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The Recursive Multiverse
The Haunting Introduction
After your defeat of the monster of the many mouths, you were requested to go to Estate headquarters for on boarding. On the way to North Dakota a flash brief comes in that some children have gone missing in New England. The circumstances and patterns surrounding their disappearance is very unusual, unusual enough for the Estate to be enlisted to investigate.

The aircraft has already been diverted and is en-route. This mission is top secret and is not to be shared with the public in any way. Avoid any and all press coverage.

At the airport you are met by a Gibbs, your driver, who arrived by different means earlier. He drives up with a tinted 9 seated government looking black van. The weather is typical fall weather in the North East, dreary, cold with a slight breeze. It is around 1100 AM and the last known location of the children is a popular hangout park in central Derry, Maine, near the high school.

Once the team arrives at Derry, they can choose where to go so long as eventually they end up at "the house."

Derry has a problem. News and rumor abound concerning the disappearance of six children over the last several weeks. Some say they were troubled kids, part of a children's gang and were subject to the retribution of a rival gang. Some believe they eaten by local woodland predators. Others say they simply ran away. But, the majority of the townsfolk believe they were kidnapped and taken to “The House”.

Police: believe that all of the children are troubled runaways, as each family in their own way has been struggling with family relationships. They, of course, do not buy into any superstitious rumors about "the house". They searched the abandoned house but did not find the secret door to the basement, where the children, ages 10-12 are sedated and chained. Police believe the townsfolk to be under educated and superstitious, attributing the sounds to wild animals on the moors. They have staked the park out and have had no disappearances since.


-Sticky black residue on the side of a tree. Unknown origin, but biological in appearance and texture. a bit like oily snot. (Level 3)

-An ear ring belonging to one of the victims in the sand near a storm water drain at the corner of Kansas and Costello Circle. (Level 4)

-Some children's shoes matching the description of one of the kids (Green Nike Air Force) South on Witchum St (Level 3)

Interviews: of the towns people will reveal a mix of "I don't want no trouble" to " They was runaways anyway and those families always had trouble!", but most will point to the creepy house south of the city limits on the witchum Moors. Strange lights, screams and noises they say that they can hear across the moors in the dead of night.
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