Ingvarr "Bloodtooth" Ingvarson

"My blade tells me she loves me"
User: Walter
Campaign: Jade Regent
Race: Ulfen
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Fighter (Shielded Fighter)/16
Ingvar appears as the weathered warrior that he is. His thick brown hair and beard are wild tangles, except for several war braids, growing out from beneath his simple iron helm. Scars on his face and a miss aligned tooth attest to his many successful campaigns and close calls with both man and beast. His clothing whether dressed for battle or not is simple woolen trousers, a smock, cloak and soled boots. The only jewelry Ingvar wears is a silver sword of Gorum between two glass beads on a leather strap, and silver armbands. Ingvar is most often seen dressed for battle in his mail, sword on back, hammer tucked, shield and spear in hand.
Personality: Ingvar, like all Ulfen is a hard, serious man. Like all male Ulfen, Ingvar made his first successful solo hunt when he was eight, killed his first boar at ten, and his first raid at the age of fourteen. At the age of sixteen he was captured by agents of the Witch Queen Baba Yaga, and kept as a thrall working as a driver and bodyguard, until he escaped during a raid by a band of rovers. Since his escape he has fought as a mercenary and adventurer throughout Linnoram, Irrisen and Varisia as far south as Sandpoint.
Unlike many of his kin, Ingvar is not a berserker, but a specialist in the use of the shield. He is aware of his own strengths and weakness as well as those of his party; and he rises as the leader when steel is flashed and blood drawn. Outside of the crucible of combat however, Ingvar is happiest drinking and listening to the Skalds.
Religious Background: Like many Ulfen Ingvar is a worshiper of Gorum. He prays before, during and after battles asking for strength, luck, and the blessings of the father of battle.

Dynamics: Ingvar fights because that is what he loves. He is never more alive than when he is in the thick of battle or as the Ulfen call it the “sword song”. He most often begins a battle with a charge in order to seize the initiative, and often surprises foes when he uses a seemingly defensive shield to launch devastating offensives. Ingvar does not develop intricate battle plans, instead keeping things simple and flexible; prepare, fight, advance or retreat.
Haven fought in a few large engagements, and in conjunction with spell casters, Ingvar understands the basic capabilities of both divine and arcane casters, and how to use their abilities. Well he doesn’t know, or care about the names of the spell; he understands their usefulness and will often task casters to “fire there”, or “make us faster”.
Ingvar is not trained, nor interested in, social refinement as it is defined by non-Ulfen. He lacks social grace, and when faced with social situations finds them awkward, and attempts to skulk, or if possible simply leave. If challenged or insulted, Ingvar will react. And it will take an effort by his more socially adept friends to prevent him from becoming violent.
Concerning other races he sees dwarves and gnomes as friends and allies to be respected for their hard work and toughness. Elves are frivolous beings who take much for granted. Halflings are lazy and complain a lot. Half-orcs are foul and were it not for their great strength and small bit of humanity would be worthless.
Concerning other classes Ingvar is surprisingly free of bigotry. His chaotic nature allows him to see what each profession can bring to the battlefield, and knows that all are equally vulnerable in the heat of combat. All whiners and complainers, regardless of race, class, or sex will be equally looked down upon by Ingvar.
While he despises the witches of Irissen and will slay them and their allies on sight, his time as a thrall did instill him with and appreciation for driving vehicles and caring for their animals.

Favorite Foods – Boar, Fish, Ale
Ingvar “Bloodtooth” Ingvarsson Medium Humanoid (Ulfen) Fighter 5 (Shielded Fighter)
HP: 44 (5d10+10)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 20 feet
AC 24 (+9 armor, +2 shield, +1 dex)
Touch: 11
Flat-Footed: 23
Base Attack Bonus: +5
CMB: +9 (+2 overrun) CMD: 20 (21 vs overrun)

Melee Attack: +11 Longsword +1 (1d8+7/19-20)

Power Attack: +9 Longsword (1d8+11/19-20)

2 wpn attack: +11 longsword (1d8+7/19-20) & +9 shield (1d4+2)

2wpn pwr atk: +9 longsword (1d8+11/19-20) & +7 shield (1d4+5)

Range Attack: +6 Spear (1d8+4/x3) or
+7 mwk composite longbow (+1)(1d8+1/x3)

Space/Reach: 5 ft. /5 ft.
Saves: Fort +7, Reflex +3, Will +2 (+1 vs fear)
Abilities: STR 18, DEX 13, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10
Special Qualities:
Languages: Common, skald

Acrobatics -1 (+4), Climb +5, Intimidate +9, Ride +6,
Swim +3,Perception +0, Stealth -3, Sense Motive +0, Diplomacy +0, Profession (driver) +5,
Handle Animal +5, Survival +7

Feats: weapon focus (longsword), power attack, cleave, two-weapon fighting, improved shield bash, shield focus, improved overun, weapon specialization (longsword, great cleave

Traits: caravan guard, armor expert

Speical Abilities: Bravery I, Active Defense I, shield fighter I