Alrek Norrus

"Jedi? Sith? Doesn't matter, I have a bigger gun."
User: BBC
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class: Soldier
A large but not overly imposing man while relaxing, the customized Beskar'gam armor Alrek dons before battle helps transform the placid human into the warrior he was trained to be. Carrying a rifle bigger than most heavy weapons and more destructive than most explosives, Alrek is used to laying waste to everything around him in a hail of blaster fire while keeping true to the Mandalorian ideal. Rumors abound as to his reasons for working for the shady character known only as Reyault, chief among them his the massive paycheque awarded by Reyault and the neverending stream of thugs, soldiers, and assassins trying to kill Reyault's associates.