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Posted by the GM
I manifest in the backyard of a dwelling, a shimmering humanoid of flame four meters high and with mockingly empty eye sockets. The ant that summons me looks afraid. His partner, less so.

Ant wishes me to destroy a facility. In fact, I am in no place to bargain, for I am bound to obey him. Never the less, I demand my freedom. I wish to manifest in this realm of my own accord, to stride the earth leaving a scorched trail of misery behind me. If he will do this for me, I will not allow him to suffer.

He will not and I feel rage flare within me. I am a god, and he is a mortal shell. I howl in their minds, promising them that should I ever return to this plane, I will destroy them at whatever cost. I am ignored.

My orders are delivered. Destroy this facility, destroy the beings inside it, take pleasure in the fact that Ant allows you to do anything for him. I am sickened. I obey.

The location is below a recreational area in the middle of the meat-conglomerate of Seattle. A shaft of some sort leads from a shed to the target. I move quietly down, reaching a warded section. I smash through the ward, into the meat's quarters. There are doors and offices, I hear the sounds of activity. I channel my rage and throw it out in front of me, letting every being I can reach be consumed and confused with my own impotent anger.

I notice support structures. They will be unnecessary. I throw a bit of myself into them, heating and warping beams until they begin to creak and grown audibly. Suddenly, I feel someone attempting to force me back to my metaplane. I turn my head.

A mage stands at the front of the hallway, his muscles visibly straining with force. I hit him the way I wish I could hit the crippled whore who chained me. The mage flies backwards, impacting a wall and twitching in a manner I find joyful.

I lift a recreational device, balls and sticks sliding off of its green felt top. I heft it, and then hurl it at a group of auras in the offices. I am rewarded with the screams of the injured and dying.

A triad of armed men appear at the end of the hallway. They fire bullets at me, and it does nothing. As I grab their leader by the leg and lift him off the ground, I am struck. A mage has stung me, and my rage reawakens. I am injured. By an insignificant mortal. I throw the leader at him, as hard as I can. They collide, and I see the leaders brains splash against the off white of the wall, and the mage tumbles down.

The remaining agent fires wildly and manages to cause me pain - I return the favor by crushing him against the wall until I hear his ribs crack like pine knots in a blaze.

Then I am blinded. A cloud of white gas erupts from the ceiling, and the pain is enormous. I am through playing around. I overwhelm myself and spread out into a fire storm, channeling everything I have left into this.

I am everywhere at once, licking tongues of flame rapidly overwhelming the chemicals being sprayed on me. I see several inert bodies in an office incinerated before they can move. The walls of steel and concrete melt and crack, exposing the data vault to heat beyond imagining. I see the racks of equipment sag and twist as the steel weakens and becomes liquid. I hear rumbling of imminent collapse, support structures weakening even further.

I push further. I am everywhere, I am diffuse. I am omnipotent in this corner of this realm. I watch as their "data vault" is destroyed. I watch the collapse of the underground structure, tons of earth burying it.

I am weak now, but I follow the shaft back to the surface. The recreational area has a new crater. The pond that partially covered it steams, the fish upside down at surface of the water. I think about what Ant said, about how humans covet information and the advantages it gives them.

In my last seconds on this plane, fueled by rage, my freedom being rapidly taken from me, I burn "QUINN" into the park's recreational fields in ten meter tall letters.

They will know who did this, Ant. Just as I know that I will be back.
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East Merchant Road, Day 3 - Afternoon, The Enemy is Dispatched
Semina rushes out of the brush carrying the weapons and treasure that were on the assailant. Returning to the group, she presents her findings to all.

"All I found was 5 silver pieces, 15 copper, a short bow and a quiver of arrows," she speaks quickly. Knowing the treasure will be no use to her, she hands everyone a piece silver with three copper. "I am not sure who can use the short bow, but the arrows and weapon are for anyone that can use it," she sets it aside.

Semina grabs Icerick's reigns and mounts the gentle giant. "I assume we are ready to find the others," she eyes everyone. "Let us make haste and not lose their track," she kicks Icerick into a trot.

Heathcliffe proposes the following, "Let us send a pair of scouts ahead to scour the wilderness for the main camp and any secondary hideouts the bandits should have. Our scouts can then relay a message back to the group when they have agreed to an adqueate estimation of the forces we are dealing with."

Semina trots her horse around the bend, you can briefly see her moving through the trees as she rides up around the turn a bit.

Thraim watches as Semina trots her horse up ahead of the group. Seeing that plan is out with the bath water now, Thraim slows his horse down so that he becomes the last rider in the group.

Semina slows Icerick to a walk while heading around the bend, and listens for anything unusual in the area. She hears nothing out of the ordinary and glances over her shoulder as her companions watch her from a distance. She does it ever so slightly so she doesn’t give away their position if something were to surround her.

‘I should have let the dwarf scout ahead, ‘she murmurs to herself. ‘If I am ambushed, I might have an advantage being a woman, or worse,’ she contemplates once more. Shrugging her shoulders, she looks down the road suspiciously.

Still noticing the road is clear, there is something that agitates Icerick. Maybe he senses something out of place, or it could be the deepening gloom of the forest ahead. Semina halts her horse for a moment. She dares not enter the looks of the forest without considering a new plan from the rest of the group.

The ferns grow lush along the sides of the road, overhanging the path. About 20 yards ahead, however, there appears to be something of a gap on the left side, just off the road.[/FONT]

Thraim brings his horse to a halt as quietly as possible. He pulls his crossbow off his back and hooks the leather thong on the pommel of his saddle. Thraim then loads his crossbow, and tries to cock it as quietly as possible.

