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Correspondence of Mencia de Morena -6th Sigmarzeit, 2523 IC - Altdorf
<<OOC: This is entirely written in Estalian.>>

Addressed to Adriano & Maria-Lucia de Moreno
Durango, Estalia

Dear Father & Mother,

As I promised to write to you both with more frequency, I thought to
take advantage of recent events for the small group with which I
travel, and share an interesting, if not disturbing, tale of success
over some of the darkness that plagues this world.

The small band to which I have found myself allied was recently
divided smaller by the need to see to many calls for assistance in the
Empire, as a result I have lately been in the company of two others:
Rudeger (The previously mentioned barber/surgeon of our party.) and
Gottfried (The previously written of Zealot follower of Sigmar.). We
were continuing the pursuit of the chaos wizard (the same individual
that caused us to be waylaid in the time-shifted house that I have
previously written of) from Eilhart and came across a severely wounded
man who appeared to have been ambushed by beastial creatures on the
road. Rudeger attempted to help him but it was realized that he was
too severely injured to do more than make him as comfortable as
possible until he passed. With his last words he spoke of his family,
saying that he was on his way home when he was ambushed and asking us
to deliver a message to them of what happened to him. In any
circumstance, a man's last dying wish being a noble pursuit, we agreed
to deliver his message to the Schloss Vonreuter, as it wasn't far
out of our way.

We traveled to the family estate and were met there by the dying man's
father, mother, two sisters, brother and niece, and in exchange for
our troubles they offered us a meal and a night's lodging � which we
accepted. The family was, to say the least, a bit odd to me from the
start I believe they were particularly troubled by me, be it because
I was a foreigner or as I am not afraid of a fight, as evidenced by
the weapons I wear. Regardless, they were as civil as I suppose they
could be. We were shown to a suite of rooms after dinner by their
man-servant, an imposing gentleman who didn't have much of a personality.

Once we were left in our rooms, it didn't take long to realize that we
had been locked in though there was a period of discussion about why
this might have been done, something occurred soon enough that
dissolved any question of intentions behind it. I've written before of
seeing the spirits of the dead in the course of my travels, once again
it occurred. This time we were visited by the spirit of the
Vonreuter's son, the same man that we believed we saw die in front of
us on the road, his spirit came to warn us that he had actually been
murdered by his father years ago and his spirit was enslaved and being
used to lure unsuspecting travelers to the family home for his
father's evil uses.

With that warning in mind, we broke out of our room, as quietly as we
dared, and proceeded to do a thorough search and interrogation of all
those we found within the home with the exception of the father (who
attacked us and had to be killed before any questioning could be done)
the eldest son (who was missing) and the manservant (who was also
missing, but we had seen through windows walk away from the house into
the surrounding woods). One of the daughters, the youngest named Anya,
proved to be uncorrupt and aided us in our search of the home. I wish
that I could say that there were others who we were able to save, but
ultimately all of the rest of the family would die (including the
eldest son who was initially missing).

I will spare you the difficult details of what this man had done to
his family, not to mention the dozens of innocent travelers that
unknowingly came into his trap, but the deaths of his victims was at
the very least a mercy. (Though I believe that I might have shocked my
traveling companions by my strong opinion that death was the necessary
option for most of them soon enough they came to appreciate my
opinion on it.) And I must admit that we were unknowingly poisoned by
the father in the meal that we were fed, forcing a rather unpleasant
necessity of purging ourselves of the taint of chaos before it could
take root, but fear not as our swift action in the matter saved us.

In the course of this particular trial, I have gained a stronger
appreciation for my own family the strength and goodness of the
family bond by comparison to the evil and corruption that was
inflicted upon this family by its head was a bitterly sad plight. And
I have a stronger respect for the two men that I travel with and their
conviction towards the cause of fighting chaos in harsh circumstances.
We work together quite well as a team. Perhaps another time I will
write you more about each of them. In the mean time, I must close as
we prepare to begin the next leg of our journey, heading on to
Marienburg, as we have received new word of the chaos wizard, Yun
Sool. I shall write more when I am able.

Your Daughter,
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Correspondence of Mencia de Morena -18 Pflugzeit 2523 IC - Eilhart
<<OOC: This is entirely written in Estalian.>>

Addressed to Adriano & Maria-Lucia de Moreno
Durango, Estalia

Dear Father & Mother,

I apologize for the amount of time that has past since you last heard
from me. I've found myself quite occupied between acquainting myself
with my traveling and working party, and familiarizing myself with
this culture.

