Little Wee

""I wish you wouldn't do that.""
Campaign: The Ninth World
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Role: Defender
Class/Level: A Strong Biomechanical Glaive who Rages/1st Tier
Ross Wee is a tall 6' 7" of lean muscle, like a knife blade. Age: 23. He has blue eyes and no body hair due to the biomechanics devices. These devices inject his system with adrenalin, testosterone and body inhibitor suppressants. His rages act more like a super boost rather than a true berserk state. He likes nice clothes and prefers light/medium armor. His weapons are small and easily hidden on his person.
Wee grew up on the streets, quickly he learned to fight and survive. At the age of thirteen he was grabbed by the Bloodletters gang. Because of his tall size he was altered with biotech that synthesize his own endocrine system at a super rate for a small amount of time. In the beginning when he raged he was out of control.

At the age of seventeen he killed the leader of the gang and passed leadership to his friend Kinner. He passed and survived the gang's gauntlet of banishment and left the gang with a clean slate.

By nineteen he became a personal bodyguard for diplomat Sella Balta of the BioTech Guild. Ross became friends and son like figure with elderly diplomat. She used her connection to enhance is biotec implants, which allow Ross to control the rages. It acted more like a super strength and agility boost. She also provided for him teachers in combat and etiquette. For three years Ross was Sella's bodyguard.

Igor and Ross became fast friends when Igor and his father helped tweak some of Ross's implants. He has always felt a need to protect the odd little guy.

One year ago while he was at a combat class Sella was assassinated. Ross was quickly on his own and now still hunts for her killer. Igor's father disappeared one day after diplomat Sella death. Maybe they are connected? Ross and Igor now travel together searching for answers and Numenera.

Might:18 Speed:14 Intellect:10

Skills: Jumping, Breaking Stuff, Balancing

Weapons: Sisk x2 and a Verred