Session 13
Leaving the cave, the group starts singing "We're off to see the wizards, the wizards of the Lycium". When moss sees something in the bush that looked human sized with red skin but disappeared a moment later before getting a better look. The group then comes across a bridge where Dara determines that even though its taken a beating over the years it would be relativly safe to walk over, so long as there was nothing under it. Sa'Relka then grabs Moss by the tail after he turned into a snake and lowered him over the side of the bridge to check under it but there appears to be nothing under there. Moss is then raised back up and changes back into his usual form.

The group starts crossing the bridge when suddenly a dog-like creature holding a bone in its mouth comes out from behind a boulder. It drops the bone on the ground and backs off slightly. Sa'Relka picks up the bone which happens to have a message on it in Common which says: "Leave the case, co-operate, and we might find an arrangement that spares your lives. Carry this with you if you wish to bargain.” Moss notices that there are more of this dog like creature in the trees.

Sa'Relka throws the bone over his shoulder and Torrent ends up with it, Torrent while holding it looks disgusted as it looks like a humanoid bone. Arguing about how to proceed while Moss suddenly decides against sensless killing. The group decide to just walk down the path carrying the bone but keeping the case. Reyson calls on Fey Spirits while theyre walking to have the spirits play tricks on the one staring at him. The rest of the dogs that were waiting were not quite the same thing as the hell hound. 10 to 15 minutes down the road, the group sees a humanoid figure sitting in the middle of the road, he has some sort of weapon, possibly a glave, as his side.

As the group contines to walk towards the man, 50 feet away from him, hes about man sized wearing a tattered brown cloak, he has a commanding face but has red skin and his eyes glow with infernal fire and a thick beard which is more flame than hair. Under his beard attached to a chain is what appears to be a finger that is slightly rotted. He wields a blood stained saw bladed glave and on his left hand he is missing a finger. He seems to be a persodias devil who work for employers, they often summon other things and also rely on strength to handle enemies and are known for their excessive pride.

The devil calls forth 5 other creatures and stiking the ground with his glave each time. A battle then ensues. Half way through the battle, after the 5 smaller monsters had been wiped out, the hell hound from earlier shows up in the fight. The devil teleports away before the fight is over leaving the hell hound to fight on its own. For the first time in awhile the fight ended with no one getting knocked to the floor. The group managed to obtain 140 worth of reagents from the fallen monsters. Dara preforms religious rights over the devils while the party has a short rest and then the party moves on.

The group is almost half way through the forest when they turn the corner and see a dragonborn sitting at the side of the road. Dressed in cloth with a belt with a few pouches and a bag, holding in his hands an empty bottle and a burning bush. He places these down and says "Well met, travelers. I am Khadral of clan Petros.” With a toothy dragonborn version of a smile and an exaggerated flourishing sweep of his hands, he says, “This forest is intriguing, is it not?” He also has a small, ornate dagger tucked in his belt, while the party has a small conversation with him. Khandral invites the party to dinner and after Dara makes an insight into him believes he can be trusted. The party goes with Khandral to his camp following one of the side roads.

While at Khandral's base of operations the group talk about the fire forest and Reyson brings up the Seela, a fey race which used to inhabit the forest. The group then starts eating the mushroom soup while Khandral starts talking about trying to control the fire of the forest and asks the group for its help saying "I have belief this fire is infused with elemental power born of a dragon, and I may be able to control it. This bush is my first attempt at releasing the power within. I succeeded, but it is magically draining. With your aid, I think I can free the small glade just north of this shelter. If successful, the fire will be extinguished and my spell will reveal more to me about its nature. I have allied with a dryad named Begnira who wishes to free herself and her children from this fire’s torment. With your aid, I should be able to find the answers I seek and help her as well. Will you help?"

Khandral mentions a cave nearby which has mushrooms he can use for reagents and says that he would fear to go in alone as a constant shreeking emanates from the cave. Khandral then tries to persuade Torrent to help by offering to help make Cooling Draughs while she passes off the decision to the group. The group decides to help Khandral with his ritual to try and free the forest from the fire.
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