Strange Dream
Dear Great Grandmother and Uncle

I woke up from a strange dream! I was about to tell a great white wyrm that she is a liar. Telling other dragons that we stole her eggs. No, no, no! She let the giants take her eggs. I was about to tell her she is a liar and then I woke up! I am writing you to remember so I can share with my friends.

Very strange dragons. Not the ten true children of the Greatest Grandparents. Some like some others strange. A black, a blue, a green, a white but no red, very strange. No true metallic dragons. One of steel, one of sand, one of a deep brown were nothing like any true dragon. The final two of the nine, one was of shadow and the other a black light night, like polished onyx or a void. I am not sure.

The white looked at me. I thought of good things to say to some I would say if I were just me, the other I would say if I were a great dragon. No one to listen to my words but I will keep them handy. As I started to speak I found myself standing in the middle of the nest I made on this bed. Did anyone hear me start to speak? Draconic carries even in a voice as small as mine.

I should go check on the eggs. I am very concerned that we were too clumsy. My friends did not know about how eggs do best. They must be kept the same for as much time as needed. We let them get warm for what I hope was not too long of a time.

I wonder if my friends had strange dreams like me?

Session: Valley of the Mage! - Tuesday, Feb 13 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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