The group to whom I find myself employed is a party that travels and
works, in the service of the Empire and for the noble cause of
Witch-hunters. Most recently we have been tasked by our employers to
hunt down a rogue Wizard. We had lastly traveled to Eilhart in search
of this individual. We split up upon our arrival and in fact a few of
us: myself, Rudeger (The party barber/surgeon.) and Gottfried (A
Zealot follower of Sigmar.) as well as another fellow employed in our
group, Halmut Tabbecker, managed to get him in our sights pursuing
him down an ally.

We followed him through a door at the end of the ally and fell into a
magical trap that he had laid out for us, I must admit. The trap
dumped us into a long, dark corridor, with only one apparent escape up a ladder, and an unseen creature driving us towards it, no matter
which way we ran we would end up back at the base of the ladder.
Ultimately the decision was made to try our luck going up.

Up the ladder took us into a seemingly abandoned, but monster and
ghost infested house that seemed just from what we could see out the
windows to be out of our time. I couldn't tell you how long exactly
we were in the house, but we killed numerous zombie and undead sorts
of creatures, and eventually figured out the puzzle, that the only way
to get out of the trap was to make our way through the upstairs, into
the attic and to confront the creature that had been inadvertently
summoned into the house by it's original owner. (Apparently the Wizard
that we went to apprehend attempted to be rid of us by throwing us
into the mess created by another Wizard that he knew about. Who knows
how many innocent people had been killed by the creatures unleashed in
that house before we went through it.) Off of the attic we found
ourselves sucked into another space, one occupied by a hideous
creature of chaos that towered over us. It took a good deal of working
together, which in a tight spot I have to say that we are beginning to
do quite well. Even Rudeger, the barber-surgeon who tends to retreat
to whatever spot will keep him out of the majority of the action,
manages to contribute to the fight when it comes down to it.

We managed to defeat the chaos creature, and free ourselves from the
trap that we had been sucked into. Several of us were injured, my own
injuries were minor, let me reassure you, but recovery is easily
managed when one considers what has been accomplished the
destruction of such a chaos taint upon our world, in any time.

For now, we wait until the group's injuries are healed and then we
will return to our task of hunting down the rogue wizard that we were
hired to find. I will endeavor to write sooner with my next letter. I
continue to learn things daily in this country, and maintain that my
decision to come here was the best course for my life. Love to you both.

Your Daughter,

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The Counsel for the Warchief
Garr was the last to enter the Nord stones.

Tristan and Gaelen had left their weapons back at the tent. They were told a day before that weaponse were not allowed into the circle.
and walked into the circle.

Balthasar and Tristan however followed Garr's lead and took their weapons with them. Both companions made a show of leaving their weapons outside the stones, Balthasar with a flashy display of swordsmanship unknown by the northlanders, and Tristan with a show of his dominance over Grimdall by leaving Achra with his lesser.

Garr? He waited until all the other chiefs were seated and set his blade gently upon the ground so that the tip barely touched it. With a slight furrow of his earthen colored brow, Garr concentrated for a moment and the blade sunk into the earth, sending small jagged lines of obsidian radiating from the blade.

The circle complete with Garr sitting on the final makeshift chair, Bjorgunn called the Gathering of Vanir to order.

"This gathering of the remaining clans. We are here tonight because of the bravery of a few southern folk and a Galeb Duhr. Last night when we were attacked, they bore the brunt of the attack running off the snake bitch and killing her Wyrm," Bjorgunn paced the circle to let this settle in, "We are here tonight because of Thalstagg and his Galeb Duhr. They have kept our land from renewing into spring, and killed or driven out the other clans not with us tonight. Vanir Golbeggi and his kin, killed. Vanir Stronn's family massacred by the she-bitch and the Galeb Duhr. Vanir Ravire was driven to the south, only to be slain at their reception."

While looking at the dias which symbolised their strength in war, Bjorgunn said in a soft solemn tone,"Tell me Vanir of the North, Strongest of the Yssge, True Warriors among the sheep, who will lead us against our common enemy?"

The circle erupted in a fervor, with each Vanir wanting to be the first to say his mind about himself becoming the Warchief above the rest. There were words said that would have led to a scuffle if this had not been a Gathering. The companions remained quiet and calm while the Yssge Vanir yelled.

After an hour of infighting, it was clear that nothing was happening to make headway. Titus was the first to speak. To make a point, he climbed upon the center dias and waited for quiet.

"What do you see before you Chiefs of the north? A Ranken heretic that is trying to make himself great by standing upon Bane's stone? I'll tell you what I see. I see someone that made all of you do the same thing without saying a word." Titus then hopped down and gave the rest of his speech, "All of this bickering does nothing for you. It only divides you and makes you lesser than men. Women bicker like this. Strong Chieftians of the Great North talk and decide things. Act like the men you are and stop this nonsense."

