Joining the Needy Party: Session 6
I, Belegor, was taught the basic of how to read and write and form complete sentences on paper as a child. My father didn’t think it particularly important, but necessary at times. Now that I had joined a party of adventurers, I see the need to write down stories about our adventures. Of course, I’ll be focusing more on my heroic deeds, and because I have no interest in writing down all the little details, I’ll focus on what I see as the highlights (or lowlights) of the adventure.
Joining the Party: When I first found the party, I had been hunting an ogre that I had heard lived up in this mountain. While I originally didn’t want to give up on this quest, it had been a long couple of days and there was a good chance that the ogre was already dead or had recently moved. The party members said that they hadn’t seen any ogre, and that I should probably give it up. I agreed, mostly because I was bored, and they said that I could join them, as a member of their party had just left them. I argued with the party annoyance, who said that his name was Tirondel, about which way was the right way to go to make it to Aragron. Finally, I tired of arguing with him and left the decision in his hands. He’s, I suppose convincing in that way, in that he seems like he can bore anyone into submission. We went on the path, and eventually decided that it was getting late and we might as well set up camp.
Setting up Camp: I tried to find one on my own, but they found a better place. We decided on watches, and two of the others (the guy with the dog, Anssi, and the murderous madman, Ivan, who seemed like a pretty cool guy) killed a doe for our dinner. It was a good meal, and once we were done, we got to sleep. I had taken an early watch, and I spent it trying to find a good rock to serve as a whetstone to sharpen my axe on. I found what seemed like a good one, and after using it on my blade, it seemed to me that it was even sharper than before. Impressed, I put it in my bag for later. I woke up to Tirondel trying to hide Ivan’s bullets. I argued with him over which way to go again, but still, there seems to be no way to make him admit that he’s wrong. During our argument, a big creature ran out of the woods and charged at Tirondel, who unhelpfully shouted “Bear!”
Wrestling the Bear: The others shot it and sliced at it, but I had another idea. I ran at it and gave it a giant bear hug (pun intended). I successfully restrained him, but keeping him down was another story. If you can believe it, bears are very strong. He knocked me off and I went tumbling away. Ivan tried to intimidate it by cutting his own cheek. It didn’t seem like the best tactic, but the bear was convinced. I prepared to grapple it again, but an arrow from Anssi took it down. I declawed it, thinking that if I couldn’t make a cool weapon out of them, I could at least make a cool bear tooth necklace. Annoyed that I hadn’t been able to deal any damage, or even successfully grapple it, I asked Tirondel where we could find another one. He irritatedly told me to go yell as loudly as I could to attract a bear or other wild creature to come and kill me, but to do it far away from him. I walked over to a spot a ways away from them and yelled, but no bears or other wild creatures came. I walked back to the others, who had finished butchering the bear. I volunteered to carry some meat.
Finding the Dead Horses: We continued on, and eventually made it to where the party had left their horses a while ago. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a single horse still living. They had either run away or been buried in a rockslide. I went to one of the ones that had been mostly buried in the rocks and cleared away a few rocks. Then I cut off its leg. I found a stick nearby and used my flint and steel to light the end on fire. Then we continued walking, me with my lit stick underneath my horse leg, hoping to cook it. After a while, I took a few nibbles. It tasted pretty good! I ate the part of the leg that had been cooked well, and then I extinguished the flaming stick and put the half burnt stick in my backpack.
The Burnt Cottage: After some more walking, we began to find some cottages on the side of the road. They were all burnt though, almost completely destroyed by fire. I couldn’t sense anything in any of them, but after walking by many of them, I heard some rustling from somewhere near one of them. Tirondel noticed it too, and warned everyone. He began to sneak around while I went to the other side and began to set a trap. I tied a rope to a tree nearby the burnt cottage and began slowly creeping around it. My plan was that if someone or something was behind the cottage, I could make a loop around them and my rope would tie them up. However, as I crept around, I became more and more sure that there was nobody directly behind the cottage. Maybe they were in the woods. At that moment, I heard Ivan yell “Tree mouse!”
Tree Mouse and Girl: Looking around frantically for the tree mouse that Ivan was warning us about, I suddenly saw Tirondel appear, seemingly out of nowhere. He had his sights set on a tree house that I hadn’t noticed before then, and he held up his hands. I heard Anssi (always the logical one) yell “Wait, Tirondel! There might be a person in there!” right as Tirondel let out a blast of flame right at the tree house. Sure enough, a small girl sprinted out of the burning tree house and into the woods. I looked angrily at Tirondel, and we all ran into the woods after her. After a while, we decided that Anssi should try to talk to her, so we went back towards the cottage. I looked for the tree mouse, but found nothing. Then we decided that it was safe for us to come back, so we went back into the woods and found the girl. She wasn’t talking, but she seemed willing to come with us, so the five of us walked out of the woods.
Summary: I got a cool rock, a half burnt stick, some bear claws, and a little girl. I also got to try out some horse and bear meat and I hugged a bear. My thoughts on my new party: There’s Tirondel, who you should never try to argue with because it’s pointless. Anssi, who is the smartest of the bunch and has a pretty cool dog. And Ivan, who’s kind of a madman, but is also very strong. I will continue to travel with this party, because if nothing else, they sure aren’t boring.
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