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Correspondence of Mencia de Morena - 12 Sommerzeit, 2523 – Field on the road to Altdorf
<<OOC: This is entirely written in Estalian.>>

Addressed to Adriano & Maria-Lucia de Moreno
Durango, Estalia

Dear Father & Mother,

It has only been a couple of days since I last wrote, but it has been a very eventful couple of days. The way that things have been going, it might behoove me to rest my sword hand, but then again perhaps it is best to keep it warmed up with some writing.

The day after I closed out my last found us traveling with the elves, who aren’t the friendliest of individuals I might note, doing our best to keep up and help out although the impression was clearly given that they preferred to do things their own way and weren’t overly welcoming of assistance. Given the sorry state of some of the companions that I was traveling with, however, it wasn’t a point that could be pressed as not everyone was in a position to contribute. Travel wasn’t easy, we were avoiding the road-proper and the patrols of Beastmen that were watching it, but we managed. At one point we could hear the sounds of combat and the call of battle horns, as well as the bellowing call of someone invoking Sigmar in battle. After that was heard most of the group moved rapidly towards the road with the intention to give assistance, as it turned out assistance wasn’t necessary as we found a dwarf, Horner, and a Squire of Sigmar, Tankred, who had just finished dispatching the last of the creatures that had attacked them. I’ll admit that I was impressed, if not just a little disappointed to have missed out, but I would get over that disappointment soon enough.

It didn’t take much convincing for Horner and Tankred to travel with us. If I had to guess I suppose that the presence of Gottfried was all the encouragement that the Squire needed and when it was hinted to the dwarf that most of the people that we come across have been dying – well, I think he’s one of the sorts with a death wish that you had once told me about, Father. But with them accompanying us, we resumed our trip to the place where the elves intended to leave us. When we arrived, however, it was to discover the village was deserted and instead a tent city had been erected some short distance away – the “army” of the child who is “Sigmar Reborn”.

We explained to the elves how dangerous our intelligence had previously implied to us that this child is, how he potentially is charming all of these people with the corrupting influence of chaos and intending to march his army upon Altdorf and cause much death and destruction. Hearing all of this the elves felt strongly that he needed to be stopped by whatever means necessary. It was in the evening when we came upon this place, and it seemed safe enough as the boy was not publicly addressing the population, so myself and Jurgen headed into the tent city to scout it out. Or at least that was the plan. As it turned out I ended up doing most of the scouting on my own when Jurgen got distracted by a woman of questionable repute who asked him to join her in “prayer” – I do sometimes worry about his ability to stay focused when faced with an opportunity of indulgence, I just hope one of these days he’s not caught in a dire situation with his pants at his ankles because he couldn’t say no. And in the short term, here’s hoping that the good doctor can treat any unpleasantness he’s picked up.

While Jurgen was occupied, as I said, I scouted out the area and also picked up a couple of kegs of ale for the dwarf – no reason not to try to befriend someone I may find myself in battle with! By that point Jurgen had emerged from his other business, but he wasn’t inclined to return with me and stayed behind while I returned to report, returning himself later. With the information that we did bring back the elves planned an assault on the tent city – specifically on Karl, and those of us who felt up to it were asked to provide a distraction in another area to hopefully pull some of the security force (of which there were some impressive fighters, veterans who knew a thing or two). The only real issue was that they wanted to attack in the middle of the night, which meant that several of us would need to make the distance blind. Luckily with the elves, the dwarf, and Rudiger, there were a few able to lead those of us who couldn’t see.

