Stacey Meredith Whitehall III

User: Jamie
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Lord Stacey Meredith Whitehall III was born on September 14th, 1897 in London, England. He had an older sister, Elizabeth, and a younger brother, Thomas. As the eldest son of the rich and powerful Whitehalls of Stratford-on-Avon, he was educated in all the finest boarding schools then he join the British Army. As always, he is accompanied by his redoubtable manservant Jeeves Weisenthal. He was part of the 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays), a cavalry unit. He served with distinction in most of the major battles: the Retreat from Mons, Le Cateau, the battle of the Marne, Messines, Ypres, the Battle of the Somme, Cambrai, the Scarpe, and in the final victorious advance of 1918. He spend some time in Norway during the war, where he met Dr. Buernor Thorson, and the two seemed to get along well.

In 1920, he married Lady Clarissa Rose Morris, an arranged marriage, but they seem to have gotten along well. Shortly after the marriage, he left again, and went to India, to assist in the training and formation of Indian Calvary. While there, he and Jeeves were with Captain Abhiraj Sanga when Indian bandits attacked. Captain Sanga was wounded, and while Jeeves struggled to keep him from dieing, Stacey fought the bandits with sword and gun until he was out of ammunition, then challenged the leader to a duel. Despite being wounded and winded, Stacey managed to defeat the leader and drive off the remainder of the bandits. With Jeeves assistance, Abhiraj survived. In recognition of their services, Stacey was awarded the master work hand forged saber he uses today. It came from the Sanga family armory, and despite being a functional weapon of war, it is decorated with elegant scroll-work, etchings and engravings.

He returned to England in early 1925, and later the year his son, Stacey Meredith Whitehall IV, was born. Unfortunately, just days after his son was born, his brother fell sick, and died in January of 1926. Stacey spent the rest of the year taking care of the family lands, with Jeeves ever at his side. While he and Clarissa get along well, they soon realized that they get along best when their time together was only a few months at a time. He left for India again a few months later, and then spent almost two years in Africa. He and Jeeves returned to England in 1929. In January of 1930 his daughter, Melody Rose Whitehall, was born. He left a few months later, heading to France to spend time with some of his war buddies. Shortly after that, his old friend James Starkweather contacted him about an expedition to Antarctica, and after agreeing to help finance it, he returned to England for a few months, then, with Jeeves at his side as always, he set sail for America, and the new adventure awaiting him.