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So did Thorgrim shoot any...
So did Thorgrim shoot any random priests this time around?
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Posted by the GM
The Night Below
Session 5
Scheduled for Wednesday, NOV 5th @ 7 PM. Let me know if that's an issue.
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Posted in The Night Below
We took our first real losses as an adventuring party today, and I came to realize exactly how much risk the adventuring business carries. Our group accepted a job escorting a barge of wood and ceramics for Lord Parlfray, along with two hired swords doubling as haulers for the barge. The second night out, we were attacked by a band of well-equipped and well-trained brigands led by a "Rantifus", priest of Asmodeus. Diaerysis tells us that Asmodeus is one of the demons serving the undead God - an ill omen indeed. When they arrived in the night, he shouted for his men to capture Diaerysis and myself and kill the rest of us. I wasn't expecting to fight another magic-user, but did my best to Color Spray the priest and his bodyguards into oblivion. I wasn't strong enough to accomplish much. Moments after the priest shrugged off my last spell, he somehow struck me completely incapable of moving. After a seeming-eternity of lying in the mud and waiting for death or capture to come, my body came back under my control and I found the party licking its substantial wounds. William and Ez nearly died themselves, and would not reincarnate if they did, but they seem to have taken it in stride. Would that I could shrug it off so easily! I dare not imagine what might be in store for the priestess and I had luck not left us victorious.

During the melee, one of the hired swords somehow met a grisly end. I know these things happen sometimes, but his friend took it very hard. We arranged to have the deceased's body transported back to Milborn and a funeral held for him, but his friend left town before I could place the proceedings in his care. Rest in peace, lad. Without you I might be dead or worse. Lord Parlfray's men will now escort his goods the rest of the way to his keep, and we will travel ahead to explain what happened. My friends tell me that the hideous servant of Asmodeus and two of his men fled toward the Thornwood - he is the second out-of-place creature we have seen in that area. Something dangerous is likely at work there, and I hope Parlfray will have some insight on the matter.

We also had a talk with Andren back in Milborn. He maintains hope for Jelenneth, even now. Actually, now that I think about it, the priest that tried to abduct us may well be responsible for her disappearance. She certainly wouldn't have been able to defend herself against him, and his ability to fly might have gotten her out of the area at night before anyone noticed. I still would have expected the birds to notice, as they're quite easily startled, but magic was certainly involved if he was responsible.

When Rantifus and I meet again, I will be ready for him. I scribed Heat-Seeking Fist of Thunder a few hours ago, and in the morning I will memorize it, however long that takes. I also have some ideas on how I might deal with metal-armored foes like those we met this day, but they will take some time to develop and test.
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Posted by the GM
Hussars Savage Tide
Loot from session 8
Claimed items:
X 2 CLW potions (Kay)
X 1 x 1200 gp perfumes (6 doses, each dose grants +10 diplo check for 1 hour) (Kay)
X succubus statuette 350gp (Churl)
X several stuffed animals 0gp (Arn)
X Bracers of armor +2 (Arn)

"Cash" items:
* 125 gp
* onyx displacer beast statuette 100 gp
* silver unicorn statuette 500gp
* 2 jewelry boxes 150 gp each
* 7 necklaces 300 gp total
* dozens of rings and earrings 550gp total
* 3 courtier's outfits 30gp each
* noble's outfit 75gp
* robe of shimmering lavender silk 450 gp
* 20 x 10 gp perfumes
* 3 x 200 gp perfumes
* 5450 gp in chest
Total liquidated cash value: 8740gp

Possibly keepers:
X 10 CLW potions
* 12 hand crossbows
X +1 Glamered Chain Shirt (Churl)
* 8600 gp in Vanderboren chest

(Only X items have been added)
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Posted by the GM
The End of an Age
Compulsive Heroism
Out of Iselia

In Iselia, the party decides to rest a day then head out after Adam to Balor's Gate.

Kurdick, after reconciliation - in a dwarven sort of way - with his father, decides that he will accompany them in disguise and part ways to head back to Mor'ntag.

The party reaches Balor's Gate by day 13.

The Wreckage

On the way they pass by the wreckage of the outpost. Several Desonnen guards are picking through the rubble and sorting out bodies while another (higher ranking) is pouring over some paperwork on a wooden table. There is evidence of a large band of people living at the camp but only 4 are visible, though it is daytime. The party passes casually.

Adam's Situation, Kurdick Departs, Back to Iselia

In Balor's Gate Adam explains that he has been reassigned to Balor's Gate watch duty. After explaining the situation to Desonnen control, a messenger was dispatched to explain the situation to the people at the wreckage. The party rests for the night at the Balor's Rest inn.

The party decides to head back to Iselia and Kurdick parts ways with them. He explains to Isabella that he actually stole Rengalt's hammer in anger over his desertion when he was just a child and kept it out of hurt. After talking with Rengalt, he determined that his father truly was penitent for leaving him. Having forgiven his father, Kurdick felt uncomfortable holding onto the guilt the hammer represented and turned it over to Isabella. He then departs for Mor'ntag.

The party arrives in Iselia on day 19.

Trouble again!

After three days of rest and relaxation in Iselia, the party is called together again. A Sanlaash courier has dropped off a hastily scrawled note from Adam. "Trouble in Balor's Gate. They are reading the mail. ~Adam". After debating whether or not the letter was a trap, the party decides that they will approach Balor's Gate with caution, one at a time.

It isn't long before they determine the truth of the situation. Adam has been captured on suspicions of murdering Kurdick and burning down the Desonnen Outpost. A kobold corpse has been brought to Desonnen headquarters in Balor's Gate for analysis.

A Hasty Plan

Acting quickly, the team decides that they need to free Adam. But first, Croft departs for Karish to help Adam's wife.

Later that night, Imaril causes a distraction outside of the Desonnen building while Isabella breaks the bars on Adam's cell window and pulls him out. Though the haphazard plan does not go entirely as planned, however, due to the element of surprise, everyone managed to escape.

Eru'gash, Imaril and Rhopa head back to Iselia while Isabella stays in Balor's Gate to do some investigating.
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