Needless to say, we never made it to carry out our plan. About half way there we found ourselves suddenly being attacked, in the pitch dark. It was impossible to tell what it was that was attacking and we were badly scattered, but took direction from the elves when they shouted to form a circle – at least most of us did. Rudiger was my eyes, though I’ve no doubt that the thought of filling that role was not much of a thrill to him – he tends to prefer the spot at the back of all the fighting, not within blade range, after all. But we moved into the circle, as did the others as well as they could, except for the dwarf who delivered the Squire to the circle and then rushed out to attack the incoming foes. At that point, Rudiger and I fussed a bit over the necessity of a torch – with practicality winning out and him taking on the task of getting one lit while I held a defensive position to ward off what I couldn’t see. Rudiger and Jurgen both got torches lit at about the same time – briefly I rather wished I didn’t have to look upon the zombies and ghouls that were advancing in rather daunting numbers, but it was good to know where to swing. At that moment the Squire rather foolishly ran out of the circle after the dwarf who had engaged the enemy – and had been overwhelmed to the verge of going down. I remember being rather annoyed at him for that, but it is one of those things, especially as he was overwhelmed rather quickly and was on the verge of going down himself. I went after him – knowing I was a more difficult target to hit than one of the burly fighters who weigh themselves down with their heavy armor – and having dealt with these things before a few times. Just as I reached the Squire’s side he went down, and I discovered that Gottfried had followed me – another one of those annoyances as he was in greater danger given the fact he was still badly injured from the last major battle we had. The zombies and ghouls closed in on us, and honestly while I wasn’t injured I was much too busy to be able to pay any attention to what was going on with the others at that point. I dispatched with the zombies and ghouls that were encircling me, then turned to help Gottfried who dropped moments later leaving me to dispatch the rest of his attackers. At that point, realizing that those who had dropped unconscious were not in danger of further attack (they were fighting, not feasting), I returned to try to protect the doctor. Before I knew it, Rudiger had also dropped – and the elves that were with us fled, leaving only myself and Jurgen. (Which figures, when I’m annoyed with him over his ability to stay focused – he goes and reminds me that he’s a pretty capable fighter.)

I was just about to get Jurgen to help me grab Rudiger and attempt a strategic withdrawl to a safer location when we suddenly received help from a small security force from the tent city. Apparently we were hit by a small part of a much larger invasion that attempted to kill the scion of Sigmar, Karl. Our fighting off those that we did deal with meant that we were greeted as something of heroes for lending aid. We were all taken back to the tent city, and individually we each met Karl in person after everyone was returned to consciousness. I have to say, I don’t know what I expected exactly, but he was quite a pleasant and polite boy and I didn’t feel significantly threatened in any way being in his company. We have been invited to travel with his group to Altdorf, which I guess that we are going to do, and once there we will make our report. I will write you again soon to let you know how that turns out. My love to you both.

Your daughter,
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Personal Correspondence of Gerhardt Konig, 12 Sommerzeit 2523, river transport
Personal Correspondence of Gerhardt Konig, 12 Sommerzeit 2523, transport
along the River Reik


I must apologize for my lengthy absence from the Colleges as the group
to which I have been attached has been ranging both far and wide in our
service to Herr Altmann, and a reliable post service has been hard to
come by. I find myself thrown in amongst individuals who, I am sad
to say, seem to hold to the vague and superstitious reasonings regarding
wizards that one would expect to find in a rural alehouse, rather than
in those tasked to serve the Templars of Sigmar. Is it not the
arcane prowess of the Battle Mages that help to keep Sigmar's Empire
safe and whole? Did not the Emperor Magnus the Pious recognize the
fact that, when controlled, the power of magic could be turned to the
benefit of the Empire, enshrining the foundations of the Colleges in his
earth-shattering declaration? Yet still I feel a twinge of suspicion
whenever one of this group so much as reaches for a torch. Not that
they haven't benefited from even the crudest forms of magical power,
those petty arcane cantrips that any initiate at the College may quickly
master, though I suppose such thoughts will quickly lead to melancholy.
As the instructors at the Collegium teach, the path we walk is not
easy and we will ever be alone upon it.

