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Um, yes, it does, not sur...
Um, yes, it does, not sure where my brain was last night.

I just used Breward as my log in name, easier to remember. No relation to the game.
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Just die already will you?
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The Night Below
Those of you who don't know, Session 4 is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, OCT 29th @ 7 PM!!!!

If you can't make it, please let me know as soon as possible (call me if you can). And yes, I am aware Alice will be late.

What's this next session going to contain? Blood, violence, drama, jobs, and hopefully, fun!
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Random thoughts
I'm really going to need some help importing a good portrait, and with my spelling (having just reviewed my last post). Will provide some pithy comments from Malevir and/or Thorgrim tomorrow!
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What the hell happened to my city?!?
I go away for a while and the whole place goes to hell. Or the Abyss. Whatever. In any case, it felt good to slice into that foul spawn, but I'm somewhat ashamed of fleeing like a frightened child. At least Cross's holy rain washed away any lingering taint.

Kref kind of weirds me out. As long as he keeps buying, though, I guess he's OK with me. That carrion crawler is just creepy, though. I hate when he does that.

Winter Cherry's overdue. I hope she's OK. I really hope she didn't try to break into the tower. Especially now that we have the key. Who knows what kind of magical surprises she left for any intruders. That what we have Caledon for. And Kref, I suppose for detecting magic. Maybe we can use his 'pets' to find traps for us.

Those Crimson Crusaders or whatever the hell they're calling themselves are pansys. Cross and Kref really seem not to like / trust them. I don't either, but I considered giving them a break for what they were doing for the city. Now I debate what that actually is.

Ah, well. Off to Peter the Potmaker's. Strange story that. Even if that guy DID steal from a witch, being turned into a horse kind of sucks.

Time to rest,

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