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Merida’s Journal: Day 1843 in Prison (Training Camp)
Today marks day 1843 in this camp. However, today was different, I was allowed to leave the confines of the camp with a group of 4 other trainees on a mission. Though, I don’t think they really wanted to leave. As I had everything packed and ready to go within 5 minutes flat (including Flame). Then had to wait for what seemed like forever for them to get ready. In reality it was probably only an hour or so.

I still don’t understand why people like this place so much. Rhogar has been in the camp almost as long as me, but he seems to really enjoy it (especially the food). The other 3 trainees sent on the mission are somewhat newer, but all seem talented in their own ways. Why would they volunteer to be here?

I was excited that this could be my opportunity for freedom. Unfortunately, General Bellum stopped us at the gate and made us put on magical rings to ensure we return. Hopefully, I will be able to find a way to remove this ring without losing a finger in the process.
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Possibly forged letter from Com Truise to Councilman Brack
Most Esteemed Councilman Brack,

Good tidings to you, my dear Councilman. My name is Com Truise and I represent certain parties interested in the protection of Creation and its peoples. More specifically, my company is working with Imperial safety experts to bring key mines in The North into compliance with the new Realm Subterranean Structures Functional Safety Act (RSSFSA).

A team of experts in my employ is travelling to inspect the mining facility at Sumpter, and will likely stop at Whispborough to procure travel at your fine town. Please do everything in your power to expedite their safe travels. Guild representatives in Whispborough should have my financial information already. Please work with them to see to it that my team’s expenses are put on my bill, to be collected when I stop by Whispborough on my way to Sumpter in a few months’ time.

By way of more background: A joint commission of Imperial and independent engineers have found many of the mines and other underground structures, especially those in the far reaches of the Realm, to be in violation of existing codes, highly dangerous and in dire need of repair. Moreover, the old codes have recently been revised and key structures are undergoing inspection for RSSFSA compliance.

I’m sure I don’t need to emphasize how catastrophic it would be to the career of anyone impeding the progress of these important safety measures, or their representatives. If word were to get back to Imperial authorities, for example, that miners died at a non-conforming site as a consequence of safety agents being held up, legal and/or more serious action would likely be visited upon whomever detained said agents. That is to say nothing of the less important, but substantial, financial consequences.


Com Truise
Owner and CEO, C.T. & Associates
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Epic × 2!
Chronicles VII
AFTER a long but much needed rest and refitting the party spends time contacting alliances and mustering an alliance to take on the Khan of Zamboula. Through dream sorcery spun by Amoth Ulixes makes contact with Jasmina and sets up a plan to join them. They must first seek out the Shanki, or the Shanki will find them, to learn of Jasmina’s exact whereabouts.

THE party along with a shadow of jackals advances ahead of the main army to detour first at Dagoth Hill to recover supplies then advance toward Zamboula. A few days outside of Zamboula while camping the party is attacked in their sleep by several desert wraiths who manage to bypass the jackals warning perimeter. The wraiths rip into the party, draining their life essence and weaving chaos. The party rallies and draws arms and vanquishes the wraiths.

BEFORE the sand settles several hundred riders appear on the surrounding dunes, surrounding the camp. They seem to have a calming effect on the Jackals. The nomad leader, Sharham Honaka approaches and claims to have had vision that those in his presence are the Liberators prophosized to meet the growing threat of the desert livilhood. . He leads the party to his camp where they are honored guests. After an evening of rest the Sharham meets with the party and strikes an alliance with the party as well as informing them of the location of Jasmina and her forces – The Devils Bowl.

MUSTERING the available forces, consisting of a Mercenary Company, a collection of Trade Scouts, a group of Shanki, a slaughter of Drakes and a shadow of Jackals the alliance marches to The Devils Bowl. Fcing the alliance are Turanian regulars consisting of two soldier companies and two skirmisher companies. Shen’s scouts infiltrate the cliff tops in preparation for the main assault. The mercs lead by Ulixes advance on the Turanians, supported by Shanki. Aenoq and the drakes move on the right flank up the cliffs. The main forces exchange devastating crossbow fire but the Turanian archers prove ineffective against the drake horde. The drakes push the skirmishers back along the ridge top where they are trapped and cut down Shen’s scouts and Jasmina and her royal guards. The few survivors flee the battle. The Shanki take the brunt of the Turanian defensive fire and their ranks are decimated. The skirmish is long enough to allow the mercs to engage the Turanians. Amoth’s sorcery does wicked damage to their ranks. Gholan leads the Turanian loyalsts in a charge against the Turanians flanks down the canyon exit. They suffer minor casualties from a avalanche trap but succeed in engaging the Turanians. Outnumbered and outflanked the Turanians are quickly reduced in numbers and few survivors are able to flee the battle.

