieving abilities to go into civilized settlements to rob and sow discord among the population to disrupt logging and other incursions into the natural lands surrounding them. They find this to be a better alternative to bloody conflicts. This Druidic Circle has also garnered enough favor from the gods of nature to have been granted a number of Divine spells specifically aimed at aiding in these "thief" activities. Such as a 2nd level prayer called "Stealth of the Deer" that gives a +5 Bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks for 1 Minute per level to the Druid/Thief, only. There may be higher level versions that give the bonus to others, and maybe even a whole group, much like a Mass Invisibility Spell (Depending on what Rigon approves), as well as a range of other prayers this Circle uses.

This Circle is also only committed to being Reincarnated when they die an early, unnatural death. Which is typically from being killed in battle. As such they are also rumored (Again, dependent upon Rigon's approval) to be able to enable such reincarnated Druids to keep performing as Druids in their new forms via prayers similar to Awakened and other means.

*Warden of the Eastmarch, can command any of the troops, can seek rest, healing and mundane gear in any of the fortifications. Prices are now normal in Yeldon. We have Medallions to prove our status.
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First Watch

The night is cold, despite the pine boughs hissing on the fire. Valindra pulls the mantle of wolf pelts more snuggly about her shoulders, and gazes into the winter night. Unlike most humans she has met since leaving her forest home, she curses not the winter. Winter is but a season, part of the natural way of all things, part of the Great Oak's eternal rhythm. And being old enough, she remembers the last winter. So she crouches, ash bow in hand, arrows at the ready, heedless of the chill. She has been trained to hold this position for hours if necessary, her elfin senses probing the dark. Valindra has agreed to take watch and she does not take this task lightly.

Her companions, swathed in their bedrolls and seal-skin sleeping sacks, depend that she will wake them if danger threatens. Though she does not know them well, she will protect them with her life if need be because she has given her word to do so.

She considers each of them in turn. Dill the halfling, brooding and embittered, often drunk. Valindra has met many like him in her time in the human lands. Resenting the change of season and the monstrosities that have descended upon them with it, he seeks escape in violence and the rush of danger. She wonders if he can be completely trusted. But he has proven himself to be capable and deadly. And brave. During their escape from the bugbear encampment, the halfing certainly did not shirk from what needed to be done. He's not a bad fellow, she thinks.

Valindra feels some kinship with Ainorei, the forest gnome, as she too hails from the Ardred Forest as it is known to humankind. The gnomish lass presents a contradiction to the elf, and this appeals to Valindra's elfin love of paradox. Shy, quiet, and gentle in her outward demeanor, Ainorei has within her great power and depth. Her bloodline has been touched with the magic of the fey, an ancient power as old as starlight and deeper than the deepest woodland roots. Ainorei is like a forest pool of still water in which the stars shine at night, she thinks. Valindra is glad that their paths have crossed.

Like Valindra, Blair too is a warrior priestess, and the elf has grown curious to learn more about the god she has pledged herself to. She has no great love for the church of Abbas Dei and its sanctimonious assurance of the rightness of its teachings. She knows that they seek to limit and even expunge the worship of the older spirits. Such arrogance typifies many of the humans she has met; so confident of what they think they know, they cannot see that they are but children compared to the ancient oaks of the forest. Blair's god, Gwydion she thinks is his name, embodies illusion and change. She likes this. The Great Oak's, branches, though eternal, always change and that change is the essence of all things. Valindra makes a note to discuss these matters in greater depth with Blair. She wants to learn more about Gwydion and his teachings. It is good to discuss things that are true, especially in the face of darkness.

Finally, she gazes upon Hartmut who shares the watch with her. He sits, still as a boulder, hunched in the firelight at the opposite side of camp. Like most elfin folk, Valindra has had little contact with his kind. Creatures of the mountains, iron, and earth, their love of hard glittering things that cannot love them back has always puzzled her, as it does most of her race. She is not puzzled, however, by how he wields his axes, remembering Hartmut in the fight against the bugbears, how he cut down foes like a butcher at the slaughter. Their screams had given her her first cause to smile in a long, long time. He is stout and dangerous, she thinks. One could do much worse than to have him at ones side in battle.

