Jeeves Weisenthal

User: BBC
Gender: Male
A modest, slim man, usually dressed in the traditional butler's uniform. A non-imposing figure at a modest 5'7", his quiet manner and willingness to help allow him to fade into the background of any social situation. Fading does not stop him from coming to the assistance of those who need help, and the same people generally end up noticing the extreme degree of competence he displays in day-to-day activities.
Following in his father's footsteps, Jeeves Weisenthal was raised to be a servant. Born shortly after Stacey Meredith Whitehall III, the two immediately realized there was never any question about who Jeeves would be working for. Joining with Stacey shortly after his release from school, Jeeves followed Stacey to the army. Learning the range of eclectic skills required for a manservant in the army, Jeeves nevertheless worked at becoming proficient at whatever task was required in the newest adventure Stacey was enjoying. From covering Stacy's heroic maneuvering in a pitched battle to determining the correct refreshments to serve in a hostile negotiation, Jeeves endeavored to do his best in whatever the situation required.

Moving back home after Stacey's tours of duty, Jeeves busied himself wooing his childhood sweetheart, a nurse by the name of Edith Montreal. Shortly after their marriage Jeeves followed Stacey to India, where his knowledge of international culture would be tested. In a series of clandestine meetings Jeeves worked with the aide-de-camp to ensure the smooth creation of the Indian Cavalry. With the proper application of bribes, and Stacey's role in saving Captain Abhiraj Sanga from bandits, the project was saved and the cavalry trained.

Coming home, Jeeves met his son, Alfred, for the first time. Shortly after, Jeeves and Edith adopted a daughter, and orphan named Rose. Jeeves' relation to his family has been strained by his frequent absences, but the family understands his need to follow Stacey wherever he may go, and Stacey's need for competent help wherever he may end up. Still, Edith welcomes Jeeves home with open arms whenever he can return.

Jeeves' favorite tea is Earl Grey, and he keeps a measure on him at all times.