With pen and ink I dismiss these wretched self-pitying thoughts. My
prowess has grown throughout my journeys, though at a slower rate than I
would have liked. The constant shifting of the Winds and the
constant intrusion that is the Witchsight have distracted me greatly
from the group's purpose, and I often find myself losing great amounts
of time in deep meditation. As my powers have grown, however, I
notice that these distractions come less and less often now and have
faded nearly entirely from my unconcious control. I feel slightly
guilty in this matter, as I believe that my inattention may be a part of
this group's distrust for wizards. I shall have to take steps to
redeem myself to them, if I am to continue meeting the College's
interests by serving with the Templars. On this matter, I wish to
inform you that I am heading to Altdorf with great speed in order to
submit myself to the College, believing myself ready to take the next
steps along our Order's path. I anticipate greatly my arrival, and
the chance to walk the halls of the Bright College again.

On the matter of my companions, there is much to discuss. Gottfried,
a Sigmarite Initiate, seems quite content at the company of a wizard, a
fact I thought quite odd for one of his kind. Perhaps the tolerance
of Magnus is in him; we shall see. In any case, he is a stout
companion and faithful follower of Lord Sigmar.

Rudiger, a Barber-Surgeon by trade, is an enigma. Though he is a
quite learned individual, he maintains the skepticism and distrust of
the arcane typical of rural peasantry. I have no reason to doubt his
knife however, and feel secure when under his care. Of note: he does
seem to have the severe manner of Morr about him, though I do not know
for certain where his allegiances to the divine lie.

As serious a countenance as Rudiger presents, a fellow by the name of
Jurgen displays just the opposite. He is a brash fellow, given to
debauchery and larceny and all other manner of licentious behavior, but
for all of his faults he remains a trusted member of the party. He
does seem to have an obsession with his trousers, however, and that sort
of thing seems terribly unhealthy. Perhaps they possess some glamour
or touch of the arcane? I shall have to investigate this further.

The last of our group is an Estalian woman, Mencia by name. If she
is guilty of any sin, I would have to declare it to be her pride. A
quick hand with a blade, she follows in the teachings of the great
Diestros of that sun-baked nation, and it is this skill with a blade
with which I see her getting herself into trouble, for she is not one to
back down from a challenge.

Of recent events, those for which I have been present and have managed
to see reality through the haze of the witchsight, I have much to tell.
Our investigation continues into the manner of the small child who,
it is claimed, is the embodiment of Sigmar reborn. Our journey took
us to the streets of Marienburg, where in the sewers beneath the city we
fought with an unclean abomination - a child of the Unclean One, who
name I shall not commit to paper. Incidentally, while in the sewer
we happened upon a bauble of some slight mystical signature, and I had
Jurgen fish it up from amongst the offal. I keep it now among my
effects, for study upon my return to the College. It appears to be a
fragile thing, with swirling mists of greenish hue beneath its glassy
surface. It appears that my last bout of disassociation while
combating the witchsight has led my companions to take to the Reik on a
journey to Altdorf, and it is shortly thereafter that I have followed
them on another vessel.

As I write, we are passing the burned hulk of a ship, whose name I can
barely make out among the charred timbers. "The Reikland Princess"
she is called, and now I have the nagging feeling that this was the very
ship which my companions spoke of taking only a few days before. If
it is so, then I can only pray to the mercy of Lady Shallya that they
have made it safely ashore, and that we shall meet each other again

I shall be in the city of Altdorf within a few days, Master, and I look
forward to our meeting again with great anticipation.

Your Obd't Servant,

Gerhardt Konig, Apprentice Wizard to the Bright College
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Correspondence of Mencia de Morena - 9 Sommerzeit, 2523 - Reaper's Bounty
<<OOC: This is entirely written in Estalian.>>

Addressed to Adriano & Maria-Lucia de Moreno
Durango, Estalia

Dear Father & Mother,

As I had vowed to write further when the matters I had previously written of were resolved, and presently I find myself waiting for others to attend post-battle matters while I rest a little, now is a good time to fill you in on things as they are.

