Raben Halboeze den Angeist

User: Les
Campaign: 5e Nentir Vale
Race: Teifling
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin Thief /2 / 1
Name: Raben Halboeze den Angeist – Raven Halfevil the one “which one sees oneself surrounded by difficulty and danger, even if one calmly accepts it or vigorously combats it”
Race: Teifling
Alignment: NG (tempted toward evil / lawful in bound by oaths)
Languages: Common, Infernal…
Class/Level: Paladin 2 / Thief 1 Background – Noble
Exp: 0.000
God: Nusemnee – Horned Daughter – Goddess of Heroism and Redemption believed to be a dead goddess / Avandra – goddess of change, luck, trade, and travel
Description: 6’ tall, 195 lbs, Black hair, blue eyes (flashing red in fire light and when angry) swarthy skin (gleaming copper like in sun light) feral sharpened teeth, small black horns (hidden by hair and under hood)
Son of Sir Gillan Le’ Inheart – knight errant of renown and Lady Ariana Salavys – not her true name – Erinyes, temptress and avenger of those betrayed by love .

Raised as a son of a knight, learned knightly skills of weapon riding and nobility ; but always on the outskirt of the nobility. At a young age, was befriended by an old roguish adventure servant and taught the less honorable skills of a roguish treasure hunter (hears the darker whisper of infernal blood too). As he grew began to excel at the skills of a treasure hunter.

On eve of 17th birthday, at the witching hour, while contemplating future and leaning toward a dark path, heard an alluring whisper in the dark “all can be redeemed, dark chains can be loosed, seek the light in the darkest path” and saw the shadow of a noble Erinyess with a divine aura . Was then awoken from the dream / vision by a traveling ascetic priest’s call to prayer to Avandra calling “change, all life is change, and luck in the darkest travels” . At that moment swore a heavy oath to be a paladin (of both Nusemnee and Avandra), and felt his mother’s blood call for an avenger mixed with the oath.
For the last 2 years redoubled efforts to become a paladin, but continued honing the roguish skills too.
Now that he is over 19 yers old, he is answering the call to be an errant adventurer and servant of Nusemnee and Avandra.
Personality: Haunted by blood’s infernal whispers, desires a simple life but KNOWS it is not fated for him. Knows the lie is often in the truth or in the truth not said.

Ideal: Devine justice vengeance balanced by redemption for any that honestly seek it . All are due respect of some form
Bond: I would die to redeem an infernal or abyssal (or one they have corrupted) would sacrifice ALL to aid in Nusemnee return. I am the physical demonstration to all that there is redemption, I must not let that be wasted

Flaw: Drawn to excesses, in song dance and temptations of good society, but fears it. If betrayed will doubt them x7