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Posted by the GM
Trail of Calvano
And so the tales begin.
They had been working with different merchant caravans and all decided that it was time to do something else.
After collecting their pay, they started to look for adventure, but non had been seen so far. The only adventures they experienced, was the adventures told at Mountaingoat Inn and the other tabernas in Sala.

But one evening they met Fadrim and they knew that finaly, adventure had come their way.
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The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep
We have finally seen Telnok punished and started our journey to see the Book of Sorrows destroyed. I fear it is even more insidious than I ever suspected based on how it calls out to Galvin. If it can seduce even as good a man as he, then St. Cuthbert help us because I am sure we will need His aid before we are done with this tome of evil.

To aid us on our journey, we have gained two half elf guides, Myron and Lyrian. I am not sure they are any more stable than Trask, to be frank, but at least the druid certainly knows this forest. His quick thinking managed to save us from a giant spider today. We are camping the night in this dark, green maze of trees, and I'm very uneasy about it. To add to our stress, Galvin's fear of spiders has him greatly unmanned, may Saint Cuthbert forgive him. I'll have to keep an extra close eye on him. With this extra stress who knows how much we can trust him with that fiendish book.

By St. Cuthbert's mace,

Corbin Graves
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Spelomgång 14 nov. 2010
Vi befinner oss i ett område som heter Sisil.
Hans (Anakokshaman):
Stefan - Ohanko(Tomahawkfighter):
Conny - Hooki Frilla (Powahshaman):
Mattias - Napay (Krigal):
Lovisa - Kaliska (Tomahawkfighter):
Erik - Kadji (nådishaman)

Vi är på plainsen, stöter på en sårad shaman han säger några saker:
Tsehistas (ord som upprepas flera gånger)
Shamaen är Nadantahi (ledare för en Govan Gahali) och heter Alhambra.
Kaheena (vet inte vad dessa ord betyder)
Mahaaf (skräckgrej)
Ovädersblixt med moln som går uppåt, under fanns en näverkorg. Hans båda barn har blivit attackerade av Peobleindianer. Kaheena är dottern och väldigt vacker och bra på att göra näverkorgar. Sonen heter: Bigidje.
Poebleindianer har rövat bort dem. Deras stam kallas för Sehistas (skorpioner). Svarta kläder med röd skorpion. Mahaf är Godji hos poebloindianer. Stammen leds av en mäktig oendashaman som heter Enkodabau. Stammen bor vid Tenegopasset. Gå INTE in i passet!!!

Stöter på tontoarer, stora dinosaurier som inte gillar fjäderplymer.

Encounter utanför passet. Ohanko blir skadad av en critical hit av en pilbågsskytt.

Kivas betyder begravningsplatser.
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Justice Prevails but the Battle Is Far from Won
We woke up after the battle with Telnok over the Book of Sorrows only to find Belnor, the cleric of Thor, was gone. We searched for him, but apparently he never came into the safe room with us. We can only hope that Thor will look out for his faithful servant and I pray that St. Cuthbert also look out for him because he proved to be a mighty hammer indeed against the evil of this place.

I was able to heal our wounded party members in the morning thanks to the Saint's grace and we went back to town to return the book to its protector. After meeting him, I had little faith in this mad fool's ability to take care of himself, much less the book, but Galvin swore that Silverwind had chosen its guardian wisely.

However, when the mad mage finally arrived at his hiding place for the book, he was attacked from a dark corner by Telnok. Apparently in our mad dash to care for our fallen, we failed to make sure that he was dead. However, with St. Cuthbert's aid, we were able to see past the illusions of minions he had surrounded himself with and were able to capture him. Despite everyone's desire to kill this man for all the evil he had done, I was able to talk them into trussing him up and allowing the proper legal authorities handle the villain.

While there was evidence that the town was already recovering from the evil taint of Telnok and his use of the book, with his last dying breath the guardian warned us that we must destroy the book and were only able to do it at a specific place. I have vowed to help put a stop to this source of evil no matter where that journey takes us.

Possibly in reward for the dedication I have shown in this fight, I can feel St. Cuthbert's blessing on me. I can't describe it to a nonbeliever, but I can feel my body is stronger and I know that tomorrow I will be able to call upon the Saint for even more divine aid. Now, onward to the end of the Book of Sorrows.
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Posted by the GM
Session 2: The Council of Hommlet
11 Reaping 579 Common Year

The party assembled back at the Inn of the Welcome Wench after an eventful night. By the morning of 11 Reaping (July), the rain that had drenched the region the night before had turned to snow - certainly an odd event in the middle of summer. Things were not right.

