After the Attack
Bright and early this spring morning, you made your way though the stone-paved streets of Chaville, the sound of festivities and the steady stream of foot traffic easily guiding you to one of the city's well-kept docks. There, a growing crowed jostled for the best view of the ornate three-hulled ship dwarfed by a massive canvas balloon: The Lady, the world's first commercial airship, poised for its maiden voyage to Archangel.

A flash of your gilded ticket and you are escorted past the heavy rope which keeps the onlookers at bay, up a carpeted gangplank, and into the lavish great hall where you settle in among your fellow passengers. Boarding and other preparations are completed shortly, and the ship lifts into the air. The Gabriel coastline quickly retreats in the distance, and soon the only view through the panoramic windows is fluffy clouds around you and endless ocean thousands of feet below.

Passengers are instructed to remain in the main hall until the cabins can be prepared... but minutes become hours, with no new developments except for the number of tray-carrying waitstaff gradually dwindling. The four guards stationed at each exit bar you from investigating and offer no information. Then suddenly, a fifth guard bursts in, announcing that their captain has taken command of the ship and all passengers are to be executed.

As the guards begin firing their crossbows, most of the passengers--merchants and aristocrats, not fighters--scream and take cover under their tables. However, you and a few other capable folks resist, and after a short scuffle manage to overwhelm the unprepared mutineers. The shouts of combat cease as quickly as they had begun. The other passengers, shaking in shock and fear, peer out from their hiding places at the rebellious warriors left standing...
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