"We are all one people, no matter our status."
User: Ben
Campaign: Ghosts of Greyhawk
Race: Half-Ef
Gender: Male
Role: Striker
Class/Level: Fighter/2
Aramil stands at 5'8 and weighs 173 lbs. His hair is silver which is a trait that he gets from his father who is a full elf. His eyes are the color of frost and have been known to cause people to feel cold even in summer's full swing. He is a lanky fellow, but wiry and he hopes that his adventuring will help any people that he comes across. Anything to make something of himself...
Aramil was born as a noble, but his birth was always clouded in mystery. His father and mother had been unable to conceive until they had Aramil and then, as if blessed by the gods, they began to have more children. Aramil ended up with five brothers and two sisters. He was happy but all of the family friends looked at him oddly and spoke about him in whispers.

You see, Aramil was silver haired and had gray blue eyes that resembled frost. It was starkly different from the red head of hair that his father and mother had and they had brown eyes. Aramil never questioned it because his mother would tell him that he was gifted from the gods and that he shouldn't worry about his hair or eyes because he was special.

When Aramil turned 14, he discovered the reason why he looked different from his siblings. His mother had an affair with an elven mage. The inability to have children strained the marriage and Aramil's mother grew desperate to have a child to keep the marriage alive. An elven mage promised her fertility and gave her the terms of his bargain. One night in his bed and she would be able to have children. She thought it was a small price to pay.

The elven mage was true to his word, but three months later, she found herself with child and the elven mage left without a word of goodbye. Aramil's father always thought that Aramil was odd and now he had proof. He made sure that Aramil could never inherit his birthright, but Aramil's mother pleaded to not cut him off. Aramil's father granted his wife's wish.

After that night, Aramil has tried to find his birth father and try to find some kind of family because his family won't even speak to him...
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