Session 14
The group heads off to the cave to look for the Karasha mushrooms. The group enters the cave by moving round a boulder at its mouth where there used to be mushrooms. Further in there is a flint vein and further still it becomes difficult to see. The group walks in further and the cave splits, one way up to the right and one round a cavern, a screeching can be heard. There is a natural bridge across the cavern. The right path continues doen to a hollow while the bridge across the cavern seems to become lower down. The group sees the mushrooms at the bottom of the cavern which the group decides to go and get.

Sa'Relka jumps down into the cavern, pulling a rope with him leaving the other end on the bridge for the rest of the group to get down. Down there, Sa'Relka can see a another cave heading downwards. The group continues to pick mushrooms. Giant mushrooms come out from the cave and start to attack the group. After a long fight, the mushrooms were defeated.
Session: Game Session 14 - Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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