Niko Tsitadeli

"Trust me, I'm a doctor."
User: Ben
Campaign: Dissolution
Race: Aasimar
Gender: Male
Role: Other
Class/Level: Cleric/1
Tall, slender man with light blonde hair (almost white) and light blue eyes. Like most Aasimar, has a kind look about him, but only at first glance. If you can see past his "celestial beauty" it is possible to see the dark heart within him. **Think of Sauron the Fair**
He was born in the Vostash Citadel where he lived for a short while before being sent to the local monastery. Most who lived there thought very highly of Niko, but a few wise men saw through his disguise to the beast below. As such, they pushed for him to go on a pilgrimage around the known world to help him connect with his spiritual self.
Niko is, in short, a dick. Not many can readily see this and he uses it to his advantage. One of his favorite past-times is causing people harm in such a way that they do not know that it was him and then offering to help heal them... for a price.