"Fire is a beautiful force of nature and I shall use it to burn things to the gorund"
User: Bryan
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Wizard /2
A black-haired, brown-eyed young half-elf wizard with an obsession with fire and his personality matches suit. A crazy wizard who is headstrong even in the most dangerous of situations. He now lives in the basement of the Seven Dragons Inn and Tavern, attempting to work on his magic, occasionally taking up odd jobs and waiting for a good group to sucker him into another adventure.
Manodo had a long history in Perryford and one that not many would be proud off. He was born here by some a young couple who, apparently, didn't care much for children and was left at the orphanage. There, he grew up to be a fine man. Well, according to him. You see, Manodo refers to himself as an innovator, while others refer to him as a troublemaker. Makes no difference, I feel. Anyway, at the orphanage, a wizard named Thanious Margona who realized Manodo's potential as a wizard. So, he taught him. While many thought it was a dangerous idea for Thanious to teach Manodo, he always saw him as a creative student. Thanious did not limit Manodo when it came to training, teaching him a little of everything in order to find what he was good at. Manodo soon found fire to be the most fun. After years of training, Manodo finally graduated and went on to adventure the world. He got to the end of the village and thought he's seen enough and built a house. Every day, he trained there and for the most part caused no one harm. One slight incident when he was trying out a fire spell outside when he achieved it, but with dangerous side effects. Manodo learned that day never to practice near barns. That mistake cost many people's property. The people suffered damages wanted Manodo to pay them back, so, to settle his debts, Manodo sold his house. Afterwards, with no money to spare, a kind tavern owner named Marcus took him in and allowed him to live in the basement of the tavern. Manodo loved it, but he had a problem.Since that day with the fire, he couldn't recreate the spell that he casted. So, he practices and trains, hoping that one day he can go out in the world and practice his magic on something more than basement walls and straw mannequins.
  • A Family Affair (Completed) Plus Spacer
    • Self-indulgence (Completed) Plus Spacer
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