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Posted by the GM
The Iron Circle
Saying goodbye to Enna's father
Welp, that was quick!
No sooner than Sir Jameson uttered the words "Kill Meeeeeee" then we see Enna bend down to kiss her father goodbye. But it is no ordinary kiss. It is the kiss of death. She opens her mouth to release a swarm of locust like beetles that rapidly enter and devour her father leaving a deflated husk behind.

It seemed time stopped, as everyone looked on, even Golgon Steamshanks was slighly repulsed at what he witnessed. But he would be lying if he didn't feel a bit of respect for the young druid even as he was about to slay her and all her companions.
Session: Game Session 1805: Enna's Father Pt2 - Friday, Apr 06 2018 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
Verbobonc Dark
DOOM! DOOM! Marches the Army North!!!!
Readying 7

Riot the Cleric of Cuthbert joins the group at Folliero's request.
The ground shakes!!
An army marches north towards Verbobonc lead by a black rider.
The army bears the standard of the spider queen.
DOOM! DOOM for Verbobonc!!!

A Drider scout is encountered.
He flees!!!

Several Warg Riders attack the party!
They question one of the goblins! Nothing!

Heading south the group finds a platoon of orcs slaughtered!
White Arrows sticking out of their backs.

Searching the bodies they find a map written in ORC!
The map shows twp points:
1. Verbobonc
2. The village of Sundown surrounded by a 8 pointed star!
Session: Episode 17 - Wednesday, Nov 14 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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Tags: Recap
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Posted by the GM
Prophecy, 21 Dracarr 3008 (11-15-2018)
A continuation of the battle between Octavia, the slaves, Dorn, and Felthan disguised as Gahri seems to continue as show until Octavia lands a real bite upon Dorn's arm.

Upon biting Dorn, the shaman is thrown backwards against the wall of the pit. She wriggles in agony as the amulet against Dorn’s chest flares with a fiery light. Pain courses through his arm as black, wispy tendrils crawl through his flesh. Blackened blood coursing through his veins, showing through his pale skin. The pain is like nothing he’s felt. The shaman changes back to human grasping at the air as the wolf leaves her. Barnabus screams out, “what have you done sister! This was to be only show, you knew not to bite him for the amulet protects him and for one of us to do so would mean our death.” Octavia in her last moments, as she clings to her life says, “Brother, I have never left him, the Dark Lord willed it and the prophecy be done. A child of bird and shadow light, masked in stone, adorned with a silver icon of a beast, and bitten by a the devout of darkness shall change this world forever. As it is marked on the unholy tablet beneath the ancient ash. I have sacrificed myself to begin his will. The next blood moon shall reveal his creature, pity those in his path. I am food for the worms brother, do not forget me.” She screams in agony and dies, her pupils turning to a red-black, blood running down her cheeks. Barnabus moans in confusion, “forgive me, I did not know that she never left the corruption behind. This land has not healed, and it is for her that this has happened. You should prepare yourself Dorn Stoneheel, the next blood moon is in seven days. If what my sister says is true, then an uncontrollable rage will overcome you soon, and even your friends should decide to avoid you during that night. The first turning is no trivial matter.”
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That’s a lot of fucking orcs...
Macross looked out over the column of Black and looked at the red spider banner with a delicate crown. Bitch. Rotten bitch. Fucking Rotten Bitch!!

The column marched by at about 3 mph for about 10 minutes. Makes the column about half a mile long in close order. A platoon every 50 feet, a company every 150 feet. Shit. It meant about 2000 to 2500 Heavy Infantry. Not including any support units or wargs with gobbo archers. Fucking driders, too. Plus the doubling of prior forces on the walls of the city and a dragon. What had become clear was that the news had to be relayed to other places. Verbobonc was in the glue. Something needed to be done.

That is a lot of fucking orcs.
Session: Episode 17 - Wednesday, Nov 14 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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Brave Friends
Ming, I must say, I am humbled by Chiz charging forward battle axe in hand and grim determination on his face, the awe-inspiring bravery of Baldomero standing unarmed and attacking creatures with his bare hands, and Macross running across the battlefield delivering killing blows with saber and dagger. Even the Elf and human show little fear as they represent their gods on the field of battle. I am envious of all their courage. I was not blessed with such determination.

Of course, I could never share this envy with them, nor can I even speak their true names, lest they think they are equivalent. Our lot-- the lot of magic can be a lonely place.

I am afraid Ming, I can never be Killkennard, but as it is said:
“The wise man plays the coward, and a smart man the coward with brave friends.”
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