Varis Ravenrider

Campaign: Ghosts of Greyhawk
Race: Wood Elf
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: Cleric/12
Varis is a Wood Elf of copper colored skin, brown hair and green eyes. He stands 5'2" and weighs 107 lbs. He looks like a ranger more than a cleric. He wears studded leather armor and bears a shield with a shooting star of Corellon on it. He can fights with short bow and short sword but is more of a caster of the divine power.
Varis was born in the Welkwood to the Ravenrider Clan. He was trained as all young members in wood craft and fighting. As his 82 birthday approached his clan was attacked by a drow elf slavers. The leader was a female controller of the undead. The Ravenriders fought and Varis was knocked-out. Some how he must have fallen into a hollow tree and was missed. When he woke his whole clan was gone, just gone. He wandered wounded looking for them and near death a band of priest of Pelor found him. Master Rind and the others took him to their temple in the City of Greyhawk. He was trained as an acolyte for 15 years then went out adventuring.
Alignment: C/G
Background: Acolyte
Languages: Common, Elvish, Giant, Ancient Baklunish
Age: 197 years
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