As I had mentioned was our intention in my last letter, we have been traveling to Altdorf via the Reikland Princess. We were lucky enough, myself, Rudeger, Gottfried and Jurgen, to get a reasonable rate of it and the Captain and his crew seemed at the time and have since proven themselves to be of good quality. For the first several days of the journey things were rather uneventful, but about four days out on our journey the Captain put us to port to seek shelter from an incroaching storm at the Reaper's Bounty Inn at least that had been his intention. Unfortunately upon our arrival we found the grounds of the keep littered with fliers inviting people to join the march of the Scion of Sigmar (That kid with delusions of grandure who is marching an army on Altdorf and we've been attempting to find a way to thwart and put an end to the corruption that he and his handlers are planning.) and the city was barred up tightly. Luckily with a bit of work, Jurgen managed to find a means of accessing the place before the storm turned especially nasty so the worst we suffered there was a good soaking.

Once inside the Inn, we realized just how quickly the people there must have taken off, since they left a lot of food that had turned bad, but they had also managed to take everything of any value (not even leaving a set of sheets for the bed, I swear). As we were checking the place over, a carriage pulled up to the Inn (because someone forgot to secure the gate of the Keep) and we found ourselves in the company of a Priest of Sigmar and his entourage. (And let me say now, the occasions that I've found Gottfried as an initiate of Sigmar a bit "difficult", this guy was heartily obnoxious though he did at least prove himself a little useful in the aftermath of fighting that would ensue, his general attitude didn't really endear him to any of us.) They presumed me to be the hostess of the Inn, which was a bit of a pain as they starting making demands (draw back of being the only female, apparently) but we managed to settle in well enough and set up watches and secured the front gates to the Keep as well as we could. During that period of time we also discovered an elven fellow who had hidden away inside the keep (apparently he invited himself in much the way that Jurgen had gotten the rest of us inside), after the rest of his traveling companions had been killed by beastmen. He was badly injured but Rudeger tended to him to the best of his abilities.

Partway through the night, as myself and Rudeger were on watch in one of the watchtowers, we caught three individuals sneaking into the keep in the middle of the storm, looking for food. As it turned out the three of them were mutated by Chaos (which I realized when one of them started shooting quills at me like he was a porcupine), leading a group from a town in the area that had all been mutated by their town's water supply. (Which is a cautionary tale for anyone I should say.) As it turned out our fight with them had to be put on hold though when we realized that the keep was being quickly surrounded by the army of beastmen that had been after the elf, Lorinoc, so we found ourselves making a temporary truce with the mutants in the hopes that we might stand a better chance against the beastmen.

We barricaded ourselves inside the Reaper's Bounty Inn, splitting up to cover different entrances into the building with Lorinoc and Rudeger taking up positions with a bow and crossbow on the second floor (along with the priest and a few others who hid away until the fighting was done, for their protection). The rest of the people with us, the members of the boat crew and it's Captain, the three mutants who seemed able fighters and the Priests two Temple Guardians, as well as my own party members most of them seemed anxious to be in the front of the building, all volunteering for doors that I expect the believed would put them in the middle of the action, leaving the back door. (I probably would have divided up the coverage differently, more efficiently, but as we were pressed for time with an enemy bearing down on us it wasn't the time for a debate.) The enemy, as I might have expected, split with half coming in the back and half through the front door though I witnessed very little of that until the end, after those that I, and the pair that assisted me with my assignment, finished dealing with the enemy coming in the back door and I moved deeper into the house to assist the others.

When the fight was over and the last of those nasty things were dealt with, there had been several killed in the course of the fighting including the Captain of the Reikland Princess and one of the Temple Guardians, as well as others. And Gottfried was badly injured. (I'll add here, he was incredibly lucky. He put himself toe to toe with something that, I can only presume to be some sort of "Champion Beast" bigger and even uglier than the others, and it nearly killed him.) Rudeger and the Priest of Sigmar were able to tend to the wounded, including Gottfried, in the end and he is expected to fully recover. I will also add that I was quite impressed with Jurgen in that battle, one wouldn't expect a thief to throw himself headlong into battle and hold his own well, but he did so successfully and with minimal injury. And to reassure you both, I came through the battle with no injuries worth concern.