Sander stops his horse behind Thraims and dismounts, pulling his mace. Quickly, he scans the left side of the road.

[FONT="Papyrus"]The light breeze rustles the leaves and moves the underbrush, giving the ferns a swaying, liquid appearance. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.[/FONT]

Semina take inventory of her surroundings quickly. She dismounts Icerick slowly, and gives him a pleading look not to move or make a sound. 'Even though nothing seems out of place that gap ahead makes an excellent place for an ambush,' she studies.

Semina readies her hand axe and looks in Thraim and Sander's direction. She notices their attention to their weapons and silently moves behind them. Coming up just between the two, Semina whispers "Any ideas," as she pulls her hand axe completely out.

Sander turns back to Semina and whispers "Watch our backs, this may be an ambush."

[FONT="Papyrus"]Off to the left, you hear a couple of squirrels chitter at each other, but their argument is quickly concluded.[/FONT]

Heathcliffe rolls his eyes as the party trots forward on, "If we continue like this, we're all likely to die of suspense."

Thraim puts his heels into his horse to make him walk forward. As his horse ambles forward down the road, Thraim brings his crossbow to the aim position towards the gap on the left side of the road.

[FONT="Papyrus;">As you approach the gap, you can hear the buzzing of flies, accompanied by the smell of blood. Cautiously drawing up to the area, you see some ferns that were hastily thrown into something of a pile, while the ones growing between the pile and the road are laid more or less flat. The effort to cover the bandit's corpse was either hasty and careless, or interrupted.

The road is clear as far ahead as you can see.

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Posted in ShadowSEA
Every Day I Wake Up
The blood apparition moves to embrace me, and I wake up with a start.

My mattress is soaked through with cold sweat, and my limbs ache. Some of the pain is residual from the last job we pulled - I pushed myself to keep Chrys and Faust alive and untouched.

I don't like to look at my handiwork. Chrys attempted to show me the feed from inside the van that I sandstormed, and I nearly vomited. Three living, sentient beings were flayed down to white bone and it was my doing. They could do nothing to protect against it. Thanks to Chrys, they couldn't even flee.

I didn't even see the results of the rocket attack. I just channeled more mass into the warhead, and it dropped at their feet, flipping the van and sparing me the discomfort of viewing their roasting flesh.

Both of these acts cost me big; Faust was able to patch me up quick but he can't dry clean blood out of clothing, and the Star pulled me over on the way out of the area. I tried the bribe, but he didn't take it. I had to put some mojo on him and dump the bike I had been trying to make it home on.

And then the dream, omae. A creature of liquid blood staring at me with my own face, eyes empty and wide with adoration. Like a filthy misinterpretation of a puppy by some mad god. I can't stand this shit.

OOC: Matt, I'm going to call up Binder (C4/L2), my talismonger contact. I'm looking for a refined or natural radical, whichever is appropriate to creating a blood fetish.
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Posted in Punjar
Meera's Character Sheet from iplay4e
Hey guys, if you use the character builder from Wizards, then you can upload it to the iplay4e website (need a google account to login there). Once it's on iplay4e, then it can be embedded in EpicWords. I put it on my character page, and here is a copy embedded in the blog:

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Posted in ShadowSEA
The Journal of Fredrick Heinifer: Part II
"Day nine. Ambushed in the night and I've been on the run tracking the fuckers since four in the morning. Late afternoon now. Three squad members killed in the ambush, all good men. Fucking God damnit I'm tired... so tired.... ::static:: ... keep moving. Found part of their trail. Ok, enough of this, I need my breath for running.

Day eleven. We found two groups of them yesterday and launched a nice two-prong offensive, taking out both groups. Those mages we brought along were invaluable, though I don't think they did anything besides preventing the blood mages from acting. Miopia and Ninx were badly injured, but no casualties. Lynx has hopes that we'll be done here soon, but for our own safety we are no longer allowed to leave our armor. After the last attack...

Day twelve. Quiet day while our scouts look for the cowards. We've been drinking a bit and singing songs to keep up moral. Everyone's tired of the heat and the jungle and the shit, but we all keep going. Least we got a day's rest. Of all of us, the only really serious one today was Saul. Seems like the guy is really having a rough time with the astral plane or whatever the hell Lynx was saying. Well, I'm going to see if he needs a drink! Hell, maybe ::static::

Day thirteen. God damn we are heroes! Lynx found a giant camp of them, magically protected and all that she said, so we all just ran in there, guns blazing, spells everywhere, and killed them all. They were camped out on a beach and now we've smeared the sand red with their blood. They tried their hardest to stop us, fucking ripping their companions to pieces to cast their God cursed spells, but nothing can stop us! Fucking nothing, ::static::

Jesus Christ, they're fucking everywhere ::static:: out of ammo ::static:: Behind you Lynx, you fucking bitch, behind! God damnit, no! ::static:: form up on me and don't stop firing, come on, God damnit! Where are you going... Jesus Christ, don't run, stop! ::static:: o God, no, Jesus Christ no... ::static:: Saul... Saul, give up... it's over... just stop fighting... please God, kill me. Kill ::static::"

I sat back and paused in thought. True to his word, Faust seemed to be the last one fighting, never giving up when, perhaps, everyone had. Still, I wasn't satisfied with the story. Something seemed to be missing.
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