Heads shook in agreement as Titus sat down again. Galen, sensing it was his turn to speak then stood up. He took a look around the circle and then bent down to grab the earth beneath him.

"Your land is sick. It is in a perpetual late winter, where the frost still hangs in the air, and the fog never seems to lift too far from the ground. You all know why this has happened, because Thalstagg has taken from the land and given to himself. Say what you want to about who will lead you, but choose a leader who cares about more than his valor. More than his battles. Choose a warchief that can finish this upcoming battle and still has the sight to heal your land. What good is being lords over a land that dies? None." With that, Gaelen let the dirt trickle between his fingers and also sat down.

Tristan then sat up straight as the two who had already said their piece nudged him. "Fine," he mumbled.

With a loud shout, Tristan said his piece, "Honorable Lords of the north, we have kept this as a secret from my companions, but I believe that Balthasar and myself have found a way to reverse what has happened to your lands!"

The crowd gasped in disbelief as well as did Titus, Gaelen, and Garr! How could they have hidden this from all of them? Balthasar was quick to react and stood up with a haste. As the Vanir were muttering to each other, the brawny Rogue gave Tristan a sharp punch to the kidney and sat him down.

"You idiot!" he wispered.

"Good people, this is all true! With me I have a scroll that can only be read by me. Given to me by a mystic, and read in the right place and time, Thalstagg and his kin will lose their unnatural powers and the land will be restored!"

At this the crowd seemed happy. Almost giddy if you can say that about a grown Yssge man.

But one was not satisfied. A stout Vanir in his elder years, Dorggan stood forward in the circle. "If what you say is true, what will happen when you get near Thalstagg? Do you actually think he will let you stand there and read anything that would remotely have a chance of denying him what he has taken? Do you think that his forces, that severely outnumber anything that we could muster would even let us close?" A good portion of the Vanir chiefs around him started nodding in agreement. "Tell me Southlanders, what makes you so much stronger than us? You have never withstood a winter here. You have never gone on a hunt for the great beasts of the north. You have not seen the destruction that Thalstagg has unleashed upon us!"

The old yet strong chief stood up as straight as he could,"We have no chance of defeating Thalstagg! If I were your Warchief, I would take the war to the south, where the soft skinned southlanders would not stand a chance against us! What say you?!"

At this most of the Council started to bang the stones behind them in agreement. It seemed that all was lost for the travelers. The Vanir would go to war against Ranke to gain their own lands instead of fight against Thalstagg.

Then the earth shook slightly and a cloud of dust formed around Garrs feet. The Galeb Duhr would be heard. He stood up slowly so that he could be seen by all. Garr knew that his words must ring true. He must make the most impact as quick as he could.

The Vanir again silent, Garr began walking around the circle. He stared at each and every Vanir, noticing where they lay in their hearts. Most were for the Old Man. Some still had the fight in them to stand against Thalstagg he saw, but they were anxious. He knew what they needed to hear. Garr made it in front of the Old Man. He did not need to look into his eyes to know which way he would lead them to. Destruction. Death. Dishonor.

With his eyes looking north in the direction of Borghildr, Garr took a deep breath.

"Tell me Dorggan, why are you so scared?"

With those few words, a rock started to roll. As the words set in, more rocks were hit, and they too began to roll. As the realization of their only path, a rockslide was in motion. The primal energy of the day was Garr's. He had taken the Vanir by suprise and led them to their choice.

Garr, the Galeb Duhr had moved the Yssge as a rockslide changes the face of a moutain. He would lead the Yssge to their confrontation with Thalstagg. None stood against him and even the Old Man realised his mistake.

"Honor to you Garr Earthbender. I call for you to be Warchief above me." Dorggan said.

The rest followed in suit, filing past Garr, each giving his own vote. Not one was against him.

Bjorgunn was the last. With his blessing given to Garr, he turned and blew his Rams horn. War would be waged today.

