Tirondel of House Eluviel

"You Idiot, Sirin!"
User: Graham
Campaign: Evernight
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Controller
Class/Level: Warrior-Mage/Novice
Appearance: Tirondel is tall for an elf, with long, sleek black hair that goes down just past his shoulders. He appears to be the elf equivalent of roughly nineteen, but acts much older than a teenager. His left eye is silver, with coppery flecks, and he has a purple leather eye patch with a black, twelve-pointed star embossed on it. His skin is bronze-like in hue. In public, Tirondel wears tailored royal blue silk with silver embroidery and a purple cape, along with cowboy boots, his leather armor under his suit, his claymore, and his buckler, which has an obsidian dagger just visible from behind it in traditional Dragon Islander fashion. If asked why he keeps his weapons with him all the time, he replies in a rather annoyed tone "Just in case".
Not many people know much of anything about the mysterious Tirondel, for he is guarded with his responses about where he came from. If asked why he is so elusive, he replies "You never know. Many people look for every opportunity to exploit anything about anyone." What people do know about Tirondel seems fairly preposterous.

What Tirondel claims is that he is the southern end of the northern-most of the three main Dragon Isles, and that thirteen years ago, he was forced to leave as a stowaway aboard a trade ship going to King's Port. If asked why he was forced to leave, or why his family lived in the Dragon Isles in the first place, he will not talk to the poser of the question, enwrapped in memory for a few moments, then change the subject hastily.

Recently, Tirondel has opened up more about his past, though he still seems to be holding things back about himself.
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