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Splicer J
"Nico, I got that cyber-eye you were looking for. Same model, same upgrades. I can put it in as soon as you need it, it's an outpatient procedure."

Splicer stuffed his cigarette out in the overflowing ashtray next to him, and contemplated this "legitimate doctor" thing.

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William Lao
Iris will not look me in the eye.

Oh, to be sure she looks through me. Her eyes point at me, but they do not focus. They do not resolve my image. She has not gone catatonic; she will respond to questions, when it suits her.

It appears that she believes I am simply beneath her.

I know her secrets. I know she facilitates drug smuggling. I know she provides the muscle for important courier runs. I even know that she compromised her officers, through extortion, threats, and gifts to follow her lead.

Soon, I will have proof. I will be able to leave this safe-house and turn her over to those who can best decide her future. She will not suffer the same fate as Arthur; he was a non-entity in this. His pain was incidental.

Iris, now. A pillar of the community, a trusted friend of mine for decades. A public unmasking of her evils would break her. A trial.

I will fulfill my oath to the law. But first, I must ask questions.

"Iris. What were you smuggling on that train?"
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Chapter XV: The Journey North
A month passed since the victory over Rathamon. Life was returning to Sanctuary, along with something foreign; hope.

Titus kept himself busy, focusing on the task at hand. Not that he had anyone to speak with; Balthasar was gone, Raylos was dead, Garr was changed, and Gaelen spent his time with the Eastwatch. With Melerra returned to Sanctuary, Titus spent most of his time training at the keep. He was truly alone in a crowd.

Three days after the celebration of Renewal, Titus was out training in the courtyard with Garr when they were called to the council chambers. Prince Kafen honored Titus with the title Lord Protector of Sanctuary, gifting him with a valuable signet ring. Afterward, Gaelen and the Eastwatch provided the intelligence they gained on the massive amount of Yuan-Ti and Beysibians that had escaped the battle. Though wounded, the enemies army was still very much a threat.

They set out to Illandor by ship two days later. Much to their surprise, Tristan Farron, Raylos' son threw his gear on the deck. None were sure of his intentions, and Garr was suspect of his skill. Despite the hot-headedness, they welcomed him aboard.

Following quickly behind, Balthasar ran aboard, "Ok, you were right. We made it." he said over his shoulder to a young woman, of no more than fifteen. She just smiled and came aboard. Balthasar introduced Lyari to his companions.

Not a few days out, Tristan called out a challenge to Garr. He believed the party failed to save Raylos and intended to prove that through combat. Before weapons could be drawn, however, Captain Yago ordered them to their cabins for breaking curfew. The next day the captain helped them work off some of the stress they were under. An unexpected squall helped work the party to near exhaustion. Thankfully, the rest of the journey was less eventfull.

Arriving in Northport, they were greeted by a company of elite Rankan soldiers and a Blue Star Adept! Jaehlent was under direct orders to apprehend Prince Kafen and his men under suspect of treason.

The party, except Balthasar, handed over their weapons and went to the local garrison. He stayed behind, looking for a way to free his allies.

At the garrison they were interrogated by Jaehlent and Constable Hroaham. The facts were stacked against the party. Kafen was traveling with a convicted murderer, known traitor, and a Yssge barbarian. Tristan wanted a trial by combat to prove his innocence, and Titus was just looking for a viable way out of their situation.

While Balthasar was sneaking about, he noticed a large number of longboats arriving on shore; it was a Yssge raiding party! Balthasar ran as fast as his feet could carry him. Let us kill them. The Xiphoid may not control him anymore, but it was still a chorus of screams in his mind.

The sounds of battle erupted all around Northport. The Yssge were intent on razing the small town to the ground. Weaponless, the party broke out of their cells and charged into battle. The advance guard of Yssge were met not by a wall of Rankan soldiers, but by a single Eastwatch ranger. Gaelen cut down a number of rushing barbarians with little effort. Balthasar then moved to strike the warchief, but was stopped cold by the awesome might of a bloodrager.

Titus, Tristan, and Garr rushed out looking for enemies to lay down. Garr plowed through enemies and allies alike, colliding into the warchief.

The fight became bloody after that. The heroes learned why the Yssge are such a feared enemy. Balthasar was nearly cut down twice before killing the bloodrager, and Titus struggled to put an end to the axe raider he parried with.

During the confusion, Gaelen heard the familiar scream of a local tavern girl, Zenobia. Turning back, he saw a number of Yssge hauling her out by the hair. Quickly, he drew back and loosed an arrow into the eye of her assailant. Tristan ended the other two before Zenobia hit the ground.

Titus was then freed to assist Balthasar while Tristan assaulted the warchief with a barrage of strikes, knocking him cold when he tried to run. Jaehlent arrived in time to save Titus' back, launching a powerful lightning bolt at a flanking Yssge raider.

With the battle ended, Titus pleaded with Jaehlent, "This should prove our innocence. We must have a chance to speak with the Yssge!" Tristan added, "Can we count this as my trial by combat"? Jaehlent nodded, "Under Rankan law, I forfeit my life if I let a traitor go free. Prince Kafen will stay with me, but I will let the rest of you move on." With that said, she reached into her robes and drew forth the party's weapons.

Titus led the heroes back to the ship where they found Lyari waiting with their gear. "The horses will arrive, shortly", she said with a calm demeanor. Sure as she said it, Garr arrived with five horses.

"I have to wonder, though, why are we not taking a longboat?" Lyari smirked...
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TGU's Age of Worms
HI all, let's see if this site will suit us better than what we currently have ((scattered around the internet we already have the blog, the google docs with the logs, and the wiki, this will replace all that I hope))
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Mucha's Mom, Valerie
Where is that lazy son of mine. I swear, I nearly broke my back to put him through art school and then he takes a corporate job? It breaks a mother's heart to see her son waste his potential.

Oh, my baby boy was never supposed to be a wage slave. No nine to five job, that was my territory - all day in that dusty factory, surrounded by the cloying smell of Nerps and those imbeciles I had to call colleagues. I gave thirty years of my life to that place, all so that my dear Mucha could exercise those artistic talents. Classical music on the trideo, art lessons, enrichment centers, all that nuyen spent on shaping and refining a mind to appreciate the finer things in life. To create them, for others to enjoy.

He sits there in his cubicle, filing away. Saeder-Krupp has his soul, and his mother gets nothing. Not even a visit, or a phone call. Or a Mother's Day card. Just a check every month to pay for my good for nothing care-giver.

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