She watches Hartmut now, surreptitiously through the shifting firelight, as he reaches into his pack to draw forth the coin-like medallion he carries with him, the likeness of his love. Dolora, she thinks he calls her. He sits very still, gazing upon the metal token in his hand. His longing hangs in the air, almost as palpable as the fragrance of burning pine. Valindra also understands loss and the longing for absent loved ones. She knows it so very well. Unexpectedly, she feels an urge to rise and lay a hand upon Hartmut’s mailed shoulder in some vain gesture of support. She stays the urge though, unsure of how it be received and reluctant to intrude upon the privacy of her comrade’s reverie.

The night grows colder, but the elf minds it not. Sitting here quietly, she can feel the branches of The Great Oak spreading all around her, through her, connecting her to all things and all things to each other. She can feel the life around her, the brook trout sluggish beneath the ice of the creek, the eggs of earth worms dormant in the frozen ground, a next generation waiting to be reborn come spring. She senses a marten hunting nearby, nosing for small fry on the edge of the frozen marsh.

Above the clouds part, and a waxing gibbous moon smiles briefly down upon her. In mere days, it will be the autumnal equinox, one of the holiest days of her order. A time to celebrate passing and the changing of all things. It is the time of transformation and endings. But in remembering her order, she is suddenly struck by the fact that she very well could be the last of its members. The only survivor. A weight settles upon her and her mouth tastes of ash.

The elves have a word. Revanthas. It is the Elvish word for “Friend,” and is the same word as “Clan.” It means other things as well, things which cannot well be translated into human tongues. It is a title reserved for only for the closest of companions and the members of one’s own tribe. For the elves, all people of the world are either Revanthas or Ravathas-neh. Not clan. Valindra has long since accepted that her world is now Ravathas-neh and that she is alone. Her heart aches for a moment, but she knows she cannot allow her emotions to distract her from her duty. Without so much as a sigh, she turns from the fire and resumes her watch.

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On to Tephu! Into the Library!
Days 25-27: Amestri, Khismia, Novid go back to finish exploring the Sepulcher. The Pharasmans are ecstatic to find this tomb, as it had not been on their list. Hadia crafts a wand and Østog works on transferring spells into his spellbook from the cultists and Nebta-Khufre.
The Pharasmans let us know that they're leery of one of us wearing or using the Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoah. Since it holds part of his soul, they'd prefer that the pieces of that soul be united, so that he can make the final journey to The Boneyard. They will consider it as something that we recovered while under the Ruby Prince's permit, so that we may keep it until then. As far as where the other pieces may be, they have no information (he is Forgotten), but the nearby city of Tephu is renowned for its library. Until we can complete this, we should keep all of this secret, as the cult may have more members or informants in the city. They gift us with a small Bag of Holding to keep it hidden.

Day 28: the Pharasmans finish their great ritual that will settle the last remnants of the recent Rising of Undead and calm the populace. We cross the river to Tephu, the City of Reeds, on a boat owned by someone referred by Khismia.
Since Amestri has been to the city's library before, we proceed to an inn near the central city's walls. The Inn of the Desert Winds is a comfortable spot in the New City, known for its musical entertainments. We take two rooms for the group and one for Østog. Since we arrived around the time of the Library's 10am opening time, we head right in, and research until they close at dusk.

- We found that some of the books we should be finding, were not to be found.

Day 29: Østog had made a late night copying another spell, so he was grouchy to start the day's researching. This day, we went into the Upper Stacks, where books were literally stacked up to 60 feet from the floor!

+ We found a reference to Hakotep as "the Sky Pharaoh who rides the stars by night" with an illustration of him on a glass or crystal dais in a temple in the sky. This also indicated that he used lost Shori technology to operate his flying city.

+ There should also have been a collection of scrolls from the Sky Pharaoah's personal library, but it has been moved the Spiral Archive in the library's Inner Sanctum. That needs special permission from the city's governor, Hatti-ya Deka An-keret.

