• Quinn_thumb
    Quinn Human/F/Def/Druid/1
    "Um. Is this a good idea?"
    Description:A former farm girl who's seriously out of her depth here. Quinn grew up in Witchcross with her parents, her older brother, Aiden, and her younger twin sisters, Lucy and Thea. A tragedy when she was only 15 years old left Aiden and her parents killed, the twins missing, and Quinn herself far from ...
    Background:$1 Personality Still has a childlike curiosity, even as a young adult Improvise in the moment, rather than making a plan Tries to be a good person Immature worldview, and sees the best in people first Reluctant to talk about her family or her past Ideals Wants to find her sisters Ke...
    Details:Short and frail, but graceful on her feet. She covers three deep, claw-like scars on her neck and chest with her cloak and a scarf. Suntanned skin tone with long dark hair and gray eyes, and often seen wearing wildflowers in her hair. She wears a simple dress with hand-me-down leather armor, and ...
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    Trinique Human/F/Def/Fighter/Wizard/2
    "Everyone has an angle, a vice and a price"
    Description:An orphan adopted by a criminal syndicate, Trinique grew up first on the streets after her prostitute mother was murdered by a client. At the age of six she was noticed by a local crime lord who adopted her and trained her as an assassin and spy. While rising through the ranks she was involved in...
    Background:Personality 1) Always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong. 2) Almost always calm, no matter what the situation, tries to never raises her voice or let emotions control her. 3) Would rather make a new friend than a new enemy. 4) “Always have a backup.” 5) Does not consider hersel...
    Details:Slim but muscular, agile and acrobatic. Covers her gang tattoos with long sleeves and high collar and occasionally wears a hood. Hair is short cropped and dark, sometimes colored. Face and skin are a mix is Eurasian and African-like features indicating a very mixed background. Her armor is light...
  • Sparrow_-_portrait_thumb
    Sparrow Human/M/Wizard/2
  • Female_ranger_thumb
    Candy Human/F/Ranger
  • No_img_thumb
    Derrick Human/M/Rogue
  • No_img_thumb
    Rotthrun Bofdann Dwarf/M/Cleric
  • No_img_thumb
    Frank Human/M/Ranger

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