When dawn broke we took the time to clear out the dead beastmen to burn, and discovered that they had set the ship on fire and it was a total loss. (Luckily we had taken all of our gear and equipment into the Inn with us so we are equipped for the necessary travel across land that we find ourselves now facing.) This discovery though resulted in a long discussion about our options and what our group intends to do. We've accepted an offer from Lorinoc, and several other elves who arrived early this morning, to accompany them into the forest. The surviving crew members from the Reikland Princess have agreed to accompany us on the journey. At some point when I was otherwise occupied it appears that the mutants who were here disappeared, which is just as well.

Gottfried has taken it upon himself to notify the Priest of our intentions (though I don't know that it's really any concern of his, but it is all a lot of church politics where that is concerned), which I can't say is a job I envy him over. As soon as that is handled I believe we will be taking off.

Once we reach a civilized place, I shall post this letter if not add to it with further news of our travels and how this latest turn of events has played out.

My love to you both.

Your daughter,
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Correspondence of Mencia de Morena - 30 Sigmarzeit, 2523 IC - Marienburg
<<OOC: This is entirely written in Estalian.>>

Addressed to Adriano & Maria-Lucia de Moreno
Durango, Estalia

Dear Father & Mother,

We made it out of the swamp, where I was while I wrote the first
letter enclosed in this correspondence home, and now I find myself
preparing to travel to Altdorf by river aboard the "The Reikland
Princess". Before continuing on with the mission, I thought that I
would take a few minutes to recount the things that have happened over the past few days.

The morning after I had written last, the encampment that we had made in the ruins in the swamp saw several cultists arriving at this fallen
temple. A skirmish occurred and with some effort we were able to
defeat them all, though now without significant injury to several
members of my traveling group. I, myself, came through that particular
skirmish without significant injury - granted that was soon remedied
by the next group of individuals to show up. As we were dealing with
the aftermath of the fight, we found the encampment overrun by an extremely well armed group. Without identifying themselves, they began
to make demands of us and accused us of being cultists. When I pointed
out to them that we had already dispatched the individuals that they
were accusing us of being (most of whom were deceased at this time and
were laying around on the ground), and I expressed my unwillingness to
lay down my weapons without first knowing who they were, the <insert
Estalian expletive, in plural form> shot me. Long story short, they
put us in shackles and took our things, then took us back with them
for interview and judgment at their temple. (As apparently they were
followers of Mannan.) Interrogation was conducted one at a time,
probably to verify our story, and eventually they did release us after
confiscating a journal that was taken from the mutated pirates that we
had killed our first night at the ruins in the swamp. I fully imagine
that the Mannanites read through my first letter, but it is wasteful
to discard it over their violation of my privacy and I see no real
reason not to go ahead and send it along - so I will be doing so with
this letter.

In good news, though the journal was lost to us, Rudeger had wisely
read through it during the night we were at the ruins, which meant
that we had the information that we needed to continue along our
investigation. Unfortunately, efforts to find the individual that was
mentioned in the journal turned into something of a goose chase as
Jergens, who I mentioned in my last, had some difficulty negotiating
with the contact that was made without the man expecting us to take
care of a mess he had as well. Once that was dealt with, then we were
to discover that the man that we were actually looking for had been
killed a few days prior by an unsavory group of individuals, who we
were forced to seek out and bargain with to recover some property that
the dead man was relieved of.