Day 30 and 31: We await an audience with the Hatti-ya, whose secretary claims she has more important matters than to grant access to the Inner Sanctum. We try to impress on her that our mission is urgent (and delicate). Hadiya returns to Wati to get another letter from Sebti, more strongly worded that our mission is important.

Day 32: We return to the Hattia's office first thing in the morning, and she will see us Right Away. Deka, a priestess of Nethys, turns us down flat, but is interrupted by a summons from Mumino-frah of Sothis {a high official in the Court of the Ruby Prince}.
We seize the opportunity to meet Her Excellency and press our case in person, on her pleasure barge. I talk us past the guards and the appearance of Amestri and Sallah are influential in winning the affection of the Fan-bearer of the Ruby Prince. She orders Deka to grant us 3 days of access to the Inner Sanctum. The orders are cut as fast as possible.

Day 33: Deka's sealed letter gets us through the large door with Nethys' all-seeing Eye painted on it, the Inner Sanctum. We are told there are guardians inside: a cuestodaemon and some invisible stalkers, who may or may not respect our permission. The door is protected by a Symbol of Fear, which sends me screaming for the exit for a while.
The daemon examined our permit, and let us enter a long hall that started to twist back and forth. In a study off of the hall, we surprised a hooded figure at work. She didn't let us see her face, but she chatted amiably once she confirmed we were not Library staff about to evict her. She led us past where the invisible stalkers usually lurked. One of these spots had a statue of a human-shaped cloud, as if an invisible stalker had been turned to stone. Suspecting Ud-jebet was really a medusa, we said nothing about that.
She led us to a deep circular well, lined with books and scrolls and tablets going down as far as the eye could see, connected with bridges and stairways made of papyrus. Amestri started about halfway down, where Ud-jebet might have seen something about the Sky Pharaoh. The rest of us started looking from the top.

+ We found the index of the scrolls received from Hakotep's library, but the indicated shelves were empty. Those were found elsewhere, bearing a Winged Pyramid hieroglyph. Some said that Hakotep wanted a Weapon to fight enemies in the sky, but only scraps remained of any descriptions.

+ some scrolls had geometric patterns on them, but any details about these Weapon(s) had been excised.

+ tablets bore transcribed lists of courtiers, and mentioned his use of Shori magic again.

+ a dusty scroll about his burial said even his tomb had wings. This referred to an Inquiry by Hakotep's successor Pharaoah Djederet II had interrogated members of the Sacred Order of the Blue Feather, a secret sect of Nethys dedicated to preserving arcane knowledge, regardless of its morality. Members of the Blue Feather had stolen Hakotep's Mask and (something) around -1560 AR, fifty years after Hakotep's death.

- the Actual Scrolls of Inquiry are missing.

{Østog personal: didn't we hear about this Blue Feather earlier, separating the Mask? Is that the cult that we've been dealing with? Are they behind Deka's refusal to let us in here? Is Deka a Blue Feather member?}

As we exited at closing time, the remaining invisible stalker attacked us. Østog had limited spells to use against an invisible foe, so it mostly fell to Novid and Sallah to defeat it. Interestingly, Ud-jebet had already left for the day, leaving her research neatly stacked at her desk. Amestri looked it over, to see that she was interested in the Uraeus Ring, an ancient artifact of the river goddess Wadijet.

{Ostog, personal: Sigrun came from Wati to visit on the 29th, and we both took in some of this Inn's famous music scene. I spent the days working on learning & copying spells, then Sigrun & I use the evenings to find other restaurants and nightlife in Tephu. I bought some new spellbooks, well-made from famous Tephu papyrus. There is an excellent bathhouse in this city, Sigrun found it while we were dealing with bureaucracy. It's getting harder to keep our secret dealings from her. In that last fight, I got hit 3 times-- really badly-- and nearly passed out. A massage at the bathhouse is called for, though none of our group should go out alone.}
Session: Game Session 16 - Saturday, Sep 15 2018 from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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