Alliance Building 4800 xp
Desert Wraiths 7800 xp
Shanki camp 4800 xp
Battle at Devils Bowl 6400 xp
Rescue Jasmina and Gholan 6400 xp

Session XP30200
Total XP227900
Individual XP 56,975
Session: Zamboula - Friday, Oct 06 2017 from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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Fallen Lands II
Welcome to Hell
Recap of Sessions 25-27:

The Unchained entered the Abyss seeking the last piece of the Staff of Skelos, hoping to obtain it before Tharizduun. Following a clue sent via dreams from the depths of Hell by the halfling wizard Tilo Greenbottle, you traveled to the first level the Abyss, Pazunia. Tilo had claimed that that a mysterious figure named Mallux the Trader, based out of the town of Plague-Mort, knew the location of the Staff and you thus sought to make contact with him.

You then traveled to Pazunia and located Plague Mort, a trading enclave of sorts for mortals ruled by a powerful Succubus sorceress named Red Shroud. There, you did in fact make contact with Mallux and learned from him that the artifact you sought was believed to be held in the treasure horde of Meriheme, a wicked Marlith in the service of Red Shroud.


You spent close to a month in Plague-Mort over which time the following highlights occurred: you won the famed Tournament of Heroes, an epic gladiatorial contest sponsored by Red Shroud and open to adventuring parties from across the known planes of existence; Boudica volunteered to allow a Succubus named Thelyra to take possession of her in the hopes that the demonic seductress could aid them their quest; Meena and Boudica underwent bizarre arcane surgeries at the hands of a mysterious figure known as Dr Jest in which he grafted demon flesh into their bodies in order to enhance their abilities; and Leon developed an addiction to a drug known as Liquid Agony, also known as Devil's Tears, the distilled essence of pain taken from torture victims. As said, these were the highlights, but it should be noted that other adventures and much carousing also occurred.

You also learned that Merihem actually aspired to displace Red Shroud as ruler of Plague Mort and that the Succubus ruler might be happy to see her displaced or even killed. Leveraging Boudica's relationship with Thelyra, you thus struck an alliance with Red Shroud, and with her assistance, sneaked into the Merihem's Iron Fortress and slew the dread Marlith along with a contingent of Fiendish Fire Giants who served her. It should be noted that this did result in a rather epic and terrifying battle in which Meena was slain and had to be resurrected with a Wish spell.

But alas, the missing piece of the Staff of Skelos was not part of the horde. Furfur, a Quasit serving as Meriheme's court jester told you that, a little less than a year ago, both the staff and Tilo (who had been captured trying to steal it) had been sold to a caravan of Mercane Merchants led by one named Lythos the Far Sighted. They were bound for the City of Straight Curves, a port city on the River Styx in Thanatos, the 113th level of the abyss.

Seeking to pick up the trail of Lythos, you traveled to the nearest tributary of the Styx, secured the services of a Marraenoloth boatman, and set sail deeper into hell, bound for Thantos.

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Re: The Yawning Portal

Above is a poll for where y'all might wanna go for the next session. With the exception of Jing (which Matt already summed up on the Quests page of the Wiki), I'll copy over a quick little blurb for each adventure option here.


The Sunless Citadel/The Forge of Fury:

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan:

White Plume Mountain:

Dead in Thay:

Against the Giants:

Tomb of Horrors:

Tomb of Horrors:

All summaries taken from Wikipedia, and are subject to change or alteration by the Dungeon Master as he or she sees fit with or without prior notice given. Any details, insight, or ideas gained here is not automatically known by player characters, and should not be assumed as such.

All rights reserved.
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