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Age of Ashes
Cult of Cinders, Chapter 2
Summary: A fell magical influence blinds Ekujae elves who travel too far east into the jungle, so it falls to you to explore the trackless wilderness. As you explore, you discover more clues to the nature of the Cinderclaws’ plans for the region, including the creation of numerous powerful dragon pillars that help to power a deadly defence over their base of operations. Other allies and wondrous treasures await discovery within the jungle, as do ample opportunities for disease and death.

Key NPCs:
Chioma: Non-binary choral angel rescued from a kishi
Gerhard Pendergast: Gentleman adventurer
Ifiok: Tattooed female half-orc demon hunter

Key Events:
- Explored the Mwangi
- Destroyed all dragon pillars blinding the Ekujae
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