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Darkness Unleashed
Mandalorian Diplomacy
"Papers, please. Let's see them, come on, papers please." an officious looking human was asking the refugees.
"Osik, who actually asks for papers on a refugee ship? And where's that blasted coward, anyway?" Key'gyc'dar said, looking around for Ahsoka.
"Hesa said hesa was goin to forgen our papers." Rugor remarked, carefully watching the official's progress through the crowd of refugees.
"I don't suppose he could hurry it up a little?" Craeva said, favoring her side slightly.
"A Jedi isa patient, Craeva." Rugor said, not looking away from the official. Craeva grimaced and nodded. She looked at Pan, who was deep in concentration, and asked
"What are you doing?" Pan looked up at her.
"Master is in danger - and in pain." he said, then went back to concentrating. Rugor watching the official finishing up with the group of refugees right next to them, suddenly smiled, as if he had an idea.
"Key'gyc'dar - yousa should distract them until Ahsoka getsa backsa." he said, the smile gone.
"What - me?"
""Quickly, before he asks for papers!" Rugor urged Key'gyc'dar. Key'gyc'dar thought wildly, then managed to come up with an idea. He stood up and pointed at Gokuul.
"What are you looking at, fuzz-face?" he shouted. Gokuul stood up and tapped his chest.
"Well, I'm looking at you, punk. You got a problem with that?" he shouted right back. Good, Key'gyc'dar thought, he does always seem to be in my head.
"You damn right I have a problem with some squid-face staring at me!" Key'gyc'dar railed at Gokuul. The official, as well as pretty much all of the nearby refugees, were staring at them.
"Squid-face? Maybe I'm staring 'cause I'm sick of you disgusting humans thinking you're so great, and looking down on the rest of us." Gokuul sneered back.
"Oh, that does it, freaky-deeky!" Key'gyc'dar snarled, and lunged for him, 'accidentally' knocking over the travel official. Their fighting quickly caused many such 'accidents', causing a massive brawl in the middle of the passenger comman area. As the brawl died down, the official could be seen, walking away muttering under his breath 'barbarians'. Ahsoka sat back down next to the rest of them, and then said after a moment,
"Did I miss anything?"
After two day's in hyperspace, the ship arrives at the agri-world of Salliche. Using a broken beer bottle, some blond hair dye, and and poor choice in haircuts, Key'gyc'dar adopts a rudimentary disguise. Not enough to keep our hunters from recognizing what I am, he thought but enough to make them hesitate enought to give me one shot. And that's all I need.
"Now what do we do? " Ahsoka asked the collected party, as they gathered around a booth in a local cantina. The cantina was rough and seedy, like most were, and had a preponderence of alien patrons, like most did. Pan seemed to be deep in concentration again.
"Master's still in danger, but she's no longer in pain, I think." he said, his brow furrowed slightly.
"That's something."
"She's in mortal danger? We're all in mortal danger, Pan, in case you missed the fact that you were declared enemies of the Republic - or the Empire, as Palpatine's saying now." The duros at the next table had stopped talking to his human companion.
"Yes, but that doesn't mean that you can't be in more danger, or more immediate danger, like she is -" Key'gyc'dar cut Pan off suddenly.
"Quiet, you you two." he ordered. Then he got up and moved over to the other table.
"Is there a problem?" he asked the two of them.
"No, no problem." the duros said quickly, and unconvincingly.
"I think you ought not to tell anyone about what you heard today." Key'gyc'dar said, leaning in close and bringing his blaster carbine to an obvious firing position.
"It worth a lot to me. What your offer?" The duros asked.
"You leave this cantina." Key'gyc'dar countered. After a long moment, the human, jittery, fired his blaster pistol under the table at Key'gyc'dar, missing wildly. Key'gyc'dar whirled his carbine and fired on stun, dropping him beneath the table. The duros scrabbled over and grabbed at his gun, shouting,
"Help, help, this human's just started shooting at us!" the cantina almost immediately erupted into action, aliens going for the nearest human and attacking. The bartender came out from behind the bar to try and stop the fighting, but was attacked by a Gammorean.
Jodo Vann watched the proceedings from his booth by himself, ignored by the brawl. He watched as the young blond human went towards the bar to try to calm things down with the bartender. He watched the clone trooper take on all comers and point out that the duros' companion was a human, defusing a large part of the alien's ire. He watched as the only three aliens who didn't even seem to consider taking part in the fight were the ones who traveled with the peacekeeping human and the odd clone trooper. He watched all of this, and came to one conclusion.

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Next up and quick summary...
We last left off with the banishment of the “shadow” dragon and the final demise of the Beggar King’s ill-fated plan.

All members will want to meet up with the Thieves’ Guild contact, Geroff at The Silent Maid tavern in Smoke to bring your good news and hopefully collect your reward.

Marius and Meera need to report back to Aleana at the Valdreth temple with the results of their venture in to the miserable and wretched Smoke district.

Shadwin learned potentially important clues to his past family affairs from the rescued woman Saleena. It seems Akbar Bloodtooth, one time first mate of the Gray Mist, is now running an illegal slave auction in the Squalor district in the back of some place called Soul Alley.

Sinaris and the party found an ancient encrypted map in the treasure left behind from the escaped rogue Eladrin, Virmoth. It needs to be deciphered by a sage or a scholar perhaps?

Fenrir is happy to have made it though everything alive but she is finding odd happenings with the Skull Rod she found off of the evil Tiefling Witch, Mother Zeb’oltha.

I will send private messages to individuals as needed.
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