Dr. Buernor Thorson

"Sure, I'll try it. I've survived worse. "
User: Mike
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Dr. Buernor “Polar Bear” Thorson announced his intent to join the Starkweather-Moore expedition to Antarctica.
“I am very familiar with the arctic environment, fjords and climate of Norway and the Scandinavian countries of my Viking ancestors. I have never been to the Antarctic and am looking forward to comparing my experiences in the North with new ones in the South.”
Dr. Thorson, a noted biologist, mountain climber and arctic explorer, is best known in the scientific community for his bold and unusual approach to field research.
“I find it insightful to live on the land, much the way our ancestors did. It isn’t easy and has cost me two toes and a finger but I believe a scientist must first understand the environment to truly understand the animals that live in that environment. I plan to take the same approach to my work in the Antarctic. I may even introduce my fellow explorers to the morning ritual of the ‘polar bear swim’”.
Dr. Thorson’s physical presence fits his nickname and clearly shows his Viking heritage. Standing over six and half feet tall, the barrel chested Dr. Thorson wears his hair long and his beard longer. Give him a horned helmet and battle axe and he would look at home plundering a village.
“Well, I’ve never plundered a village, but I have been known to put away my fair share of mead.”