Baron Rufus called his assembly to order in one of the Inn's private rooms. It was a small group, but the subject matter was not meant for all to hear. Lord Burne recorded the following names and the realms they represented as follows.

- father Terjon of Hommlet representing the church of St. Cuthbert.
- Ildar of Glimorack representing the Dwarves of the northern Lortmils.
- Melias of Chendl representing King Belvor of Furyondy.
- Perrin of Celene representing the Elves from the south.
- Baron Rufus representing Viscount Wilfrick of Verbobonc.
- Jaroo Ashstaff of the Gnarley Forest representing the Old Faith.
- Zane of Loren's Ford representing the humans of western Verbobonc.

It is noted that Lanithaine and Shanaevel, representing the elves and humans of the east, were slain on their travels to Hommlet. Their bodies were and discovered and recovered by Ildar and Zane. Neither of the representatives from Veluna nor the Greenway Valley (the halfling lands) have arrived. They are feared to be dead. Others in attendance are Draga and Alleage, assistants to Lord Melias.

Lord Burne discussed the recent rise in banditry and humanoid attacks the last year. This scourge of evil events must be dealt with, and this council is charged with finding the cause of these events and root out the evils giving rise to them.

The Temple of Elemental Evil was discussed and a short history of the temple was recounted (see HERE for more details). But, the council feels that the Temple is not the source of recent troubles. Local scouts and spies indicate that all is quiet at the Temple. Zuggtmoy is still imprisoned in her own dungeon's below the surface of the temple.

Two parties are formed at the council. One, led by Baron Rufus, shall explore the hill north of Hommlet to kick-out and route monstrous humanoids. It is suspected that bugbears, gnolls and orcs are operating out of the Kron Hills.

A second party, led by Ildar and Zane, shall explore the ruined moathouse to the east. It has been known to occasionally harbor bandits and other never-do-wells. Both parties shall return to Hommlet and report their findings in one week.

As the council ended, a brazen attack is made on the Inn of the Welcome Wench to no doubt upset the council. Bugbears assault the Inn and the council jumps into action to fight the invaders. There is fierce fighting in and out side of the Inn, but the bugbears eventually fall.

Several innocent villagers are slain and many wounded. Lord Melias is critically wounded and cannot assist Baron Rufus as they head north. However, as the party breaks he makes a heart-felt request of Ildar, Perrin and Zane as they head est to the moathouse. "Find Prince Thrommel," he pleads. As Ildar, Perrin and Zane leave, they are apporached by two Balkluni (Greyhawk's Arab analogue) named Ferroz and Zert. Suggesting that there is safety in numbers, Ferroz and Zert ask if they may accompany the party to the moathouse. Ildar, Perrin and Zane agree, making their party five in number.

The party makes its way to the moathouse. It is located in a boggy marsh and the stink of the swamp overwhelms the senses. Strangely, though, the freak weather does not persist a few miles out of Hommlet.

The moathouse lies in ruins. But, a new wooden planks cross the moat and show evidence of heavy and recent foot traffic. The maothouse's courtyard is empty, and Ferroz and Zert creep up to the doors that lead into the ruined keep's interior. Zert does a strange thing and raps on the doors. They suddenly swing open and he and Ferroz duck. Crossbow bolts zoom out of the interior. Then, Zert and Ferroz turn on the party and a deadly fight ensues.

The interior hides a dozen bandits that relentlessly send bolt after bolt tearing into Ildar and Zane. Perrin does all he can to let loose with his own barrage of arrows. The party fights their way into the moathouse's interior, wherein the bandits let loose a drake the size of a horse. It is a tense and bloody battle, but the party finally prevails. One bandit crossbowman flees, another surrenders and the rest are slain.

Turuoko, the surviving bandit, is from Dyvers and does not wish to die. He tells the party that the moathouse's "New Master" is in discussions with local human bandits and monster tribes to form an alliance. The New Master's goal is unknown to Turoko, but he and his fellows were charged with guarding the moathouse's interior and to prevent uninvited guests from descending a stairway leading into the keep's dungeons.

The party blocks the stairway with debris. But, they find another secret entrance tot he dungeons in the moathouse's northeastern tower. This secret passageway has not seen use in many, many years.

The party decides to head back to Hommlet with their prisoner. They are determined to recruit help and return to the moathouse to plumb its depths and find out who this New Master is.
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