Our New, Boring Home: Session 14
Getting Situated: We were brought or dragged through some tunnels by the resistance, we made it to... what looked like a dark cave. After my eyes got used to the darkness, I could see that there were small sparks of light all around. It looked like there were a lot of people, but it was nothing like the thriving town that Kings' Port had been before it was destroyed. We waited, and a sun priest told us that we would get a fish and bread for each meal, and probably some other things. We decided to figure out what the economy was like, because Tirondel and Snowy thought that it might be different seeing as all resources were more precious, so we might be able to make a quick buck.
Swindles and Bombs: Sure enough, everything cost more and was in short supply. I was able to trade my trashy greataxe for a new set of armor. Chain is heavier, but it looks just as good as the leather that I've had for a while. It's a big change, just like everything else here, but I'll get used to it. Ivan was able to trade my healing potion from the prison for a bigger gun, some ammo, and most importantly, a bomb. They weren't sold with the other stuff, but Ivan found some dwarves with all the things he loves. They told us that if we were a new group, we should find a mission to go out and do something to earn money and renown. I heard fighting, and I heard money. I tried to convince the others to go get a mission, but they wanted to get some information first.
Stories, Not A Cool Mission: We went to the makeshift bar and the others found a guy who seemed to know a lot. They talked for a while, and he told us about some people who could pose a threat to us in the future, like the Red Ragger and some others. For all he told us, the others decided that we could tell him stories about us too. Reluctantly, I told them a story about a girl I met once. She was nice, but I couldn't stay with her long. After my story, we left the bar, hopefully to go do something exciting. It couldn't get much worse than waiting, haggling, and talking for a whole day.
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