"Look, we can't just go through the front door. We have to go through the front door with *style*."
User: BBC
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Xhangda is a bit of an odd goose, being a man from the Northern Tribes raised by the Immaculate Order. Having been accepted by the Order at the age of two, he has maintained an exceptinally good relationship with his birth family. Short but well-muscled, his blonde hair and dark eyes keep him from entering too many casual memories, but his antics with a bow tend to land him in many more.
Accepted into the Immaculate Order at the age of two, Xhangda has always shown a strong streak of loyalty. He has been inducted into the worship of the Elemental Dragons and has even covered for the misadventures of his best friend, Fist of the Four Dragons, on several occasions. He has also kept in close contact with his family, still living in poverty in Icehome, learning and respecting their traditions. Even as he was brought closer to the mundane worship of the Dragons, he learned about the Order's plans to destroy the Exaltation of the Winter Dragon.
To Xhangda, the course of action was clear - he had to go warn the Winter Dragon about the Order's plans. Even though he was working against the people who raised him, he knew he couldn't just sit by and watch the culture of his lands be destroyed.
Xhangda's best friend, Fist of the Four Dragons, is being groomed to take the lead of the Wild Hunt. Just before Xhangda's departure, he and his friend promised to remain friends, no matter what. As Xhangda approaches Gethimane, he reflects that may become more difficult than either of them expected.