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The Sixth Passage

...It was determined that Quill did, in fact know something. This was established to be a moot point as 2.5 members of the remaining party did not, and were perfectly contented to make up their own explanations for the situation.

...Ilitica entrusted the party with the knowledge that a High Priest of the Church of Three - Jessime - has conspicuously vanished from his diocese in Roun, supposedly between there and the woodlands near Ellis. Magical determinations of his whereabouts have thus far been to no avail.

... The herbicide of Ellis - known now as Agent Green - was found to be afflicting everything within one mile of the village, despite only being spread to the extent of 1000 feet. Trees were nearing death standing, underbrush wilted to nothingness, soil showing no sign nutrients, air was stilled and empty from all sounds of life. While in the village itself, the Agent Green was found to further afflict the people by ways of the produce and the air; the vapors accelerated by the burning of polluted cords of firewood. Strangely, the poison was found to primarily affect the mind, endowing a single-minded certainty before all reason. Lifting the affliction from the village elder gained the party free range to investigate and purge the poison, purifying the Ellisian foodstocks and uncovering the lab where Leopold distilled the tainting liquid. Besides the corpses of the village's previous clergy, the party found clear signs of demonic influence; abyssal mushrooms, unusual and uncomfortable indications the clergy's death, spines in the corpses indicating postmortem manipulation, and a symbol along the wall rank with the residue of planar travel. Quill took note to harvest a selection of the atypical mushrooms, while Mersire collected a sample of the distilled poison for experimentation purposes. Purging the remaining lot with a rain of holy water and reintegrating the corpses with the land, the party likewise neutralized the Agent Green with blessed waters, rendering it ineffectual without its vile components.

... The party departed Ellis to continue their pursuit of Lyle, the gray tiefling, leaving behind Wrunukt and Dobul, who refused the accompany Ilitica ("the cops, the MAN, the authorities). Tepra also left instructions with village elder Cary to fell and haul a series of trees towards the lairs of the hibernating perytons for the purpose of sealing them in, and to cut a ring around the edge of Agent Green's influence so they can establish a controlled burn of the timbers within, restoring the nutrients to the soil.

... The party travelled down the road to Roun, a fortress-city and one-time dragon lair still primarily populated by kobolds. Within the fortress monastery the party encountered Ilitica's investigative partner Nadiznya - or Naz, for short - and between her and the guard captain Hiida, found that the priest Leopold and was still belligerently holding up at the outskirts of town where he was hawking a disturbingly scented liquor. Also Spiders. Many abnormally large spiders.

... Half an hour was dedicated to bartering for lemons, in a fortress, on a mountain, that was once a white dragon's lair, on the northern side of the continent. Successfully. They were quite pricey.

... The party, accompanied by the paladin Naz, proceeded to the garden district to investigate Leopold's last know location. Wandering into the lemon greenhouse, Naz detected a vile influence afflicting the city's crops.

... The vile influence turned out to be spiders. A whole lot of hatching infernal spider eggs. Quill called them Neogi.

... The lemons are under attack.
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The Fifth Passage
The party cautiously approached the village of Ellis, warned so by Tepra upon noting how there flew a deviated flag of Pelor's symbol upon a red field. Dividing the party to investigate further, Izetti, Tarquinius, and Quill advanced to the village center, learning that said village was currently barricaded and under assault from an unknown entity. Sending a pantomimed warning to Mersire, Tepra, and the goblinoid thief pair, the exterior four hurriedly sought shelter within the village, harried by the entity.

Within, the party discerned the village's assailant to be predatory perytons which appeared after they undertook the teachings of the militant Pelorian cult. The hypothesis for their enhanced aggression was the village's application of a curiously powerful herbicide, destroying the natural cover of foliage and exposing them as easy prey. Determining the general direction the perytons were ranging from, the party set off to dispose of the creatures.

Along the way, found victims of the perytons were seen to deny the natural influences of rot that beings of the cycle would be subject to. Purification by fire seemed to resolve the issue. Likewise, the villagers were found to have been exceptionally prolific with their herbicides, decimating an unnecessarily wide swathe of the forest. This, however, was found to be and issue for another time.

Uncovering the perytons' abode, the party found a flock in hibernation with two more still active. Upon dispatching the pair, the party fell into a discussion over how to eradicate the remainder, when on the horizon they spied a concernedly portly man approaching astride a worryingly exhausted pegasus. He introduced himself as Ilitca.

Ilitica then proceeded to exposit at length - from there and for most of the way back to the village of Ellis - in exchange for inquiring as to the party's role in recent events concerning the cult of Mephistopheles in Prinlac. From this the party learned of the enforcers from the Church of Three (specifically this pair of Ilitica and Naz), some formal information on the perytons, the name and whereabouts of the Pelorian cult's local leader, and the casual - if rapidly silenced - acknowledgement of Quill as a warforged.

More important than all of this, however, is that this is the day that Mersire learned she's furry.
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