Clues from that were then followed that ended up causing us to spend
some extremely unpleasant time in the sewers off of an old abandoned
bakery. I have to say, within that sewer, we fought the most foul and
horrible creature - an enormous worm-creature with tentacle like
things protruding from it and huge teeth. It took a great deal of
effort, and chasing it down when it tried to retreat, but it was,
thankfully, destroyed. After dealing with it, we discovered what we
had been looking for - an individual who (even though he was insane)
gave us insight into what was going on with the Scion of Sigmar, the
child that had started this whole job, and what intentions were
surrounding him and his "handlers". That information obtained, we are
now going to head towards Altdorf in order to lend our assistance
there, if necessary, to protect the city.

I shall write more when this matter is settled.

Your daughter,
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Correspondence of Mencia de Morena - 23 Sigmarzeit, 2523 IC - Marienburg
<<OOC: This is entirely written in Estalian.>>

Addressed to Adriano & Maria-Lucia de Moreno
Durango, Estalia

Dear Father & Mother,

I anticipate that it may be some time before I am actually able to
post this letter to you, but while I have some time on my hands I
thought it might be a good way to fill it in writing to tell you of
the latest circumstances I find myself involved in.

Presently I find myself sitting in the middle of a swamp with my
companions, Rudeger (The previously mentioned barber/surgeon of our
party.) and Gottfried (The previously written of Zealot, who has since
risen to the rank of Priest of Sigmar.), as well as Jergens (I don't
recall off-hand if I've written of him before, he is a thief by
occupation who was hired on at the same time as myself, he was
separated from the rest of us by other assignments until recently
reuniting with us after our last task for the Witch-hunters.). I
suppose, by one perspective, the situation which lead us to our
present circumstances might be considered an entertaining story. Well,
as entertaining as the situations we ever-seem to find ourselves in
can be.

Our latest assignment has put us on the trail of a child who holds
delusions of being the reincarnation of Sigmar but in actuality
evidence is suggesting that he is tainted by Chaos and is manipulating
all those that he can into his service in an effort to corrupt. This
child has already left the city of Marienburg, marching with an army
of his "followers" towards the city of Altdorf, but rather than chase
after we've elected to try to find the means of stopping the child by
tracing him to his origins and finding his weaknesses.

What we have discovered about him thusly is certainly disturbing.
We've found out that the child was originally found, by a Witchhunter
named Osric Falkenheim, who was sent with another Witchhunter some
years ago to stop an outlawed cult of Stromfels that were practicing
in a swamp some distance outside of Marienburg. They stopped the
followers and found the child, who they believed they had rescued from
the cultists. Falkenheim took the child to an abby in Marienburg,
leaving the child in the custody of the nuns there, but the Abbess at
the time felt corruption in the boy. By the time that she tried to act
on it though, another had been taken in by the boy's unnatural ability
to charm and manipulate people into doing his bidding and the woman
protected him and eventually would lead the other Sisters who follow
Shallya to "overthrowing" the Abbess and take over the temple in her
place. Eventually men would come to the temple and claim the boy as
Sigmar Reborn, possibly cultists of Stomfels who escaped their
punishment many years before, or perhaps they are more souls corrupted by the boy's abilities.

We tracked down the Witchhunter who originally found the boy, and
through what we learned from him we have found ourselves at this
temple in the middle of the swamp, after fighting and defeating
bandits or pirates who were horribly mutated by chaos - we believe the
same place where the boy was originally located.

This land is, I have to say, quite disturbing and unsettling. It is
good to not be alone in this assignment, but rather to have several
others to assist in the endeavor - though I have to worry just a
little about Jergens who has attacked members of his own group once
already after falling victim to the manipulative influence of this
land, I have been watching him closely. Rudeger and Gottfried I feel
more trusting of, we've been in other situations as unpleasant as
this, certainly. But we will need to work out how to get out of this
swamp, now that we've done what investigation here we can, with what
little food and dried rations we have left. (It is a challenge, but
challenges bring out the best in us, as you taught me, Father.)

I shall write more on this once we have cleared this place for
somewhere more pleasant. I hope you are both well, I am thinking of
you fondly this evening.

Your Daughter,

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