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First Session
Me and my colleagues have been tasked with stopping some bandits that have been terrorizing merchants on the road to Dwarven Gate. Targen a lieutenant of the Laketown militia was the one who did this and pointed us in the direction of Leaffoot a Halfling courier who had been attacked by the bandits. Leaffoot seems like a decent guy some of the others in the group seem to think he's a drunken idiot, but I don't trust people who don't like a drink so I think he's OK.

We travelled as far as Brunfield during the day and settled down for the night, unfortunately we were awoken by an awful ruckus from the villagers. We soon discovered that it was because the nearby village of Greenhill was on fire. Joe also found a package with a fancy belt outside his room with a note that said something about chess, I don't like chess.

We decided to head out straight away for Brunfield to see what caused the fire. On the way we came across a cart stuck in putrid smelling bog, it turns out this was Leaffoot's cart and it still had the chest. I would have gone in but I think I might have sunk with my armour so I sent in Talus, I reckoned he'd be used to this sort of thing. He got the chest but was up to his neck in the bog he managed to get back with it though. The bad news was it had some evil looking helmet in it, Leaffoot offered to sell it to us but I would have no part of it, thankfully the group agreed. I think Leaffoot just wanted to get rid of the damn thing but couldn't afford not to get paid so he set off back for Laketown, I sure will miss that guy, I hope he doesn't get attacked again. Well at least Joe is still around.

We carried on without him anyways the rest of the group kept their distance from Talus at this point, he smelled worse than rotten eggs. We got to a bridge and his cat started getting uppity, I looked around but couldn't see anything that would bother it. I did see that someone had tried to weaken the bridge though and I reckon they might want to knock it, the rivers pretty deep too I wouldn't be going near the edge in case I fell in although I thought Talus might want to go for a swim but apparently he likes smelling like hell.

As we crossed the bridge a strange dragonman appeared out of thin air, he told us to surrender but I don't know what that word means so I got ready for a fight. Some kobolds were with him too. He set his pet baby dragon on us, me and Talus jumped straight to action and hit it pretty hard, unfortunately it hit us pretty hard too with some terrible noxious breath that smelled worse than Talus. Unfortunately the dragon kept swinging at me, it was only after I shouted for Joe to help me that I realised that he was on the other side of the bridge. With me down things were looking pretty bad for Talus but due to my bravery he was able to finish off the dragon I had softened up for him.

Joe then sprinted across the bridge, I must have been close to dying I could hear the angels music playing as he was getting nearer and nearer almost excruciatingly slowly it was like he was running in slow motion.

His inspiring words helped me fight off the pain and get back to my feet and we then managed to wipe up the kobolds that were brave enough to not run away, unfortunately their villainous leader had fled. We inspected the area this side of the bridge and found a load of strange stuff under the bridge that Joe reckons is a bomb..........
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